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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated April 6th, 2024

Navigating Medicare supplement plans in Minnesota? Understand the unique options and enrollment essentials with our focused guide. Minnesota offers distinct Medigap policies that can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Learn about the Medicare supplement plans in Minnesota for 2025, how premiums are determined, and what to expect when enrolling—all tailored to suit the needs of Minnesota residents.


Key Takeaways

  • Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans have unique offerings like the Basic Plan with customizable riders and the Extended Basic Plan, providing tailored coverage options for beneficiaries different from standard Medigap plans.
  • Beneficiaries can choose from a diverse range of coverage options offered by various carriers with varying premiums, and have access to financial assistance programs to help with the costs associated with Medicare plans.
  • Minnesota provides a comprehensive support network for Medicare Supplement enrollees and caregivers, including SHIP, the Extra Help program, and resources such as the Medicare website and the Social Security Administration for assistance in navigation and enrollment.


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Understanding Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans

Understanding Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans


Venture into the realm of Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans, where the goal is to shield beneficiaries from the out-of-pocket costs not covered by Original Medicare. Unlike the standardized Medigap offerings peppering the nation, Minnesota Medicare plans navigate by their own star, employing a community age rating system that offers a unique approach to cost distribution.

Among these Northern stars, the PBCO plan shines brightly, mirroring the national Plan N yet tailored to fit Minnesota’s healthcare constellation.


Basic Plan and Riders

The Basic Plan in Minnesota serves as the foundation upon which beneficiaries can construct a fortress of coverage, bolstering their Medicare protection with customization options as diverse as Minnesota’s seasons. The ability to add riders to this Basic Plan means one can armor themselves against the unexpected, covering gaps like the Part A hospital deductible or even non-Medicare preventive care. With medicare cost plans and medicare plans available, beneficiaries can further tailor their coverage to suit their needs.

This flexibility allows every Minnesotan to sculpt their Medigap policy into a personalized shield against healthcare costs.


Extended Basic Plan

For those seeking more comprehensive coverage, the Extended Basic Plan stands as a robust fortress, encompassing all the benefits and riders of the Basic Plan and then some. This plan doesn’t just cover the essentials; it goes beyond, providing extra protection for skilled nursing care at a cost that is often more palatable.

Versions K, L, M, and N of the Extended Basic Plan are the sentinels that watch over Minnesotans, ensuring even greater peace of mind.


Medigap Plan F – Is it still Available?

While Medigap Plan F has been revered for its comprehensive coverage, it’s important to note that as of January 1, 2020, Plan F is no longer available to new Medicare enrollees. Those who were already enrolled in Medicare before 2020 may still be eligible to enroll in Plan F or Plan C. These plans cover Medicare Part B deductible, which is no longer allowed for new Medicare beneficiaries post-2020 reforms. For those who are not eligible for Plan F, Plan G is a close alternative, offering robust coverage minus the Part B deductible.


Medigap Plan G – A Popular Choice for Comprehensive Coverage

Minnesota’s version of Medigap Plan G stands as a beacon for those seeking comprehensive Medicare coverage in Minnesota. As the landscape of healthcare evolves, Plan G remains a steadfast choice, popular for its extensive benefits that closely mirror the once-coveted Plan F. It offers a harmonious balance of coverage and cost, covering all out-of-pocket expenses except for the Medicare Part B deductible. This particular feature makes Plan G a cost-effective alternative for new Medicare enrollees who are not eligible for Plan F.

The allure of Plan G is not just in what it covers, but also in the predictability it offers. Once the annual Part B deductible is met, Plan G holders can navigate the year with confidence, knowing that their plan will cover the rest of their Medicare-approved healthcare costs. This includes Part A deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance, as well as excess charges that arise when providers charge more than what Medicare approves.

Moreover, Plan G includes foreign travel emergency coverage, adding an extra layer of protection for Minnesotans with a penchant for adventure beyond the state’s borders. This comprehensive nature of Plan G makes it a popular choice among Minnesota’s Medicare beneficiaries who value both extensive coverage and financial foresight.


Medigap Plan N – A Cost-Effective Option for Essential Coverage

The equivalent of Medigap Plan N emerges as a cost-effective alternative for Minnesota residents looking to supplement their Medicare coverage. This plan is designed for beneficiaries who prefer lower monthly premiums while still obtaining substantial protection against significant medical expenses. Plan N covers the Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs for up to an additional 365 days after Medicare benefits are used up, as well as the Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment.

Although Plan N does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible or excess charges, it offers a balance between coverage and affordability. Beneficiaries are responsible for copayments for certain doctor visits and emergency room visits that do not result in an inpatient admission. Despite these out-of-pocket costs, Plan N is an attractive choice for those seeking essential coverage without the higher premiums associated with more comprehensive plans.

Plan N is particularly suitable for beneficiaries who anticipate needing hospital care but not frequent doctor visits, as it provides significant hospital coverage. It’s a straightforward option that reflects Minnesota’s preference for practical and affordable healthcare solutions.


Comparing Top Minnesota Medicare Supplement Carriers


Comparing Top Minnesota Medicare Supplement Carriers


In the land of the North Star, Medicare Supplement carriers are as varied as the state’s vibrant fall foliage, each offering a distinct shade of coverage and cost. With monthly premiums that span a wide spectrum, these carriers beckon beneficiaries to compare and contrast, ensuring they find the hue that best fits their healthcare canvas.

Enriching this colorful market are carriers such as Continental Life Insurance Company (Aetna), Cigna Health And Life Insurance Company, and Humana Insurance Company, each presenting a palette of premiums shaped by the coverage options Minnesotans choose to embrace.


Coverage Options

Coverage options in Minnesota’s Medicare Supplement landscape are as diverse as its wildlife, ranging from the sturdy Medigap Plans K, L, M, N, and the high-deductible Plan F, to the agile Medicare Advantage plans that leap beyond original Medicare benefits. Enhancements to the Basic Plan, such as Part A inpatient hospital deductible and non-Medicare preventive care, allow for a tailored fit, while MedicareBlueSM Rx and Group MedicareBlue Rx stand as testament to the state’s commitment to comprehensive prescription drug plans requiring a Medicare contract for enrollment. With such a variety of options, finding the right Medicare coverage to suit your needs has never been easier.


Premium Costs

The financial landscape of Medicare Supplement plans in Minnesota is as varied as its topography, with costs influenced by a range of coverage options that can elevate premiums to new heights or keep them nestled in the valleys. Additional coverage options such as add-ons and programs weave through the pricing structure like rivers through the countryside, each contributing to the final sum. As beneficiaries survey this landscape, they must consider how add-ons like the Part A deductible and excess charges will affect their monthly premium, shaping their budgetary outlook.



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Enrolling in a Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plan

Embarking on the journey of enrolling in a Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plan is akin to preparing for a great Minnesotan adventure. Eligibility begins at the age of 65, with the winds of Medicare Part B propelling one forward.

The voyage unfolds with a six-month Open Enrollment Period offering smooth sailing, as medical underwriting is cast overboard and the waters of guaranteed issue rights turn calm and navigable for all.


Open Enrollment Period

The Open Enrollment Period marks the dawn of a new era for Minnesotans, opening precisely when one turns 65 and is enrolled in Medicare Part B, stretching a generous six months into the future. This period is a golden opportunity, a window of time when the right to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan is as inviolable as the state’s love for its lakes, free from the constraints of health screening and the uncertainty of medical underwriting.


Guaranteed Issue Rights

Guaranteed issue rights serve as a protective canopy for Minnesotans, ensuring that not even the harsh winds of pre-existing conditions or higher premiums can penetrate their right to Medicare Supplement coverage. This shield is especially vital for those under 65, grappling with disabilities or End-Stage Renal Disease, who face restrictions until they reach the milestone age of 65.

Understanding these rights is paramount, as they are the compass that guides Minnesotans through the dense forest of healthcare coverage options.


Prescription Drug Coverage in Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans


Prescription Drug Coverage in Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans


As essential as a sturdy pair of boots on a Minnesotan trail, prescription drug coverage forms a key part of the healthcare journey. While some may choose the path of stand-alone Part D plans, others may opt for the convenience of Medicare Advantage plans that bundle medical and prescription drug coverage with additional benefits, creating a comprehensive package that traverses the full spectrum of healthcare needs.


Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plans

Minnesota’s stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug plans are as numerous as the state’s lakes, with 24 options available in 2023 and premiums starting as low as $4.70 per month. These plans, like individual fishing spots, offer a range of choices to catch the prescription drug coverage that best suits each beneficiary’s needs.


Integrated Medicare Advantage Plans

Integrated Medicare Advantage plans in Minnesota are akin to a well-equipped ice fishing house, providing shelter, warmth, and the tools needed to catch a bounty of benefits beyond Original Medicare. These plans, known as Part C, offer an integrated approach that includes medical and prescription drug coverage, along with additional benefits like dental and vision coverage, all under one roof.

Eligibility for these plans hinges on enrollment in Medicare Parts A and B, and residing within the plan’s service area, ensuring that coverage is as local as the catch of the day.


Medicaid Programs

Medicaid, the healthcare compass for low-income individuals and families, steers Minnesotans toward financial support for premiums and services not covered by other programs. As a vital component of the state’s healthcare ecosystem, Medicaid ensures that no Minnesotan is left adrift, providing a safety net for those navigating the waters of healthcare affordability.


Extra Help Program

The Extra Help program emerges as a beacon of hope for Minnesotans struggling with the costs of Medicare Part D. This program, offered by the Social Security Administration, casts a wide net of support, potentially saving eligible individuals thousands of dollars per year on prescription drugs, ensuring that medication is as accessible as the state’s clear northern skies.


Resources for Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plan Enrollees and Caregivers

Navigating the complexities of Medicare Supplement Plans in Minnesota requires a compass, and the state is equipped with abundant resources to guide enrollees and caregivers. Some of these resources include:

  • In-person meetings
  • An online learning guide
  • This website
  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

These resources serve as northern stars, guiding Minnesotans to informed healthcare decisions.


State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

Minnesota’s State Health Insurance Assistance Program, known as Senior LinkAge Line, is the guidepost for Medicare beneficiaries seeking free help with all aspects of Medicare. Through in-person or virtual meetings with trained advisors, this program illuminates the path to understanding Medigap policies, coverage, and premiums, ensuring that residents have the knowledge to navigate the healthcare terrain confidently. Additionally, Minnesota Senior Health Options is a valuable resource for seniors in the state.


Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration acts as a steward of Medicare enrollment, providing answers and assistance to Minnesota residents with a breadth of knowledge as deep as the state’s storied lakes. This federal agency is a cornerstone of support, helping beneficiaries understand and enroll in the services Medicare programs that best suit their needs.



As our exploration of Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans comes to a close, we recognize that the journey through healthcare options can be as complex as the state’s intricate waterways. Yet, with the right knowledge and resources, navigating these choices becomes an empowering expedition. May this guide serve as your compass, leading you to the coverage that best fits your journey, ensuring a future where healthcare concerns are as tranquil as a Minnesota lake at dawn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Medicare Supplement that covers everything?

No, there is no Medicare supplement that covers everything. The most comprehensive plan, Medicare Plan F, covers Medicare deductibles and all copays and coinsurance, resulting in zero out-of-pocket expenses.


What is the average monthly cost of a Medicare Supplement plan?

The average monthly cost of a Medicare Supplement plan varies according to the type of plan and your location. These costs should be compared using our free online quote engine by entering your zip code above.


What is the most popular supplement plan for Medicare?

The most popular supplement plan for Medicare is Plan F, followed by Plans G and N. Plan F provides the most comprehensive coverage, including 100% coverage for Medicare-covered medical expenses after Original Medicare pays its portion.


When is the Open Enrollment Period for Medigap plans in Minnesota?

The Open Enrollment Period for Medigap plans in Minnesota starts on the first day of the month when you turn 65 or older and are enrolled in Medicare Part B, lasting for six months.


Are prescription drug plans included in Minnesota Medicare Supplement plans?

No, prescription drug coverage is not included in Minnesota Medicare Supplement plans but can be obtained through separate Medicare Part D prescription drug plans or integrated Medicare Advantage plans.

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