Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2021


Medicare Supplement Plans

Russell Noga

Well, I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately, as well as comments on my other videos.

People seem to be asking, “Russell, what are the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021?”

Now, we saw some big changes in 2020 with Plan F no longer being available to anybody turning 65 on January 1st or later.

Will there be big changes for 2021?


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My name is Russell Noga, and i’m the owner of

I created this company 11 years ago when I was shopping for Medicare Supplement Insurance for my own mom.

I was totally confused.  I got calls from agents night and day because they sold my information online.

And I knew there could be a better way. So I started!

Now, we’re an independent agency that shops the rates from all the top companies each for our clients.

We actually give you quotes on this website, unlike most other sites out there, and we never sell your information.

You’ll work with either myself, or one of my top agents Dianna Firth, or Theresa Horezga. And that’s it. 

No one else will call you!



So, if you’re new to Medicare, just turning 65 now, or perhaps in 2021,

you also might be asking…


“What are the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021?

Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021


There are a few different Medicare supplement plans in 2021 that most people will enroll in. This is because of their fantastic coverage and relatively low premiums.

What are they?

Plans G & N.

You might still have a Medicare Plan F if you were enrolled in it prior to January 1st of 2020.


Turning Age 65 or just coming on to Medicare Part B?


Well, Plan F is not an option for you.

You’re not even allowed to enroll in it, but that’s okay.  Plan G and Plan N are better options, anyway.

For example, Medicare Supplement Plan G is nearly identical to Plan F.

The only difference being, somebody’s got to pay a Part B Deductible before Medicare or the supplement plan start paying.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Plan F pays that for you, but in reality you’re paying much higher premiums for the plan to pay the deductible with your money.

With Medicare Supplement Plan G, you pay the Annual Medicare Part B Deductible yourself each year.

After you pay this deductible, then Plan G almost turns into a Plan F, where it has 100% coverage after you pay that deductible.

So many of you reading this might still have Plan F, and you probably love it.

It’s 100% coverage, and I do understand that.

I’m only encouraging you to possibly let us help to look at the rates of a Plan G, explain the difference again if you’d like, and then do the math.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Because we’ve been saving people money since January of 2020 simply by switching them to Plan G.

In fact, in the case of couples, we routinely save them a combined $400 or more per year by switching them to Plan G.

And that’s after they paid their Part B Deductible!

But you can get similar savings if it’s just you switching too.

So if you do have a Plan F, you can keep it, but you can also even switch to a Plan F with another company if they have a lower rate.

But again, your options are determined by if you were eligible for Medicare prior to January 1st of 2020.

Anyone new coming on Medicare that date or after, cannot get a Plan F.

So what can you get? Like I mentioned, Plan G or Plan N!


Medicare Plan G


So let’s do a quick breakdown of exactly what Plan G covers and how it works.

With Plan G, you will have your monthly premium, of course, to have the plan.

Every company has the same plan G, but they all charge different premiums for it.

Now, we are an independent agency.

As I mentioned, we shop all the rates, so there’s never a cost for any of our services,  but we shop the rates so you don’t have to and we’ll find the lowest Plan G for you in your area.

So with Plan G, after your monthly premium, you’re only going to have one out-of-pocket expense.

And that is the Medicare Annual Part B deductible.



Now in 2020, that deductible is $198. We expect it to be around $210 for 2021 but it could be higher.

Regardless of the deductible amount each year the rules remain the same.

After that deductible is paid, you’ll get 100% coverage of all Medicare-approved expenses on Plan G.

Now, remember, because these plans are standardized by the government.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Accendo, or Cigna.Medicare Supplement Plans

Whatever company has a Plan G, it’s identical coverage, but the premiums will vary from company to company greatly.

So we want to be sure and shop those rates for you to get you the lowest premiums and make sure you don’t overpay.

To do that, just give us a call today!




Medicare Supplement Plan N


So let’s talk about that other plan I mentioned, which in fact, is Medicare Supplement Plan N.

Now, with Plan N, it’s almost identical to Plan G, in that you still pay the annual Part B deductible.

However, with Plan N in exchange for lower premiums, because Plan N is cheaper than Plan G, and it could be by quite a bit, you will have what’s called some extra cost-sharing options.

Now, what those cost-sharing options mean is just additional expenses that you could incur in exchange for that lower premium.


So what are these additional expenses for Plan N?


Well, you could have a co-pay of up to $20 per doctor’s visit.Medicare Plan N

After you meet your deductible, when you go back to the doctor throughout the year, you could have a small co-pay, but it will never be more than $20.

It could be less or could be no co-pay.

It just depends on what you go for.

As well with Plan N, if you visit the emergency room, and you’re not admitted, this is if you visit the emergency room and you go home, there’ll be a $50 co-pay.

Plan N also doesn’t cover what’s called Part B Excess Charges.

These are extremely rare. In fact, in 11 years, I’ve never had a client get one.

If the doctors don’t take the assigned rates from Medicare, and over 96 or 7% of doctors do.

But if they don’t and you come across a doctor who doesn’t, they can charge up to 15% extra of the bill, and you would be charged a percentage of that.

Again, extremely rare!

Plan N is a fantastic option. And we should definitely take a look at it.


So what are the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021?


Well, it’s going to either be Plan G or Plan N all the way.

Now, to get enrolled in one of these plans I would highly recommend you work with an independent agency.

In fact, we ARE ONE!

There’s never a cost for anything we do, but we’ll take great care of you make sure you always have the lowest premiums you qualify for years to come.


Don’t Go Direct to the Insurance Carrier!


The problem is if you go direct to an insurance carrier, they have big call centers full of hundreds and hundreds of people.

You’ll be part of their sales quotas. Just another number to them.

And they only sell one company. If they don’t sell you their company, they don’t sell you anything.

Now, is that is looking out for their best interest…or yours?

This is why we do what we do.

You’ll pay the same rate whether you use us or not. You never pay us any commission, we’re simply paid by the insurance carriers.

But you get the benefit of us shopping the rates every year for you.

So again, to get help right away just give us a call now.

Our phone number is 1-888-891-0229.

We look forward to speaking with you, and helping you get into one of the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021!





Medicare Supplement Plans

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