Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2021

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As a Medicare subscriber, you are probably wondering if there is a way to supplement all the gaps that Medicare leaves for you. That is actually possible with Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2021.

Cigna is based in Connecticut and has over 70 Million policy holders wordwide. They are a fantastic company with an amazing track record, and we have thousands of policy holders for a Cigna Medicare supplement that are our clients. They have an array of products including Medicare Supplement plans, life insurance, Health insurance, accident and disability plans.

Cigna offers Medicare supplement plans in a variety of states and includes many companies under their umbrella such as Cigna Health & Life (CHILIC), American Retirement Life, and Loyal American.

Who can Enroll in a Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F

On January 1st of 2020 there were changes made to the line up of Medicare supplement plans. Anyone eligible for Medicare on that date or later, is not allowed to enroll in a Plan F from any company. If you were enrolled in Medicare prior to 1/1/2020, you can keep your Plan F if you have one. Or you can change to another company if they have a better rate and you qualify through medical underwriting.

This plan offers complete coverage, leaving nothing left for you to pay in supplemental charges. You may still have some medical fees to pay out of your own pockets, but they should be quite minor. You will pay for most of your medical expenses just by paying your premiums.

Would you like to know exactly what gaps Cigna Plan F fills in for you? Let’s take a look at them. Plan F covers each of the deductibles and co-payments from both parts of Medicare. It also covers nursing care, excess charges from Part B, coinsurance from Part A and more blood and foreign travel costs in some situations.

That means there are:

NO Deductibles to pay

NO co-payments

NO Co-insurance

NO Network!

It really is the most comprehensive coverage you can buy for a Medicare Supplement Plan.



How to Get Plan F

At we’ve helped thousands of people enroll in Cigna Medicare Supplements. With our help, we’ll watch the rates each year to make sure you’re always paying the lowest premium whether that’s with Cigna, or through another top company. You’ll pay the same premiums if you use us, or if you go direct to the insurance carriers…

BUT…and this is a BIG DEAL…

When you get a rate increase from your insurance company (and you WILL, almost every year), if you go direct they will never tell you there’s a better rate with another company!

We Work For You!

By shopping the rates each year for our clients we’ve saved them thousands of dollars over the year in premiums!

Plan F is a good plan for people who require plenty of coverage. No other plan gives them more, but that coverage is subject to change given the proper prior notification. Thankfully for Medicare subscribers, that coverage won’t be changing anytime soon. It is actually scheduled to stay consistent through 2018. After that is anyone’s guess. It could lose a percentage of coverage for a particular item or it could no longer be a full coverage plan.


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It’s a good idea to get this plan while it is still able to benefit you, if it is indeed the most suitable plan for you. You also need to be aware that rates for the Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F may change before the coming year. The rates can change quite unexpectedly, and it is good to know what they are before you make a decision. You can find out the rates by using our site, and keep checking back to get updated rates.


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