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Plan G Medicare is now the top Medicare Supplement Plan. More people will enroll in Medicare Plan G this year than any other plan. With Plan G there is only one small deductible to pay for Medicare Part B, then it’s 100% coverage.


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Medicare Plan G – Coverage

Medigap plans help pay the gaps, or expenses, in both Part A and B Medicare. Because they were designed to not cover all medical bills due to future unknown costs, Medigap plans were created to help.

There are 10 different Medicare supplement plans (Medigap) available, but without question Plan G will be the most popular plan this coming year.

With Medigap Plan G there is only one small deductible to pay. This is called the annual Medicare Part B deductible, and it gets paid only once per year. In 2021 this deductible amount was a low $203. In 2022 the Part B deductible should be around $208.

So those who enroll in a Plan G Medicare supplement will simply pay the first few hundred dollars of their medical bills each calendar year, then get all their bills paid 100%.


Plan G Rates


Medicare Supplement Plan G – Companies

There are several different companies offering Plan G Medicare supplements, and all of them have identical coverage. This is because the plans are standardized.

That means when plans were created, the government decided each plan letter would have identical benefits regardless of which company offered it.

They did, however, allow them to file and set their own rates. This means several companies are charging all different prices for the exact same thing!


How to Shop for Medigap Plans

Because all companies have the same coverage and different rates, it makes it very difficult for consumers to shop for plans. That’s what we’re for! To help guide you through the entire process, for absolutely no charge.

If you were to try to sign on for a Medicare Plan G policy on your own, you might call 1 or 2 companies. There you’ll likely get a pushy salesperson with a quota to meet, who only has 1 thing to sell you.

Their company.

What about the 25 other companies offering the same thing for different, and likely far lower rates? Well, they’ll never tell you about them. Why would they?

When enrolling in a Medigap plan you absolutely must use an independent broker like us to shop all the companies. Not just at the start either, but every single year because you will get rate increases.

We make it easy, so you can focus on enjoying life and staying well. Click below to book an appointment with us today at a time that works best for you!


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Medicare Plan G Cost

The cost for a Plan G Medicare supplement ranges anywhere from $80 to $120, depending on age, zip code, gender, and tobacco use.

Many companies offer household discounts, some even if you just live with someone. So even if they’re not applying many carriers offer you a discount!

We are one of the only websites on the web that actually shows you the rates if you fill out the quick form to the right. Almost every other site will collect your information and sell it, leaving you with a phone that never stops ringing night and day!

When you complete the form on our website we will show you rates for Plan G Medicare from the top companies in your area. These are not sample rates, they are accurate rates for your coverage! 

The rates do not reflect any discount, however, so the easiest way to get started is to just call us today at  1-888-891-0229. 

We’ll make sure you get the best plan with a top company now, and for years to come.

Call today, I promise you’ll be glad you did!


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