Medicare Plan G 2022

Medicare Plan G in 2022 will be the most popular Medigap Plan due to its outstanding coverage and low premiums each month. Medicare Plan G covers 100% of the expenses that Medicare Parts A and B don’t cover, except for one small deductible.

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Medicare Plan G 2022 Coverage

Plan G has the best coverage that people on Medicare can get.

Where else can you just pay one small deductible (annual Part B, once per year) and then get 100% coverage on your Medicare-approved expenses, up to no limit?

Well, you most certainly can’t get this with an advantage plan. I don’t care how many “extra benefits” they try to lure you in with, Medicare Advantage plans have a max out-of-pocket limit of up to $7,550 PER YEAR!

Plan G Medicare

And they can require prior authorization (meaning they can deny you coverage) for many procedures.

Yes, that means you could get extra bills up to $7,550 extra each year, based on what the advantage plan chooses to cover.

Why on earth would you put your insurance in the hands of an advantage plan with those rules?

With a Medigap plan, you can use any doctor, specialist, or hospital in the entire country as long as they take Medicare.

There’s NO network, YOU choose your doctor!

And with a Medigap Plan G, you simply pay the annual Part B deductible ($203 in 2021, likely $208 in 2022), and after then get 100% of your medical bills to pay by Medicare and Plan G.

Medicare Supplement Plan G 2022 Cost

Medicare Plan G in 2022 cost will range from around $85 – $140, depending on several factors. These factors include:

  • Age
  • Zipcode
  • Gender
  • Tobacco use
  • If any household discounts apply

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Medicare Plan G Enrollment - The Easiest Way

The fastest and easiest way to enroll in Medicare plan G for 2022 is to just call us now. We have the top agents in the country that will shop all the rates from the best companies and answer all of your questions for you.

Medigap plans are standardized by Medicare. This means that Plan G has the exact same benefits no matter which insurance carrier is offering it. But, they all have different rates for the same Plan G!

That means it’s very easy to overpay. In fact, you would need to contact every single company yourself, every year, to get their yearly rates just to make sure you’re not overpaying.

Let us help, it’s FREE! We do all the work for you and keep you paying the least amount possible for your Medigap insurance.

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