Medicare Supplement Plan N 2018

2018 is a good year to start planning head on your medical coverage. If you start now, looking at plans and figuring out which one works best for you then you can have a plan all chosen and ready to go for when you need it. You won’t have to wonder if you made the right decision and feel like you rushed into any choice. One of the supplemental plans you might want to consider is Medicare Supplement Plan N 2018.

Medicare Supplement Plan N 2018This plan can cover you for a lot of medical expenses, both big and small. If you really could use all the coverage that it offers you, then you could save money by choosing it over other costlier plans. There are plans with more coverage out there- Plan F and Plan G, to be precise. But you really only need those plans if you have some serious medical needs and you frequent the hospital. Those plans only cover a few items that Plan N does not. So you may want to check them out, but don’t forget about Plan N.

So what kind of coverage will Plan N provide for you? let’s have a look. Here is everything you will be covered for by this plan:

  • 365 days of supplemental coverage for hospice care (in addition to Medicare basic’s regular hospice care coverage)
  • 80% of your foreign emergency care (after a deductible is paid for and up to $50,000)
  • All nursing care services
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare Part A co-payment
  • Medicare Part B co-payment, minus infrequent $20 and $50 copays
  • A few more pints of blood annually

So with Medicare Supplement Plan N for 2018 you will be mostly covered for your medical expenses. As you may have noticed, some gaps exist in the coverage. They aren’t substantial, and most of the supplemental items not covered by this plan are small. The Part B deductible, for example, is fairly inexpensive.




How much money the plan actually saves you will depend on what the medical costs are like in your area. The coverage can change slightly from place to place as well. In some states, there may be procedures which could be deemed medically necessary that are not considered the same in other states.

But as a general rule, the coverage will stay the same no matter where you live and what private insurance company you choose to buy your plan from. There are plenty of them too, and you want to be careful that you are not paying more than is necessary for the coverage you need. In order to ensure you get a good deal, you will have to compare rates between the various providers.

As you look at what plans are available, be sure to give Medicare Supplement Plan N for 2018 a close look. It may not have the most coverage, but it does provide a lot, and it can offer some great value for your money. Compare it carefully to what you need from a coverage plan, as you don’t want to be paying for too little or too much coverage.



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