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Medicare Part N (Plan N) is a supplement to Original Medicare. It is technically a Medigap “Plan” and not a part of Medicare. Plan N is the second most popular Medigap Plan behind Plan G.

The reason for its popularity is the fact that plan N has both lower premiums and lower rate increases than Medicare Plan G. In exchange for that, you may have some additional out-of-pocket expenses when you use your coverage with Plan N.



Medicare Part N Coverage

Does Medicare Cover the Silver Sneakers Program?All Plan N is going to carry the same benefits regardless of which insurer you go through.

This plan is available in several different states and to sell through several different insurers.

It was reported by AHIP back in 2015 that the enrollment figures for Medicare Supplement Plan N had risen between the years of 2013/2014 by 33%.

You may notice times when Plan N is being referred to as Part N, but the fact is that it is not the correct term for it. The correct term for Plan N is Plan N.

For those who cannot remember this being discussed earlier, Parts consisting of letters such as Part A and Part B are a part of Medicare.

Plans such as Plan N are a part of supplements. So, when speaking of Medicare, please use the term Parts, and when your speaking of supplements, please use the term Plans, thank you.


AARP medicare advantage plans 2021What Kind of Coverage Does Medicare Plan N Give You?


Original Medicare Part B covers all but 20% of your expenses, and then your Medicare Supplement Plan N comes into play.

After your Original Medicare Part B covers 80% of the expense, your Medicare Supplement Plan N kicks in and pays the 20% balance, which you must pay yourself when you do not have this supplement.

That is not all, Plan N also covers the hospital deductible under Medicare Part A, including your co-insurance and co-payments under Part A.

However, any excess charges will be on you, and so will the deductible under Part B, as well as any small co-payments that occur from emergency room visits and visits to doctors.



What Medicare Supplement Plan N Covers at Doctors


It is important for you to know that all your standard preventive care is going to be completely covered by your Original Medicare. It includes different services, such

Aetna medicare advantage plans 2021

as screenings for different cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, and cancers.

The following are also included: colonoscopies, physicals, vaccines, among other various normal tests. What is great about this?

None of the expenses for standard preventive care services will be left behind for you to pay!

Anything that Medicare Part A and Part B cover, so will your supplement plan. Medicare covers 80%, and your supplement will cover the 20% balance.

Just keep in mind that if you happen to see a doctor, specialist, etc., who does not accept or participate in Medicare assignments that you will be responsible for 15% of all excess charges.

There will be more regarding this under Medicare Plan N Example below.


Plan N Rates


What Medicare Supplement Plan N Covers at The Hospital

Your hospital benefits coverage under your Original Medicare Part A provides inpatient hospital services such as home healthcare, blood transfusions, hospice care, and skilled nursing care.

Your Medigap Supplement Plan N covers the deductible under Part A for your hospital stay, so you do not have to.

humana medicare advantage plans 2021Below Is A Brief List That Medicare Plan N Covers:

  • The deductible under Part A, which is $1,408 in 2020, along with your co-insurance of 20%.
  • The cost of hospice care is in a certified hospice center.
  • The first three pints of blood are needed for transfusion.
  • Once all the Medicare hospital benefits under Part A are used up, an additional 365 days will be added on which Medicare Part N will cover.

Your Medicare Plan N will also cover emergency benefits during travel, and it is covered to the plan’s limit.

The Cost of Your Medigap Plan N

Plan N carries all the basic benefits that Plan F does, however, with Plan N you have agreed to share with the expenses, so you have that responsibility with this plan that you would not have had with Plan F.

With Plan N you will be responsible for paying the annual deductible under Part B of $203 in 2021, the co-payments of $20 per doctor visit, and a $50 co-payment for each visit to an emergency room.

People who have Medigap N are responsible for paying excess charges for medical provider visits of up to 15% over what Medicare allows if they are not participants in Medicare.

Your Plan N will not cover this expense for you like Plan F and Plan G would.

The way to avoid this is to ask all the doctors, specialists, etc., up front if they are participants of Medicare. If they are, there will not be any excess charges for you to pay.

This is another good reason why you need to take time and compare plans.

Although Plan G is a little more expensive than Plan N, those who are thinking about going with Plan N will usually take into consideration that Plan G is a good alternative to Plan N.

The only difference between the two is that Plan G will cover those smaller expenses such as the excess charges and the co-payments.



Medicare Supplemental InsuranceEligibility Requirements for Medicare Plan N

After you have enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you will be eligible to enroll in Plan N, but you do need to live within the plan’s service location.

The time for you to enroll in Medigap is during your Initial Open Enrollment Period, which begins on the effective date of your Medicare Part B plan and lasts for six months.

This is when you will be guaranteed a Medigap plan without being questioned about your health (no underwriting). This is also when you do not have to worry about being turned down for a policy due to a health issue.

Should you miss enrolling in a Medigap plan during this time period, you will still be able to enroll for it but at the cost of being denied a policy because that was only guaranteed in your initial Open Enrollment Period.

You will also be questioned on all your pre-existing health conditions, which can keep you from getting a policy. Contact us if you are interested in us giving you a practice quiz using the questions you would be asked by an insurer, just to find out if you would pass.


Would Medigap Plan F or Medigap N Be Best for You?


For decades now, Plan F has been popular with seniors. Although for several years now, Medigap Plan G and Medigap Plan N have quickly become popular as well.

Many seniors and those with disabilities find that paying their own deductible for Medicare Part B and the small doctors co-payments (if necessary) in exchange for lower premium payments each month to best suit their needs.

Before making that final decision, look at the following infographic of a side-by-side example.

The image is showing a male rate who is turning 65 years of age and is a non-smoker that in the year 2021, resided in Texas.


Plan N Rates



Aetna Medicare Advantage PlansInsurance Companies That Sell Medigap Plan N

The ten Medicare Supplement options are all federally standardized; however, since individual insurance companies can select the plans, for which they are going to be selling, so some may not be available with insurers.

But because Medicare Plan N has become popular, most insurance companies are going to be offering it.

Use our free comparison tool and compare Supplement Plan N to other policies.

We sell Medicare policies for Medicare Supplement Plan N for a variety of insurance companies, like Aetna’s Medicare Supplement Plan N, Mutual of Omaha’s Plan N, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s Medicare Supplement Plan N, and others.


Reviews for Medicare Supplements Plan N


In the blog post of our popular Plan F reviews, we have a Medicare expert explain the reason for all supplements to receive high marks.

Medicare, being the entity and determines if a claim will be paid. When Medicare has approved the claim, it is sent to your Supplement Plan N to review, and then they pay their share.

The fact is, our agency handles tens of thousands of policyholders, and they give us a lot of feedback. A lot of those give great reviews on Medigap Plan N.

If this happens to be a concern you have, then you need to talk with our team, and they can show you the comparison between Supplement Plan N and Supplement Plan G.

This could be beneficial in helping you determine which is the right plan for you.

Would you like to get quotes for Medicare Plan N? With our FREE online quote engine, rates are not the only thing you get, but you also get a comparison on the financial ratings of different insurance companies, including their history on rate increases.

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