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After over a decade helping seniors with their Medicare Insurance, I’ve heard just about every question out there.

Probably the most common question is what is the best Medicare supplement plan?”

Medicare Supplement Plans
Russell Noga

Now there really are only a few Medicare supplement plans out there that fit most people’s needs the best.

So I usually just ask them a few more questions and I’m able to narrow it down pretty quickly for them.

For example, Medicare supplement plan G and plan N are the plans most people enroll in, especially if you’re new to Medicare.

Sometimes, however, people surprise me!

Such as today when I got asked “What is the best Medicare supplement plan G?”

My name is Russell Noga with and in this article, I’ll be answering this question!

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The Best Medicare Supplement Plan G is:

  • Aetna Medicare Plan G
  • Mutual of Omaha Plan G
  • Cigna Plan G
  • Accendo Plan G
  • United Healthcare Plan G


Medicare Plan G rates


Medicare Basics


So I’ll just start with some Medicare basics here about finding the best Medicare Supplement Plan G.

best Medicare supplement plan G

There’s Medicare Part A and Part B.

This is what’s called Original Medicare and these are your core benefits.

Part A covers hospitalization and Part covers doctor services.

And then you have Medicare supplement plans, which work alongside that to help pay the gaps that Medicare does not.

Gaps are simply expenses.

So having the core Medicare and a Medicare supplement plan is a great option for most people because you get nearly all of your bills paid, depending on which plan you take.


Medicare Plan G

So those Medicare supplement plans are also lettered, which is why people get confused.

And I did when I first started learning.

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021So what we’re really talking about is Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Again, the most popular plan today.

And the reason is you just have one small deductible with Plan G each calendar year.

Now, we’re in the year 2021. And that deductible amount changes each year.

However, right now, it is $203. If you have Plan G, you pay that deductible yourself each year.

That is the Medicare Part B deductible, by the Medicare supplement plan G

Medicare sets that amount and says, “Hey, all you people on Medicare, we’ll help you out, we’ll pay your medical bills…but first, you’re going to have to pay the Part B deductible.”

Now, people on Plan F Medicare Supplement get that deductible paid for, but we are talking about Plan G.

It’s a much better option, believe me.

In reality, they’re still paying for the deductible and then some, through their much higher premiums!



Medicare Supplement Plan G


I have videos on Plan F if you do want to learn about them.  Or maybe you’re on a Plan F now and you’re interested in Plan G which is a great idea because of the large amount of money you can save.

So again this deductible is a calendar year deductible. In 2021 the amount is $203.

On Medicare Plan G, the first $203 Medical bills you get during the year 2020 you will have to pay.

best Medicare supplement plan G

And after that for the rest of the year, you get 100% coverage.

Medicare will come in and pay their portion and then Plan G will pick up the difference.

Now this deductible will be slightly higher in 2022, but rest assured the same rules apply.



Medicare Plan G Reviews


So, let’s talk a little more about the benefits of Plan G.

And then go on to, “what is the best Plan G”.

The benefits of Plan G, as you might know, are that you just simply have one deductible, the Annual Part B Deductible each year.

And once that’s paid, Plan G pays 100% of the gaps of Part A and Part B Medicare.

So, fantastic coverage, of course.

Now when it comes to what is the best Plan G, there isn’t the best plan G!

Every company that offers Plan G has the same benefits. That’s because these plans are standardized by the government.

They made it really easy for us and said to the insurance companies, “Look, if you’re going to offer Plan G, it’s got to be the same benefits, no matter what. The same parameters, the same deductible amount.”

This is because the deductible is actually a Medicare deductible. It’s not written by the plans themselves.

So you pay that one deductible no matter which company you’re with, and then you get 100% coverage with Plan G.

So there isn’t the best Plan G from company to company because it’s all the same coverage.


Medicare Plan G


No Network with Medicare Supplement Plan G!


Don’t forget with Medicare supplement plans it doesn’t matter what letter, or part, basically, they are accepted nationwide.

Any doctor that accepts regular Part A and B Medicare will take your supplement plan.

At we have access to all of the top companies, and we shop the rates every year so you don’t have to!

Call us now at 1-888-891-0229


 Medicare Plan G Companies


So now that you know the benefits of Plan G, let’s talk about what everyone always wants to know…

“Which company should I go with, and how much is it?”How Much is Medigap per Month

Well, that depends on a lot of different factors.

Mostly your zip code, your age, gender, tobacco use, things like that.

So, once we have that information, we’re able to look in our quoting engine and find out out of all the top companies, which one will be best for you.

To do that, just give us a call today.

And just under five minutes, we can shop all of the top companies to see who has the best rates for you on Plan G.

Because they all have the same plan G.


The Top Medicare Supplement Companies


New to Medicare?

Now, if you’re new to Medicare, you may not have heard of some of these Medicare Supplement Planscompanies, because they specialize in Medicare insurance.

But most of these big names are probably going to be familiar to you.

These are the names such as Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Cigna, things like that.

Then there are other companies, depending on which state you’re in that might be offered, such as New Era Life Insurance.

So when it comes to the companies that do offer Medicare Supplement Insurance as I mentioned, we’re independent brokers, so we shop them all.

Now, there is no shortage of companies out there, believe me.

But there really is just a small group that we typically write people on.

And that’s because they have the lowest premiums and the strongest financial ratings.

Or if you’d like quotes now, just click below. You’ll see rates from the top carriers for plans G, N, and F!



Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare Plan G – Enroll Now!


best Medicare supplement plan GSo give us a call at 1-888-891-0229, and we’ll see who the best company is in your state and get you the best coverage.

So while there is no best, there is, or are a number of ways to overpay for it.

So be sure you’re not one of those people who pay too much and allow us to help out.

Our service is free, and we’ll get you on the best Medicare Supplement Plan G with the best company in your area.


Medicare Supplement Plans




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