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cigna medicare supplement plan g

Cigna’s Medicare offerings are among its most popular insurance plans. Particularly, Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan G will be a great plan for many Medicare on Medicare, giving them a great option to easily afford their medical bills.

Cigna operates as a global insurance agency, offering its coverage plans to businesses and individuals all around the world.

Among its specialties are its Medicare supplement offerings. These are increasingly becoming some of the company’s leading methods of growing its customer base.


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Medicare Plan G

Medicare Plan GPlan G stands out from many of its other supplement plans because of how cost-effective it can be.

It is cheaper than a higher coverage plan like Plan F would be while still offering plenty of coverage for most Medicare subscribers.

The coverage this plan has permits it to cover all co-payments, the Medicare Part A deductible, more coinsurance and blood each year, 80% of emergency medical costs for care outside the United States, nursing care services, and excess charges from Medicare Part A.

What it doesn’t cover is quite minor, and that slight lack of coverage makes Plan G more affordable for many people.

These people rely on the extensive coverage that this plan provides, which is why they will be relieved to know that the plan’s coverage won’t be changing in the coming year.

All through the year, the coverage will stay the same.


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Medicare supplement Plan G

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Medicare subscribers should be aware that rates change often though, generally at the rate of once per year. To keep track of these rates, many Medicare subscribers turn to us and our free quote generator.

This provides them a way to check on the rates as often as they like and to get up-to-date and accurate information regarding rates on plans that they are interested in.

If you would like to sign up for Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan G, then you will want to find out how much it will cost you.

Only by looking at the cost and comparing it to the kind of coverage it provides and what you can afford will you be able to tell if the plan is suitable for you.

Plan G is one of the most recommended Medicare Supplement plans, and we want to tell you all about it so that you can decide for yourself if it seems like a good plan for you.

We are going to get into detail about Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan G and how it can help cover your medical expenses. We will also show you how to sign up and how to compare it to some of the other insurance plans that are available.


How You’ll Be Covered


Medigap 2020If you were to sign up for Medicare Supplement Plan G today, then that plan would take effect on the first of the year and you would be covered for most of the medical expenses not already covered by basic Medicare.

Now, you need to know that in order to be eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan of any kind, you first have to have a basic Medicare plan. The Supplement plan simply isn’t meant to work without it.

Once you do get approved for the plan, then you can experience coverage for all sorts of medical expenses.

There is no overlap between the Supplement plan and the basic Medicare plan, even though they have some similar items of coverage. For example, the Supplement plans cover for blood you use throughout the year.

Basic Medicare covers you for blood use as well. So, would that not mean that they overlap? That’s not the case though, since basic Medicare provides you a limited amount of blood coverage.

Once that expires, your supplementary plan would step in and provide coverage for an additional three pints of blood each year.

Plan G also covers you for nursing care coinsurance. Basic Medicare covers a lot of nursing care costs, but it leaves you the coinsurance to pay, and Plan G can take care of all that for you so that you have no leftover nursing care expenses.

Plan G also covers you for Medicare Part B excess charges.

This is something you would have to pay from your own pockets if you go to a medical facility for treatment and receive Part B services, but the doctor or medical facility does not accept Medicare fully.

There are a few places like that, but it is not a common expense. Still, it can be helpful to have that expense covered, especially if you live in an area where Medicare is not commonly accepted.


cigna medicare supplement plan g


Plan G covers you for the Medicare Part A deductible as well.

This is what you pay each year for the coverage provided by basic Medicare for Part A services. The Part B deductible is not covered under Plan G, and it is the only supplemental expense that it does not cover.

Plan G is also going to take care of the cost of Medicare Part A’s copayment and Part B’s copayment.

These are listed as two separate expenses, and they are ones you would normally have to pay for each time you visit a hospital or doctor’s office for Part A or Part B services.

Under Plan G, you can be covered for the cost of going to a medical facility outside the US in an emergency transport vehicle.

You’ll be covered for up to 80% of the cost of each incident, and you will need to pay a deductible, but you’ll be covered for a much as $50,000 over your lifetime for this one item.


Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans


cigna medicare supplement plan gSo, what makes this plan worth getting through Cigna? You should know that there is nothing special about the coverage for the plan if you are getting it through Cigna.

Other insurance companies sell the same plan, and they do it with the exact same coverage. They are required to, though, since the plans are created and overseen by Medicare.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan G benefits each year do not change, as far as coverage is concerned. All insurance companies sell the same plan.

What’s different about buying it through Cigna is the price. This insurance company, as all insurance providers are, is able to set its prices as it likes. Those prices could be higher or lower than the other companies.

So, why would you buy through Cigna at all if they are selling the plan at a higher price than others and the plans are exactly the same?

Well, you might be concerned about the reputation of the company you are going with or their penchant for excellent customer service.

You may also be interested in member benefits that are exclusive to that company.

Cigna, fortunately, has a superb reputation, and that’s why we thought it worth your while to talk about them and their plan here. You should at least consider them as an option, even if you decide on someone else.



How to Apply


You can apply for a Cigna Medicare supplement plan right now by clicking the blue button below!

You don’t have to go through Medicare or some kind of third party. You can go directly through us, and we’ll watch your rates each year!

We’ll walk you through every step of the process and make it easy, including if you need help with a Part D prescription drug plan.


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