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Cigna offers a couple of different Medicare Supplements for you to choose from.

They don’t have as many plans as a lot of the competition does, but they do offer the most popular ones- Plan F and Plan G.

Would you like to know which are the Best Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans? Read on and we will show you.


The Best Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans are:

  • Cigna Plan G
  • Cigna Plan N
  • Cigna Hi-G
  • Cigna Plan F
  • Cigna Hi-F




Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans


Plan F and Plan G are two of the highest coverage plans that you can get.

They cover just about everything that is considered to be supplemental. What that means is they will cover expenses that are not already taken care of by the basic Medicare plan.

That basic plan is required before you sign up for a Supplement plan, and basic Medicare will cover you for Medicare Part A and Part B.

If you go with Plan F, you get covered for the deductibles and the copayments that basic Medicare leaves you with.

That’s the Part A deductible and copayment and the Part B deductible and copayment. You also get covered for the Part B excess charges.

Part A hospice care coinsurance, skilled nursing care coinsurance, foreign travel exchange, and three pints of blood. Some of these items renew each year, while others will run out permanently once you use them up.

Cigna Medicare Plan F


Plan F offers you full coverage, and Plan G doesn’t lag far behind. It’s a cheaper, lower coverage plan, but it only knocks off one item of coverage when compared to Plan F.

The only supplemental expense that Medicare Supplement Plan G from Cigna won’t provide is the Medicare Part B deductible. It covers all the rest of the items we just listed above.

These two plans are very popular, and odds are that if you need a Medicare Supplement plan, you would go with one of these. So, it makes sense that this is what Cigna is concentrating on offering.

They may change up their lineup later, and they are allowed to pick and choose which plans they want to offer, so long as they sell at least Plan F.

Cigna sells Plan N as well, but it is not as commonly subscribed to. This one covers most of the supplemental expenses. It won’t cover you for some small copayments, for the Part B deductible, and for Part B excess charges. It covers all the rest of the items we listed, though, so it’s still a high coverage plan.


Cigna Medigap Plans & How to Choose


So out of these, which one is the one you should be going for?

Well, that all depends on your situation. If you don’t need to have the Part B deductible covered and it would be cheaper to pay it out of pocket than to go with Plan F providing coverage for it, then you should consider Plan G or Plan N.

These plans tend to be quite a bit cheaper, but you will need to look at the prices for yourself. You ought to compare the cost of the plans and the coverage the less expensive ones leave off, so you know what you would save by choosing one of those over Plan F.

When you want to determine which Cigna Medicare Supplement is best, you need to take your own needs into consideration.

No one can just pick the plan that is best for you.




That’s something you will have to decide for yourself, and you do that by looking at your needs and seeing how the plans provide for those needs.

They don’t all cover you equally, and the cost differences between them can be substantial.

Cigna is able to change the prices at will, but of course, once you sign up for one of their plans, the prices will be locked in for you. The cost of coverage can change, though, even if you just move from one area to another.

You may find that the cost of living changes the price of the same plan you were looking at elsewhere.

The cost should factor into which plan you settle on because ultimately, you want a plan that will save you money on your healthcare. Not all the plans will be able to do that. You also want to choose the plan that saves you the most money.

In many cases, we recommend Plan N as the most cost-effective plan. It doesn’t cover as much as the other two we listed, but it costs less, and what it does not cover are expenses that are typically uncommon or not very costly.

So, you can often save money by choosing this plan over the others.



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How to Choose a Plan


But you’ll have to look at your finances, the cost of those plans, and what your coverage needs are.

As your needs change, so too will the plan you should buy. Cigna may change which plans it offers as well, and you will need to keep an eye on that.

If you have your heart set on a Supplement plan, and Cigna no longer offers it, then you should look elsewhere for that plan.

You can find the plan you want from a number of different providers. Cigna is not your only option, but it is a good one, and this company has a great reputation for a lot of reasons.

They are definitely worth considering when you are trying to find the right insurance company to provide your supplemental Medicare coverage.

Now that you can determine for yourself which Cigna Medicare Supplement is best, you should be planning ahead to when you’re ready to sign up for these.

Start comparing prices and finding the best rates for the plan you want. Many seniors do save money with Cigna’s plans and are very happy with what Cigna has to offer them, and you should look into their coverage plans for yourself.

You’ll be glad you took the time to look at your options, compare them and make the right choice in coverage plan and insurance provider.