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The only supplement plan that comes with complete coverage is Plan F, so if you want to save the most money you can on it, you need to compare Medicare supplemental Plan F quotes for 2018. That way you can tell which carrier is offering the best rates for the plan.

But why would you want Plan F? Let’s take a look at the kind of coverage this plan offers you and what you can expect to have covered if you sign up for it.

Medicare Supplement Plan F Quotes 2018Starting with the most common expenses, Plan F covers your Medicare Part A coinsurance. That takes care of much of the cost of staying the hospital, including room costs. It also covers all nursing care, an essential service for seniors. And it gives you coverage for three more pints of blood every year as well as for most of your emergency care expenses in foreign countries. For that latter one, you will need to pay a deductible first, and there is a limit to how much Plan F will pay over your lifetime.

This Plan also takes care of all Medicare part A and B co-payments and deductibles. That is a lot of miscellaneous expenses, that, while not very expensive individually, can really add up. Finally, Plan F covers you for all Medicare Part B excess charges. These may not be very common, but they can be expensive if you had to pay them.

When looking at Medicare supplement Plan F quotes for 2018, keep in mind that the coverage each carrier offers is exactly the same. So even if you are paying the highest rate possible for the plan, you still get the same coverage as someone who is paying a very low rate. You are both on the same plan, even when it comes from different carriers.


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The coverage this plan offers, like the coverage for all Medicare supplement plans, is not scheduled to undergo any changes until at least 2020. You can enjoy all of 2018with the same coverage this plan offers right now, which means everything that was detailed above.

This plan can be a good way to save yourself some money, particularly if you can use all the coverage it offers. But you are only going to save money if you compare rates and ensure you are getting the lowest possible one. It doesn’t make sense to pay more for the same coverage you can get elsewhere for cheaper. So you will want to look at several different insurance carriers who offer the plan in your area to get an idea of what they are charging and what the lowest price available is.

Now you can do that yourself but it’s easier to use our website and get free quotes from all the top carriers. That’s a great way to save some time when you are comparing Medicare supplement Plan F quotes for 2018.



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