Medicare Supplement Plans – The 5 Best Plans for 2023

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There are currently 10 Medicare supplement plans available from several companies, and they all have different benefits and costs.

The Top Medicare Supplement Plans are:

  • Medicare Plan G
  • Medicare Plan N
  • High-deductible Plan G
  • Medicare Plan F
  • High-deductible Plan F

The Best Medicare Supplement Plans

The best Medicare supplement plan is the one that fits your needs and budget. While the plans are close in coverage, each plan letter does have slightly different benefits.

Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, which means regardless of the company offering the plan, they all have identical coverage within each plan letter.

It’s also important to know that these plans are the same in every state, except for a few. For example, Medicare Supplement plans in Colorado are the same as Pennsylvania Medicare Supplement plans.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plans F and C are no longer available to people new to Medicare.

If you enrolled in Medicare prior to January 1st of 2020 and have one of these plans you are allowed to keep them.

Medicare Plan F:

  • Medicare Plan F offers 100% Coverage
  • No copays, no deductibles, and no coinsurance to pay
  • Only people enrolled in Medicare before January 1st, 2020 may enroll in Plan F
Medicare Plan F 2023

Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Plan G is now the most popular plan available and for good reason.

Plan G has outstanding coverage for relatively low premiums, and now that Plan F is no longer available to people new to Medicare, Plan G is the most comprehensive Medigap plan offered.

The only difference between Medicare Plan G and Plan F is who pays the annual Medicare Part B deductible. Medicare Plan F pays the deductible for you (You actually pay it through higher premiums), and on Plan G you pay the deductible yourself.

Medicare Plan G

Medicare Plan G

  • Plan G has lower premiums than Plan F
  • Pay one small deductible of $226, then 100% coverage
  • No copays
  • Visit any doctor or specialist that accepts Medicare, Nationwide

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N is becoming very popular now due to its great coverage and lower premiums than Plan G. In fact, Medicare Plan N can be up to $30 less per month than Plan G.

In exchange for lower premiums, you may have some additional out-of-pocket expenses with Plan N as you visit the doctor throughout the year

Medicare Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N

  • Co-pay per doctor’s visit of up to $20 (Telehealth visits do not apply)
  • A $50 Co-pay for Emergency room visit (if not admitted); Urgent care centers do not apply
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
Medicare supplement plans for 2024

Copays for Doctor's Visits

 After you meet the Part B deductible on Plan N you could have a small co-pay per doctor’s visit each time you visit the doctor.

This copay will never be more than $20 per visit, and could actually be less or no copay, depending on how they code the visit.

There is no copay for telehealth visits!

Emergency Room Copay

There is a $50 copay if you visit the emergency room with Medicare Plan N if you are not admitted to the hospital.

This does not apply to visits to an urgent care center.

Medicare Part B excess charges

Medicare Part B excess charges are extremely rare and are charged by doctors who do not accept the assigned rates from Medicare.

If you’re considering Plan N (and you should be!), then just ask your doctor’s office if they accept “Medicare assignment”. It’s estimated that nearly 99% of all doctors do.

Even if you did receive a Part B excess charge, studies have shown they average less than $20, and less than 1% of all claims even have them.

Medicare Part B excess charges are not even allowed to be charged in the following states:

  • CT, MN, OH, PA, RI, VT, MA, NY
Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021

Medicare Part B Deductible for 2023

Nothing happens with Medicare coverage until certain deductibles are met.

Prior to Medicare Part B pays 80% of your doctor’s bills, you are required to pay the annual deductible. In 2023 this deductible is $226.

Once this deductible is paid, Medicare will pay 80% of your bills, and most Medicare Supplement Plans will pay the remaining 20%.

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Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart 2023

Below is the Medicare Supplement plans comparison chart showing ten different Medigap plans.

In addition, there are two additional plans. These are the high-deductible versions of Medicare Plan F and G.

Keep in mind that only those who were enrolled in Medicare prior to January 1st of 2020 may enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan F.

Medicare supplement plans chart

Medicare Plan N vs Plan G

Choosing between Medicare Plan G and Plan N depends mostly on how many times you visit your doctor, as well as your budget.

Medicare Plan G does have higher coverage but also has higher premiums.


Medicare Plan G


Medicare Plan G Pros

  • 100% coverage after just one deductible
  • No copays
  • No network


Medicare Plan G Cons

  • Higher monthly premiums than Plan N
  • Higher annual rate increases than Plan N


Medicare Plan N vs G


Medicare Plan N Pros

  • Lower premiums than Plan G
  • Great coverage with low copays
  • No network
  • Lower annual rate increases than Plan G


Medicare Plan N Cons

  • Copays per doctor’s visit after the Part B deductible is met



Medicare Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plans 2023

The letters and benefits of Medicare Supplement Plans in 2023 are not changing, however, the premiums for these plans are constantly changing depending on the company.

The most important thing to remember is that every single company has the exact same coverage, but they all charge different rates for their plans.

The Top Medicare Supplement Plans in 2023 are:

  • Medicare Plan G
  • Medicare Plan N
  • High-deductible Plan G


Medicare supplement plans

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Updated January 27th, 2023