Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan G

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Accendo Medicare Supplement plans are offered by the CVS family of insurance carriers and help pay most of your expenses that Medicare Part A and B don’t cover.

The Top Accendo Medicare Supplement Plans

  • Medicare Plan G
  • Medicare Plan N
  • High-deductible Plan G

Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan G is their top seller at the moment, and this popular plan has outstanding benefits with only one small out-of-pocket expense for you beyond your monthly premium.

Then it’s 100% coverage!

Accendo Medicare Supplement Plans

Accendo may be a new name to some in the health insurance industry, but they have been around for a while now.

They are part of the CVS/Aetna family of insurance companies, and of course one of the leading pharmacy chains in the country.

Consequently, this puts them in partnership with the major health insurance provider Aetna, which has agreements with thousands of healthcare providers throughout the United States.

Accendo falls under the group of Aetna Senior Supplemental, which has an A.M. Best financial rating of “A”.

Accendo is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah but provides Medigap plans to over 15 different states currently.

Call us today to see how they compare to the competition with other Medigap companies or enter your zip code at the top of this page to get online rates.

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Because it’s a Medicare supplement, Accendo Medicare supplement plan G can be used nationwide with NO network!

With an Accendo Medigap Plan visit:

  • Any doctor
  • Any specialist
  • Any hospital

As long as they accept regular Medicare they will accept an Accendo Medicare supplement Plan G!

No questions asked and you’ll only have one small deductible to meet. Then it’s 100% coverage for the rest of the calendar year!

Accendo Household Discount - The best there is!

Accendo has a great household discount that you should know about.

They do a good job of offering their members some beneficial perks to help save them money or keep them in good health, but their best one has to be the generous household discounts.

This discount is an industry best 14%, and it is applicable to a number of their members.

You don’t have to apply at the same time as the other member of your household who is getting this discount with you.

The two of you do have to live in the same household, though.

If you have questions about this policy or about health insurance in general, then please give us a call.

We are happy to assist you as you try to find the right kind of medical insurance plan for your needs.

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Medicare Plan G - Benefits

Medicare Plan G is a strong health insurance policy, with plenty to offer those who enroll in it.

Accendo does not do anything special with it, other than offering some member perks that other insurance providers may not be able to.

The medical benefits are the same on Plan G no matter which insurance provider you get yours from, though.

That standardized coverage makes it easy for you to focus on the pricing and ensure you get the best deal rather than worry that prices will affect your coverage in any way.

Plan G gives you full Medicare Part A benefits, which includes the hospice coinsurance payment, the hospitalization co-pays, and the annual Part A deductible.

Just One Small Expense Each Year!

Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan G gives you almost full Medicare Part B benefits.

Again the only out-of-pocket expense you’ll have each year is the annual Part B deductible.

Let’s talk a little bit about this deductible.  This is the Medicare annual part B deductible.

The deductible, of course, is just an amount of money that you have to pay prior to your insurance company paying.

In this case, this is for part B which is your doctor’s services.  Part B is which of the using the most of.

Now before Medicare will pay 80% of your doctor’s bills, which of course is part B, you have to pay the annual part B deductible.

In other words, plan G is basically saying “we will pick up the other 20% that Medicare doesn’t pay, giving you 100% coverage but you just have to pay the part B deductible first”.

Considering this deductible is $203 in the year 2021, and will be just slightly higher in 2021, this is amazing coverage!

There are no co-pays or any other coinsurance that you’re required to pay beyond the part B deductible when you have an Accendo Medicare supplement plan G.

Medicare Supplement Plan G - The Most Popular Plan

Plan G also adds in a foreign travel benefit for emergencies outside the country.

You get a $50,000 benefit for this service and a lifetime maximum of 80%.

Nursing care costs are covered as well. While Original Medicare covers some nursing costs, it asks you to pay a percentage of the overall care expenses, known as a coinsurance payment.

Medicare Plan G covers that expense for you.

Plan G also helps out with blood costs. It will take care of the leftover three pints of blood that are not covered by Original Medicare, and that brings your blood coverage up to full.

Accendo offers the entire Plan G package at a reasonable rate. You can check the prices on Plan G and on other Supplement plans here on our site.

Medicare Plan G

Is Medicare Plan G better than Plan F?

Is Plan G the best Medicare Supplement Accendo has to offer? Many seniors compare it to Plan F and often have trouble deciding between the two.

They are very similar, after all.

Plan F covers 100% of the expenses not covered by Part A and Part B, and in Plan G you must simply pay that annual Part B deductible yourself.

Medicare Supplement Plans

But the premiums for Plan G are far less than Plan F!

And you may only enroll in an Accendo Plan F if you were eligible for Medicare prior to January 1st of 2020.

If you were and still have a Plan F, then call us today and we’ll shop the rates for you for Plan F and Plan G, just to show you the savings.

Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan G is the better choice for most seniors, and we think you will agree once you compare the benefits and the pricing.

This powerful health insurance policy gives seniors so much coverage that they should have very little left to pay from their personal finances.

There is that Medicare Part B deductible to pay, but that’s a minor cost, especially when Plan G covers so many other expenses for you.

Call us today and see how much you can save by enrolling in Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan G!