Medicare Supplement Plan F


Medicare Supplement Plan F is a great choice and provides 100% of the coverage gaps in Medicare Part A & B.

With Plan F you may visit any Dr., specialist, or hospital anywhere in the country that accepts Part B Medicare. Once you are there you will show your Medicare card and your Plan F card, and all approved expenses will be paid for you 100%.

Medicare supplement plan F pays for items such as:

  • Hospital Part A deductible ($1216 per benefit period)
  • Part B annual deductible ($147; Must be paid before Medicare pays 80% of doctor’s services)
  • 20% of Medicare Part B coinsurance
  • Hospital coinsurance
  • Skilled nursing facility coverage

A Plan F is a Plan F

Plan F is offered by private insurance companies and the benefits are standardized by Medicare. This means that regardless of which company offers a Medicare supplement plan F the benefits must be identical. What makes it interesting is the fact that all companies have different premiums for exactly the same coverage.


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When To Enroll

Anyone turning age 65 and enrollee and part B Medicare has a six month open enrollment period to obtain any Medicare supplement plan without medical underwriting. This means that regardless of pre-existing conditions everyone will be approved for a plan.

For anyone who already has part B Medicare in and is retiring and coming off employer group insurance has a 63 day window of guaranteed issue period to enroll in certain plans only. Many people choose Medicare supplement plan F as other plans such as plan G and plan N are not offered as guaranteed issue in this situation.

Shop Around..We can Help!

You should get multiple quotes from top carriers in your area if you are considering Medicare supplement plan F. You can get instant online quotes by using our free quote engine, simply enter your zip code above.

Medicare Supplement Plans

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