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BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans 2020Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplements in 2023 are offered in all 50 states. BCBS is actually a combination of 34 different companies offering various health insurance products.

The companies licensed under the association of Blue Cross Blue Shield then operate on their own.

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers 12 different Medicare Supplement plans.


The Top Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plans in 2023 are:

  • Medicare Plan F
  • Medicare Plan G
  • Medicare Plan N
  • High-deductible Plan G
  • High-deductible Plan F

*Anyone not enrolled in Medicare prior to January 1st of 2020 may not enroll in Medicare Plan F

Medicare supplement plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2023

Medicare Plan F 2023

Medicare Supplement Plan F offers 100% coverage of the gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B.

This plan was the top Medigap plan for years, however, it is not offered anymore to anyone new to Medicare. Anyone still enrolled in Medicare Plan F may keep the plan, however, it’s wise to check rates using our website to see how much you can save with Medicare Plan G.

Medicare Plan F vs Plan G in 2023

The only difference between Plan F and G is who pays the annual Medicare Part B deductible. Plan F pays this for you, and with Plan G you pay it yourself.

Medicare Plan F’s monthly premiums are often much higher than the deductible, so you can save money just by paying it yourself.


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Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2023

Medicare Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G offers the most coverage to anyone new to Medicare and enrolling in a Medigap plan.

With Plan G you only pay one small expense each year, and that is the annual Medicare Part B deductible. Once this is paid, Medicare pays 80% of your doctor’s bills and Plan G pays the difference.

There are no other copays, deductibles, or coinsurance to pay.


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Medicare Plan N

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan N 2023

Medicare Supplement Plan N is a great plan with lower premiums than both Plan F and Plan G, but still has great coverage.

With Plan N you pay the annual Medicare Part B deductible just like you do with Plan G.

After this deductible is met, you might have:

  • Up to a $20 copay per doctors visit (telehealth visits do not apply)
  • A $50 copay if you visit the ER, but they don’t admit you (Urgent care center visits do not have this copay)
  • Plan N doesn’t cover Medicare Part B excess charges (Less than 1% of doctors charge these)

Medicare Plan N is a great option for people who don’t visit the doctor often but still want great coverage and lower premiums.

Medicare Plan N vs Plan G in 2023

Choosing between Medicare Plan G or Plan N really comes down to personal preference. If you visit the doctor often throughout the year, then Medicare Plan G might be your best option as there are no copays.

It’s also a great plan for people who simply do not want any copays.

If you have fewer than 6 visits per year, then Medicare Plan N will definitely save you money. The monthly premiums for Plan N are often up to $30 less than Plan G.

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