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The home of the Boy Scouts Museum is a state full of incredible natural beauty. The Bluegrass State contains part of the Appalachian trial as well as many great national forests. For Medicare subscribers living there, now is a good time to look at Medicare supplement plans for next year. The Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 in Kentucky provide a way to save money year over year.

These cover medical expenses such as hospital care, nursing services costs, copayments and much more. You can choose how much or how little extra coverage you want with these plans, as they are quite varied. You can also choose the rate you want to pay, as there are lots of different insurance companies selling these plans at lots of different rates.

Now just because they are selling at different prices, that doesn’t mean the plans are changing in any way. Actually, the insurance companies are not allowed to change the coverage at all. Only Medicare gets to do that. You don’t have anything to worry about when you pay a great price for the coverage plan you need to have.



We urge every Medicare subscriber to compare prices as much as possible when they get ready to buy one of these supplemental plans. It is all too easy to pay too much for one of these plans just because the proper comparisons are not being made on rates.

We offer a way to compare rates, and that is through our website and the free service it provides. Our price comparison service gives you fast quotes straight from the source. We don’t guess or make up prices or even use old, catalogued prices. Instead, we send a request to the insurance companies selling the plans when you ask about the rates on plans. Those quotes are sent right back to you, and we give you several at once. This gives you some choices. These are the same plans with same exact coverage as you will find available in any other state, but the rates may be quite different, even on plans coming from the same insurance company.

Our free service is guaranteed to give you accurate rates on Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 in Kentucky, so make use of it right now to make sure you save money.

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