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Mutual of Omaha sells four different Medicare Supplements, giving seniors a range of health insurance plans to pick from, but Medicare Supplement Plan G Mutual of Omaha is their biggest seller.

Seniors love what this particular insurance policy can do for them, and they enroll in More Plan G policies than any other.

What makes Plan G such a popular choice is that it can cover numerous healthcare expenses.

We all know that medical services are getting more expensive all the time, and seniors need a way to make their healthcare affordable.

Otherwise, they may not want to go to the doctor’s office or the hospital when they actually need care.

That’s the kind of risky behavior you want to protect yourself from doing, and having a powerful health insurance plan can help with that.

Plan G is widely recognized as one of the best Medicare Supplements because it covers so many medical expenses and does so without being overpriced.

This is true in most cases, and we’re going to tell you about what Mutual of Omaha offers with their Plan G and whether that is an overpriced version of the plan or one that has some real value to it.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan G

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Plan G pays all of your medical bills after you simply pay the annual Part B deductible. Once this deductible is met, Plan G will pay the remaining 20% that Medicare doesn’t pay as well as all other deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments.

Remember, each of the Medicare Supplements has specific benefits.

These have been created by Medicare, and they do not change just because you bought your plan from one insurer or another.

They don’t change because you paid a lot or a little for it. Medicare guarantees these benefits, so you can be sure you will get those same benefits regardless of where you buy the plan from or how much you pay for it.

Mutual of Omaha has to offer the exact same medical benefits for Plan G as everyone else. So, why would you choose them over another insurer?

medicare supplement plans
Medicare Supplement Plans

We’ll explain that shortly when we talk specifically about what Mutual of Omaha is offering seniors.

Let’s look first at what you get in medical benefits when you enroll in Plan G. You can enroll at age 65 or anytime thereafter.

Once you do, you will be covered for Medicare Part A’s copayments, which would normally be expenses you pay each time you visit the hospital.

This will cover you for hospital stays for an additional 365 days beyond what the basic Medicare provides coverage for.

You will also be covered for the Medicare Part B copays. These are able to help you with out-of-pocket costs for your emergency room visits and your trips to the doctor’s office.

Plan G will also cover the cost of nursing care for you, taking care of the coinsurance expense and providing you greater nursing care coverage.

It does the same for hospice care under Medicare Part A. Plan G covers the coinsurance costs there and provides more complete hospice coverage.

Medicare Plan G

With Plan G protecting you, you’ll also be covered for Medicare Part A’s annual deductible. This would normally cost you $1,408 every year, but Plan G will cover it for you.

It doesn’t cover the Part B deductible, though, but that will only cost you $203 for 2021, so it is not as important to have covered.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B Excess Charges

Medicare Part B’s excess charges will be covered as well under Plan G. This means that when you go to a doctor who doesn’t accept Medicare, then you can get some coverage from your Supplement plan, even though your basic Medicare plan won’t be covering you.

That provides greater freedom and flexibility for you.

In addition, Medicare Supplement Plan G covers you for any blood you use during the year. It specifically covers the first three pints of blood that you use, as Original Medicare will cover you for the rest.

Emergency Foreign Travel Benefit

Finally, you’ll also be covered for foreign travel exchange costs, and that simply means that if you need to be transported outside of the US for a medical emergency, then Plan G will be covering you.

It won’t cover the entire cost of transportation for you, though. Instead, it will cover you for 80% every time you need this service and you will receive up to $50,000 in total lifetime coverage for this service.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare Plan G Cost

Now that you understand what Plan G offers, let’s talk about what Mutual of Omaha does to make it worthwhile to buy from them.

For most people, the immediate difference among the various health insurance companies will be in the pricing. Remember we said that all insurance companies that sell Plan G have to offer the same benefits.

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So, why would the pricing be different?

Well, health insurance companies like Mutual of Omaha can set their own prices, so when you buy a Medicare Supplement Plan G Mutual of Omaha policy, you will pay a different price than what you would pay for the same plan from a company like Cigna or AARP.

Each company decides what its prices will be. Keep in mind that this does not affect the benefits at all.

The prices may be based on the area the plan is being sold in. Those areas with a higher cost of living may have higher-priced plans, and the prices will vary from one location to another.

That’s right- Mutual of Omaha charges a different rate for Plan G based on where you live.

Mutual of Omaha ensures that its members get to enjoy great rates for Medicare Supplements.

This company offers affordable, competitive pricing on its plans, and you can use our site to see what the rates are currently.

Medicare supplement plans

Better yet, our site will also help you to compare prices among the different insurers, so you can quickly and decisively tell whether their Plan G is priced cheaper than another company’s Plan G.

Mutual of Omaha also offers discounts based on whether you are getting a Supplement plan for a household or just for yourself.

They offer a 12% household discount to qualifying members, and this is one of the better discounts for this kind of health insurance plan in the industry.

Also when you enroll with Mutual of Omaha, you get to benefit from an easy claims process.

Medicare Supplement Plans

They take out a lot of the hassle that other insurers would put there, making it simple to get money back and to get coverage when you are due it.

They will also help you choose an appropriate plan and explain the differences between the various Medicare Supplements.

They are great at helping their customers find a suitable plan and get the coverage that they need.

With Mutual of Omaha as your insurer, you also get to enjoy locked-in rates for the first year.

You are guaranteed to pay the same rate for your premium every month for that initial year. After that, the price can go up, and it may be time to reevaluate your coverage and your provider at that time.

However, once you enroll in a Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement, you cannot be denied coverage afterward.

You have guaranteed plan renewal for the rest of your life with them, so even if you develop a serious health condition that makes you a risk to this company, they still have promised to accept you as their insured member for the remainder of your life.

Is Medicare Supplement Plan G the best?

Before you enroll in Medicate Supplement Plan G, you should compare it to some of your other options.

Mutual of Omaha offers three other Supplement plans that are worth your consideration. They sell Plan F, which offers everything that Plan G does but then also adds on coverage for Medicare Part B’s annual deductible.

They also sell Medicare Supplement Plan N, which subtracts some slight coverage from Plan G to give you a lower coverage plan at a lower price.

This plan asks you to pay for the Part B excess charges and for some of the Part B copays. It may be a more cost-effective choice, though, since these are not major healthcare expenses for most seniors.

The other option that Mutual of Omaha provides is Plan A. This Supplement is much lower coverage than the other ones we just told you about.

It only covers a few of the supplemental expenses but it can be helpful for seniors who are already pretty well served by Original Medicare and who need only some slight additional coverage for their peace of mind.

Compare these different options to Plan G to see which one will work best for you.

If none of them are suitable, then you may need to look outside of Mutual of Omaha for your insurance coverage.

Also, keep in mind that other insurers may have better prices on some of these Supplement plans.

You can use our site to determine where the best rates can be found, and you can keep checking back with us regularly to see updated prices and plan availability.

If you have questions about Medicare Supplement Plan G Mutual of Omaha or any other health insurance plan, then don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We are happy to provide you with expert advice and get your questions answered, helping you to make a more informed healthcare insurance decision.

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