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Not many Medicare supplement plans will cover the majority of your medical expenses. For many Medicare subscribers, that is just the kind of plan they are looking for. For those with quite a few medical expenses, Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2017 offers the most coverage.

It is also the most expensive plan, which is to be expected. You should have to pay more to have more coverage, and no plan offers more coverage than Plan F. Let’s break down the coverage this plan offers you.

Starting with the most common medical expense, Plan F covers you for more hospice care under Medicare Part A coinsurance. That includes the cost of your hospital room, medical care while you stay there and other related charges. These tend to make up the majority of hospital expenses, so it’s good to know that much of it will be covered. Plan F covers you for 365 more days of hospice care over the lifetime of your plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan F 2017You can also receive coverage for the majority of deductibles and co-payments related to both parts of Medicare. And Part B’s excess charges are covered under this plan as well. Plan F includes coverage for nursing care too.

There are less common expenses that may prove useful to have covered as well. While Medicare covers you for some blood, Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2017 covers you for three more pints of it each year. It will also take care of much of the cost of emergency care while you are outside the United States. This would occur in specific circumstances that require you to be cared for by a foreign medical center and not as part of an elective surgery.

You won’t find a supplemental plan with more coverage than Plan F. That doesn’t; mean that it is the best plan f r you. You may find that Plan G, which offers a bit less coverage, is actually the better deal. This is true even if you have many medical expenses that need to be covered. There isn’t much difference between the two plans, really. With Plan F, all your supplemental expenses are covered. With Plan G, all except for a Part B deductible is covered.

But the reason why people will often save a lot of money by choosing Plan G is because it is usually a lot cheaper than Plan F. The price varies from insurance company to insurance company, of course. They can set their own rates, regardless of how much coverage is offered in each plan. Those who want to save money on their supplemental plan should not only look for the best plan to suit them but also the best rates for that plan. When they do that, they may find that Plan G is the better deal.

Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2017 can be a suitable plan. But the majority of people who would benefit from its coverage would actually be able to save more money with Plan G instead.

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