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Well, 2021 is upon us and we’re about to enter another year of the Medicare open enrollment period.

With so many companies and plans to choose from when it comes to Medigap Insurance, they can get a little overwhelming!

We understand, and that’s why we’re here to help.

One thing I did want to write about today is Aetna Medigap plans for 2021.  Over the last several years and as than a major player when it comes to Medicare supplement insurance in 2021 will be no different.


Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans – What’s Offered


So let’s jump right into it and talk about the different Aetna Medicare supplement plans.

Like most companies, Aetna offers the most popular Medigap plans for you to choose from.

Those plans are:

  • Aetna Medicare supplement plan F
  • Aetna Medicare supplement plan G
  • Aetna Medicare supplement plan N

The reason these plans are the most popular is because of their great coverage and competitive premiums from Aetna.

Aetna also offers a household discount in many states, however, two people need to be applying at the same time.


Aetna Medigap Plan F


Aetna Medigap Plan FWe will start with what was the most popular Medicare supplement plan for years and that is Aetna Medigap plan F.

I say it was the most popular for years because Medicare has removed this plan from the lineup.

Anyone who is new to Medicare on January 1 of 2020 or later is not allowed to enroll in a Medicare supplement plan F.

This is because the plan simply got too expensive.  If you currently have a plan F and were enrolled in Medicare prior to those dates, then you can keep the plan F.

Medigap plan F offers 100% coverage of the gaps in Medicare part a and part B.

This means you get no medical bills.  The problem with plan F is that it’s simply too expensive.

Those who still have a plan F are paying very high premiums and will likely get very high rate increases in the near future.  This is because plan F is what is called a closed risk pool.

If you do not currently have an Aetna plan F, allow us to shop the rates to see if we can save you money if you do want to remain with plan F.

Another great option, however, is Aetna Medigap plan G.


Aetna Medigap Plan G


Aetna Medigap Plan GAnd of Medicare supplement plan G can save you a great deal of money if you currently have plan F.

Aetna Medigap plan G is up nearly identical to plan F because it still offers 100% coverage.  This coverage, however, begins after you pay the annual part B deductible yourself with plan G.

That’s the only difference, except that the premiums on plan G are far less than plan F.

So after that one deductible is paid, with plan G it basically turns into a plan F are the rest of the year.


Aetna Medigap plan G in 2021


For 2021 and a likely beyond, Medigap plan G will most definitely be the most popular plan.

With great coverage like this, in relatively low premiums a special, if you qualify for a household discount, plan G is a fantastic option.

You can use this website to get instead quotes online to see how much Aetna Medigap plan G will be in 2021 in your area.  Yes, we do display rates after you and your information!

Most websites just collect your data and sell it to other people.  And we don’t do that!


Example Rates!


You will in fact see in rates displayed from Aetna as well as other carriers to give you an idea how much it will cost for Aetna Medigap plan G.

This is because we want to show you that we’re honest and we do give the rates upfront to people.

This has resulted in nothing but great things as you get to see the rates before we talk, and we get to have you as a client as we have had with in only 10,000 other people for the last 10 years!


Aetna Medigap plan N


Aetna Medigap Plan NFollowing closely behind Aetna Medigap plan G as a very popular plan for 2021, plan N offers to refit coverage with even lower premiums than plan G.

The reason is that plan N might have some additional out-of-pocket expenses throughout the year.


With Medigap Plan N you pay:


  • Your monthly premium
  • The annual part B deductible
  • A possible $20.00 co-pay per each doctor’s visit
  • The $50.00 co-pay if you visit the emergency room and you’re not admitted
  • That any part B excess charges (extremely rare) that

Aetna Medigap plan N is a great option, especially for healthy people who don’t visit the doctor very often. And Plan N has lower rate increases each year than both Plan F or G.

 This is because any time there are additional out-of-pocket costs that you could get, people use the coverage more responsibly. That leads to not just lower premiums, but lower rate increases.

Learn more about Aetna Medigap Plan N today…

Let us help!

Call today to get rates for Aetna Medigap plan G, plan N, and plan F.


Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans 2021


You might be asking what about Aetna’s Medicare advantage plans for 2021?

Well, I’m also one of the covers the Medicare supplement plans from Aetna in this article, however, if you’re looking for an advantage plan from Aetna we can help.

There’s no doubt that Aetna Medicare advantage plans in 2021 will be as popular as the band in the past years for people who are looking for that type of coverage.

Call the number below to learn more about which plans are available for 2021.


For help with Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans just Call the Number Below!



Aetna Medicare part D


 Aetna also offers a number of part D drug plans that might be available in your area.

If you call us today we can help you with your Aetna Medigap plan as well as a Part D drug plan to see if their a great fit for you.

The premiums as well as the coverage for drug plans change each year.

It is fairly common to not have the exact same company for your Medigap plan as well as your drug plan because after all, it’s all about saving money.

This is where we come in.

Here at, we’re an independent agency helping people like yourself to choose the best Medigap plan as well as Part D drug plan and shop all of the companies.

Never just pick a drug plan out of thin air!

You must get help from experienced, Medicare experts that can keep you out of trouble as we can.

So give us a call today and we can shop the Aetna Medigap plans for 2021 for you.

We’re sure the lowest premiums and answer any questions you might have about Medicare in general.

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