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Well, there’s no question that Medicare Supplement Plans offer fantastic coverage.

There’s also no question that there’s a lot of companies that offer them in many different areas, as well as all those different plan letters.

But we know that Medicare Plan G is the most popular plan, but of course with one small deductible. In this article, I’ll be discussing the Mutual of Omaha medicare supplement Plan G benefits and why they might be a great choice for you!


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Mutual of Omaha Plan G


If you’re new to Medicare, some of this material might be a little new to you. So I’ll start with the basics.

The government standardizes every Medicare Supplement Plan.

This means that the government gives all the insurance carriers options to put out all the different plans and charge them various premiums.

However, if you charge a plan or if you offer a Plan G, it absolutely needs to be the same coverage of what we say.

That makes shopping a little easier because Plan G is the same, whether you go with Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Cigna, they all offer the same Plan G.

The only difference is that they all charge different rates for it, which is why we do what we do.

Medicare Supplement Plans
Russell Noga

Now, my name is Russell Noga. I’m the founder of

We are an independent insurance agency.

That means we offer these plans at the same price as if you went direct to the insurance carrier.

However, the biggest benefit you’ll get from allowing us to help is that we shop all of the companies at once.

And not just when you start with us, but when you get rate increases.

And you will!

But there’s never a charge for our services, so why wouldn’t you let us help?

Because when it comes to Medigap insurance, without enough information you could easily overpay.

We can also know which carriers give household discounts and help you if you qualify for that. But allowing us to help will keep you in the best spot when it comes to your Medicare Supplement Insurance.


Original Medicare – What is Medigap?


Medicare Supplement PlansWhen you enroll in Medicare, you will receive Medicare Part A and Part B.

Part A covers hospitalization and Part B covers doctor services.

A Medigap Plan helps pay most of the gaps, or expenses, that Part A and Part B don’t cover. Because you are required to pay these prior to Medicare paying any of your bills for you.

When you have a Medigap plan, and depending on the coverage level, it could cover most of those expenses, or maybe just some.



Mutual of Omaha Medicare Plan G – The Best?


With a Medicare Plan G, you’re getting the granddaddy of them all. Plan G pays almost everything for you 100%.

medicare part gIn fact, there’s only one out-of-pocket expense when it comes to Plan G and that is the Medicare annual Part B deductible.

Prior to Medicare paying 80% of your medical bills for doctor services, they make you pay a deductible.

In 2021, that deductible amount is $203.

Medicare basically says, “Sure, we’ll come in and pay 80% of your bills, but you have to pay the first $198 of them.”

Now, that’s the 2020 deductible, and it’s expected to go up slightly next year as it does every year.

If you have a Mutual of Omaha Plan G it will pick up 100% of those gaps of Medicare after you pay the deductible for the rest of that calendar year.

I’ll even break this down a little easier.

When you start on Medicare and get a Medigap Plan G, you pay the first $203 of your doctor’s bills, at least in 2020. And then you get no bills for the rest of the year.


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Medicare Plan G Cost


Let’s talk a little bit about Mutual of Omaha’s Medicare Supplement Plan G rates because that matters, right?

How much does this all cost? Remember these plans are standardized, and every carrier has a different rate.


Household Discounts

We need to look to see if Mutual of Omaha is the best option for you in your state.  Most of them offer a 12% household discount in many states, while others offer a smaller discount.

For states with the 12% discount, Mutual of Omaha requires that you live with somebody over the age of 60, but they don’t have to even be applying for coverage.

Medicare Supplement PlansIf we take advantage of this, it will really bring the premiums down. However, Mutual of Omaha typically offers one of the most competitive rates even without a discount.

But still, we can check for you and see how they match up against the other carriers for their Plan G.



Medicare Plan G


With Mutual of Omaha Plan G, there are many benefits, aside from just one small deductible to pay each year.

  • Qualify for up to a 12% Household discount (varies by state)
  • Pay just one small deductible (Part B) then 100% coverage of the gaps
  • Free 30 day look period
  • One year premium lock-in


Medicare Supplement Plan N


Apart from Plan G, there’s another great supplement plan called Plan N, and we could discuss that when we get on the phone as well.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Plan N has even lower premiums than Plan G, but it doesn’t have quite as much coverage.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mutual of Omaha’s Medicare Supplement Plan G, the easiest way to do that, then call us today!

Call us now at 1-888-891-0229.



There’s just a small group of us here but we’ve been doing this for over a decade, and we’ve helped over 10,000 people now with their Medicare insurance.

We have also seen a lot of companies go and come through the years.

However, Mutual of Omaha has been around since they started Medicare, so you’ll be in great hands.

They’re a solid company, have a high financial rating, and could be the best option for you.

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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan F 2019



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