Medicare Supplement Plan C 2018

One of the Medicare supplement plans that provides quite a lot of coverage is Plan C. This is similar to some of the other Medicare supplemental plans, and we are going to show you what Medicare Supplement Plan C for 2018 will cover for you and how it compares to some of the other plans.

Coverage for Plan C

If you were to go with Plan C, you could enjoy extensive coverage for many of your medical expenses. It is likely that you would have little to nothing left to pay from your own pockets. That kind of coverage can get rid of all your worries about the cost of medical care and consolidate your expenses down to basically just the premium payment on the coverage plan.

Let’s look at what kind of coverage this plan has to offer. You should know how much it covers and exactly what it will take care of you for before you commit to buying it. We want you to be informed when you decide which coverage plan you will buy.

It is going to take care of your Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles. These are common expenses that you must pay out of pocket if all your coverage consists of is the basic Medicare plan. You must make those deductible payments before you receive any coverage, so it’s great to have them taken care of for you by your insurance plans. Plan C will do that for you.

It will also cover the copayments on Medicare Part A and Part B. These are more common expenses and they make up the bulk of your uncovered supplemental costs.

medicare supplement plan c 2018With Plan C, you also get covered for nursing care coinsurance and hospice care. These are major expenses, in many cases, and you will want to have them covered. They are taken care of by most of the Medicare supplement plans, so this is not uncommon coverage, but it’s good to know you have it. Besides, you can only sign up for one coverage plan at once, so it would be best to go with the one that covered you the most for the expenses you need to have covered.

Plan C will also take care of your foreign travel exchange, well, at least up to 80% of it. You will need to pay the deductible on that expense, before you can receive any coverage and you will only be covered up to $50,000 for the duration of the plan, but it’s still some good coverage, and no other supplement plan will provide better coverage on this item.

Plan C is going to cover you for some pints of blood as well. That’s three of them, and this coverage will be renewed every year.

That’s all the coverage, but you should also know what it won’t cover you for. There is only one supplemental expense remaining, and that’s the Medicare Part B excess charges. Medicare Supplement Plan C for 2018 will not cover this expense for you. Only Plan F and G cover it, but it is a pretty uncommon expense. You should only have to pay it if the doctor who is treating you does not accept Medicare assignment. They would be charging more than the maximum allowable cost for a Part B treatment, and you will have to pay the excess from your own pocket.

How Plan C Compares

So, now we know how it compares to Plan F. Plan F is the one plan to cover all supplemental expenses and it even covers the Part B excess charges that Plan C does not. That’s the only coverage difference. The difference in price, however, is only a few dollars, in most cases. Some insurance companies will charge more and some will charge less, but Plan F will always be more expensive than Plan C, but not by much.

Because there is so little difference in cost, we are focusing on the coverage difference. If you really need all the coverage that Plan C is offering you, and you then you might end up paying for that excess charge on Medicare Part B at some point, it’s probably a good idea to go with Plan F instead.

If you have already signed up for Plan C or another plan, and you want to change your plan, then you can do so, but you will have to wait for open enrollment. You should also wait until the end of your current plan’s term. If you don’t, you could be subject to fees and penalties. It’s best to just wait it out and switch plans when the time is right.

Plan C may be a good choice for you, but only if you are sure that you will need to pay the Part B excess charges. You may want to talk to your insurance agent and your doctor about that to ensure you are choosing the right plan.

You also must consider if Plan C has too much coverage for you. Since it is a high coverage plan, it comes with a lot of coverage for supplemental expenses that most people do not need. You should really only consider this plan if your medical expenses are very high and if you are having trouble affording them right now. Compare the cost of your expenses out of pocket to what they would be if you signed up for Plan C, and then that difference can tell you if you have the right plan.

You should as be comparing the prices on Plan C from one provider to the next. They all have different prices they set, but their coverage is exactly the same. So, take advantage of that fact and go for the cheapest price you can.

Compare Medicare Supplement Plan C 2018 to the other 2018 plans as well. Know that their coverage won’t change until 2020. If enrolled in a Plan C you will still be able to keep your plan however it will be what is called a “closed risk pool”. This could equate to much higher rate increases beyond 2020, so you should seriously consider a Medicare Supplement Plan G and compare those rates. Call us now at 888-891-0229 and we can explain all the details.


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