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Medicare Supplement Plans

Most people who start shopping for Medicare Supplement Insurance for the first time often say…

“Holy moly, there are a lot of choices out there.”

There are many companies to choose from, and Medicare has 10 different Medigap plan letters, each with different benefits.

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Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Companies

And as an independent agency, we represent all the top companies, so you pay the same premium if you allow us to help or you go direct. But our service is entirely FREE.

I assure you if you go direct to a company you’re only going to get one premium, and that’s the company you call!

This article is about one of our favorite companies that we put clients, along with the most popular Medicare supplement plan available.

And that is Aetna Medicare plan G.

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Aetna is actually owned by CVS, the popular pharmacy chain.  They also have a number of different companies within their family under the CVS and Aetna name.

Some of the companies you may see Aetna offering Medicare supplement insurance are:

  • American Continental
  • Continental Life Insurance
  • Accendo Medicare supplement
  • Aetna Health and life

While one company just turns into several!  This is actually quite common when it comes to companies that sell Medicare supplement insurance.  Different divisions will be offered in different states.

But rest assured Aetna has a strong financial rating and definitely some of the most competitive premiums available today.  They also offer a household discount for spouses.

One important thing to consider when shopping for Medicare supplement plans is, every company has the exact same benefits within each plan letter.

Although that makes it a little easier to shop for them, they do all have different premiums!

So let us help, we make it easy for you by shopping for them all.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Aetna Medicare supplement plans

Although we’re specifically talking about Aetna Medicare plan G in this article, Aetna does offer the full range of plans them the most popular.

These include:

  • Medicare plan G
  • Medicare plan N
  • Medicare plan F

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G

For anyone who is new to Medicare reading this I’ll start with the very basics but I’ll keep it quick.  Medicare has two main parts that are called original Medicare.

These are Medicare part A and Medicare part B.

  • Medicare part A = Hospitalization
  • Medicare part B = Doctor’s Services

These two parts do not cover all of your medical bills.  There are various copays, coinsurance, and deductibles that you must meet prior to getting certain coverage.

When it comes to you just visiting the Dr., there is only one deductible you must meet prior to getting coverage for those services.

Medicare part B deductible

Before Medicare starts paying 80% of your medical bills you are required to pay the annual Part B deductible.  This deductible amount changes each year, it is a once-per-year deductible.

Once you pay it’s during the year you’re done for that particular year in resets the following January.

In the year 2023, this deductible amount is $226.  Once you pay this, Medicare will begin paying 80% of your medical bills leaving you with the rest.

Medicare Supplement Plans
medicare part g

Medicare Plan G

An Aetna Medicare plan G policy will pay that additional 20% for you.  In fact, regardless of which company we enroll you with, their plan G Medicare policy will all pay the same way.

On Medicare plan G and you only have one small deductible to pay, and then you get 100% coverage.

Again in 2021, this is a $203 deductible, and this will go up a little next year as it does every year.

Once this is met 100% of the gaps in Medicare parts A and B will be paid if you have a plan G.  This is fantastic coverage!

Example of how the deductible works on Plan G:

Mary Medicare Supplement Plan G

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Medicare Plan G Rates

Remember when I said earlier that even though every company offers that the exact same plan G, they all charge different rates for it?

Well, I just got off the phone with a woman prior to writing this article called an insurance carrier directly and got a premium of $158 for plan G.

She saw my videos and decided to give me a call, thinking maybe there might be something else out there.

Can you imagine her reaction, when in less than 3 minutes I found her a premium of $113?

In 5 minutes I saved her $540 a year!

No difference in coverage, but a $ 45.00-month savings simply because I shopped all the lowest premiums and best companies for her.

By the way, you don’t pay us a dime for doing this, but our clients love it because we watch the rates every year.


Medigap rate increases

The reason we do this is you will get a rate increase every year, regardless of which company you go with.  Should you just put up with the increase in pay it?


No Way!

But it’s on that happens we will already be shopping the rates from all the rest of the companies to try to save you money.

Medicare Supplement Plans

How to get Medigap Quotes

So by this point, you are probably saying “Wow, this all sounds great Russell, but how much is Aetna Medicare plan G?”

Well, that depends on a few pieces of information that I’ll need before I can let you know.

See, Medicare supplement rates are based on a number of different factors.

They are:

  • Your zip code
  • Your age
  • Their gender
  • Tobacco use
  • If any household discounts apply

We offer free quotes on this website by just entering some basic information.

Now I know what you’re thinking,” But won’t I get calls from 30 different agents then?”

Absolutely not!

Remember I went through this myself at one time! Shopping for Medigap coverage for my Mom…and I got all those calls.

I would never put you through that.

We don’t sell any of your information.  In fact, only I, or one of my two agents will be able to see your information.  That’s it.

Now we might call you to answer any questions you might have, which we love doing.

But other than that you won’t get any calls by putting in your information on this website.

The easiest way to call us now at 1-888-891-0229

Medicare Supplement Plans
Medicare supplement plans