Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2019

How much do you pay out of your own pockets for medical care? Is the cost increasing each year and leaving you worried about how you will be able to pay for it? Is your current medical coverage not doing enough for you? The way to solve all these problems may be to purchase additional, more comprehensive insurance, and we would like to focus on Medicare Supplement Plan G 2019 right here to show you what it may be able to offer you.

There are many Supplement plans, nearly a dozen in all. However, only a couple of them are likely to be good fits for you. They cover a wide range of medical expenses, and the right plan can make it so that you hardly have to pay anything from your own pockets for medical care. Of course, it is going to cost you to sign up for any of these plans, and that’s why we want to show you how you can save money by choosing the right coverage plan from the right provider.

We chose Plan G because of its reputation as an economical plan and because many seniors choose it over other plans more often these days. People know that it has the pontifical to save them a lot of money on their healthcare, and we feel it is necessary to cover this plan and what it provides to help seniors with all sorts of different situations make the best decision for them.


medicare supplement 2019


Coverage under Plan G

Each of the Supplement Plans is different, and Plan G is one of the most comprehensive of them, covering you for lots of medical expenses. Of course, that coverage comes with a high cost, but it can be worth it for what you save from paying on medical bills on your own. Plan G is designed to fill in a lot of the coverage gaps created by Medicare’s basic plan. That insurance plan covers you for all sorts of medical expenses, but it strategically leaves a number of expenses for you to pay on your own. You are covered for many common expenses, but you also have to pay some copayments, deductibles and excess charges out of your own pockets.

Medicare and its original plan will cover you to an extent for many expenses, but after a point, the coverage ends, and you are left on your own to pay what’s left. This is where Supplement plans come in, and they can provide cover for what you have been paying for yourself.

Plan G will cover all the copayments you would otherwise have to make for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. That is the kind of expense you pay for each visit to the hospital or doctor’s office when you receive related services.

You also get covered under Plan G for the Medicare Part A deductible, which is an annual expense that can cost well over $1,000. Now the Part B deductible, we want you to notice, is not covered under Plan G. However, this is only a $183 expense, which is nothing compared to the Part A deductible, so it may not be such a big deal to you that it is not covered.

The Part B excess charges are covered by Plan G, though, and that takes care of the cost of going to a doctor for Part B services where Medicare is not fully accepted. You will have to determine for yourself if that is a common enough expense for you to bother having covered or if you need a different medical insurance plan that doesn’t cover unnecessary expenses for you.

The Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2019 is also going to take care of the cost of foreign travel exchange, which simply means that it covers the cost being transported outside the US’ border for medical treatment in an emergency. It won’t cover you for the entire cost, though. You will need to pay the related deductible each year, and you will only be covered for as much as 80% of each incident’s cost. You also only get up to $50,000 in total coverage for this expense over your lifetime.




Plan G will also take care of three additional pints of blood for you every year. We say “additional” because you are already covered for a few pints of blood under Original Medicare. You do need that Original plan in order for the Supplement plan to function, but there is no overlap between Plan G and the basic Medicare plan. Once Medicare’s coverage has been used up for the year, the supplemental coverage will step in.

The final bit of coverage from Medicare Supplement Plan G is for the nursing care coinsurance costs. Those are costs you pay each time you are given skilled nursing care, but that can all be covered under Plan G.

How Plan G Changes

We focus on the 2019 version of the plan, because that is what is going to be available to you through 2018. You can apply for it this year and then start enjoying the coverage as soon as 2019 begins. You only have limited time to sign up for the plan, though, and you do need to be 65 or older (or qualify earlier based on your medical status).

Plan G hasn’t changed in a while, though the reception to it has changed over the last couple years. It used to be that full coverage Plan F was the most popular plan, but Plan G has overtaken that as the top plan as more people see how beneficial and economical Plan G really us. This is a plan that can do so much for you and that offers all its coverage at a usually reasonable price.



The coverage is not set to change at all during 2019 or for the foreseeable future. That does not mean that it will never change, though. Medicare and only Medicare gets to decide when the coverage will change, and they will announce such changes well before they are scheduled to happen.

The prices can change on this and other Supplement plans, though, and they change all the time. Most insurance companies will increase their rates on Supplement plans about once every year. You can pick and choose among the different insurance companies to find the lowest rate or the best member benefits on offer. We recommend you spend some time comparing rates on Plan G. You may find a great deal if you do.

Comparing Plan G’s Coverage

You don’t just want to compare Plan G’s price, though. You should also compare the coverage it offers to other Supplement plans. You may find the one of them is a better choice for you in your current situation. Plan F, for instance, while not as commonly sought after, is still a solid plan, and you may need it if you have a lot of medical expenses to pay.

Plan N is another similar and high coverage plan, and you can only benefit from spending a bit of time looking into it and what it has to offer. Compare these plans to Plan G to see which one is the better fit for your circumstances. A lot of people choose Plan N over Plan G because it saves them money, but you will have to make your own assessment.

Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2019 is going to save many seniors a lot of money. You could be among them, but you first need to see how it compares to the competition and what it is going to do for you. As your needs change over time, the coverage plan you go with should change as well. You won’t do yourself any favors by sticking to the same medical insurance plan forever.


medicare supplement 2019

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