Medicare Supplement Plan N for 2023

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Medicare Supplement Plan N - A Great Low Cost Plan

Medicare Supplement Plan N pays most of the “gaps”, or expenses, in Medicare Part A and B. This is a great plan with lower premiums than Medicare Plan G but still has great coverage.

Medicare Supplement Plan N:

  • Pay a low monthly premium
  • Pay the annual Medicare Part B deductible ($226 in 2023)
  • Up to a $20 copay per doctor’s visit (Telehealth visits do not apply)
  • A $50 copay if you visit the ER and are not admitted
  • Does not cover Part B excess charges (rare)

Plan N Medicare Coverage

Medicare Part B covers doctor’s services and pays 80% of your bills after you pay the annual Medicare Part B deductible ($266 in 2023).

Medicare Plan N then pays the additional 20% of those bills for you.

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Medicare Plan N - What it Covers

There are expenses in Medicare Part A and B that you’re responsible for.


Medicare Part A – Hospice Care, blood, hospital visits

  • Hospitalization: Plan N offers coverage for the deductible of Part A for each benefit period. Along with that, you will get coverage for the expenses approved by Medicare for 365 days once the benefits from traditional Medicare end.
  • Hospice care: You can expect full coverage for hospice coinsurance.
  • Skilled nursing: You can get coverage for up to one hundred days at a nursing facility with plan N. However, after one hundred days, you’ll have to take care of the expenses.
  • Blood: The first three pints of blood required are covered by Plan N. And if more are required, they’re covered by Medicare

Medicare Part B – Doctor's Services

Once your Medicare Part B deductible is met, Medicare Supplement Plan N pays the remaining 20% of your bills that Medicare Part B doesn’t cover.

If you visit the doctor after that, you might receive a bill for a copayment. This will never be more than $20, and could actually be less depending on how your visit is coded.

If you have a telehealth visit with your doctor, the $20 does not apply.

For anyone visiting the emergency room who is not admitted, you will get billed a $50 copay. This doesn’t apply to urgent care visits though.

Foreign Emergency Travel Benefits

Medicare Supplement Plan N offers travel emergency coverage up to $50,000 per total lifetime.

This is after a deductible of $250 it pays 80% of your emergency bills.


Medicare Plan N Rates

Medigap Plan N Breakdown of Costs

Here are the costs involved in Plan N:

A monthly premium: The cost of Medicare Supplement Plan N depends on several factors. These include

  • Age
  • Zip code
  • Gender
  • Tobacco use
  • Any household discounts applied

It’s very important to note that every insurance company has the exact same Medicare Plan N and benefits, but they all charge different rates. Call us today and we can help shop them all for you.


Deductible for Part B: A one-time annual deductible for Medicare Part B must be met before you can expect coverage from the plan. In 2023 the deductible is $226.

Copayments: Copayments of $50 for an emergency visit and up to $20 for visits to the doctor’s office are to be paid.


Part B Excess charges: Certain Medicare service providers can ask for up to 15% above the prescribed limit of prices set by Medicare. It’s estimated that less than 1% of all doctors in the country do this, so they are very rare and typically under $20.

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Medicare Supplement Plan N Enrollment


To Enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan N:

The Part B and A requirement:
You need to be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B

Service Area of the plan: Medigap insurance can be used nationwide, there is no network. This allows you to choose any doctor or specialist, or any hospital as long as they accept Original Medicare.

What’s the right time to enroll in Plan N?

 The best time to enroll in any Medigap plan is the same day that your Medicare Part B begins. During this 6-month window there are no medical questions asked and you are guaranteed the coverage.

Medicare open enrollment 2022

Outside the Initial enrollment period (underwriting required)

If you are currently on Medicare and a Medigap plan and you’re wanting to change to a Medigap Plan N (or change companies for a lower rate), then you may apply at any time during the year.


Leaving a Medicare Advantage Plan?

If you are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan and you wish to enroll in Medicare Plan N, then you may apply only during the fall Medicare open enrollment period (AEP). If you are approved for coverage, then your new Plan N policy will begin on the following January 1st.


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