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If you’re a senior looking for a healthcare insurance plan, Medicare has a lot of options for you. And one such amazing option is the Medicare Advantage.

The Advantage plans can be bought from private insurers and are widely popular. However, to choose the best Medicare Advantage plans for 2022, you need to read along.

Below, we have mentioned/listed some of the best Advantage plans along with the insurance carriers. All of the insurance providers that we have included below are top companies and have a history of offering the best plans in the Medicare domain.


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A Few of the Best Medicare Advantage plans for 2022 are offered by:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Humana

Although all of the above companies offer the best Advantage plans each year, Medicare does not come free. It’s the reason you must always look for different options to ensure the best coverage at affordable prices.

One reliable option is the Medicare Advantage plan. The Advantage plans will replace your Original Medicare plan offering you great benefits.

Also, the ID card that you’ll get with your Advantage plan will work as your primary Medicare card when you visit a doctor.

The Advantage plans come with Part D coverage which covers you for prescription drug expenses. Also, it makes healthcare management pretty easy.

Certain plans offer benefits such as a silver sneaker fitness program, regular eye care, and dental checkups.

You’ll also find some plans that offer Part B give-back wherein you can get your hands on a Part B plan with a lower premium. However, you should always check the formulary for Part D.

It’s because finding and selecting the correct insurer is important to ensure the best benefits. Some states, such as Louisiana, have fewer enrollees for Advantage plans as compared to Florida. It all varies from state to state.


Medicare Advantage Plans 2022


Which insurer offers the best Medicare Advantage Plans?


best Medicare advantage plans


Now, the answer varies with what you consider as best. For some individuals, an insurer that offers plans with the lowest possible premium is the best, and for some, an insurer with the least cost-sharing stands out.

And maybe for you, an insurer offering a plan with the best ratings and best coverage benefits is the best.

So, to make the deciding process easier, we have listed some of the best insurers based on benefits, company ratings, and coverage options.


Medicare Advantage Plans by Aetna

Aetna Medicare supplement


Aetna takes the top spot for a reason. Aetna is one of the biggest insurance carriers across the globe.

The company is honed with the AM Best A Rated Company title. Advantage plans from Aetna are usually PPO, HMO, plans with low premiums, etc. So, you can easily choose a plan for all of your healthcare needs.

With Aetna, you can get yearly wellness visits, vision and hearing checkups, along prescription drug coverage. Also, you can find a plan which offers a fitness cater discount if you want.

Aetna offers a large network of healthcare facilities like hospitals, pharmacies, and professionals like doctors. And if you’re someone who needs to see multiple doctors, Aetna is the best option.

The network is vast and extensive at the same time. You can easily find several pharmacies near your location offering generic drugs starting at $1.


Medicare Advantage Plans by Humana


Humana has a record of offering Part C benefits for more than 20 years. Advantage plans from Humana come with the least out-of-pocket expenses and have millions of enrollees.

For example, the max pocket expenses are $2,200, which is quite good. It means, if you have this plan, you would be liable to spend $2,200 at max on coinsurance and copayments for that year. Now, this sounds affordable.

Even if you’re someone spending a lot on healthcare, A Humana Advantage plan can be the best for you. Several Part C plans from Human offer additional benefits using which you can manage your healthcare easily.

The majority of plans include:

  • 24/7 nursing helpline
  • 13000 fitness centers
  • Mail order service for medicines
  • Silver sneakers program allows you to visit gyms without paying the membership


Two different Advantage plan companies in Tennessee and Florida have five-star ratings on the CMS. The Five-star plans come with a SEP. It’s a period during which you can opt for a good-quality plan if you do not have it already.


Medicare Advantage Plans for Cigna


Now, Cigna has been offering services for several decades. Similar to Aetna, Cigna also has a Rating with A.M Best company.

Apart from experience, Cigna also offers expertise in what they do. Cigna is pretty much aware that a single plan cannot fulfill the needs of every individual out there.

It’s the reason you’ll find several plans, including the SNPs offered by Cigna.


The special needs plans are for the people:

  • Staying in a nursing home or need skilled care.
  • With Cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

The SNPs are also meant for the people who are eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare. There are over 86 million people who are registered with Cigna.


Everything you need to know about the Medicare Advantage Plans


Here are certain essential things you need to know before choosing the best Medicare Advantage plans for 2022: –


  • For enrolling in any plan, you need to wait for a particular time during the year. However, if you’re eligible for the SNP, you can get the exception. Most of the time, you can register for a plan annually.
  • It’s during the OEP of Advantage plans during which you can change to some other plan. You can roll back to your original Medicare plan and can also register for a Supplement plan in case you don’t like the benefits of Medicare Advantage.
  • Before you purchase a service, make sure to check whether or not it’s covered under your plan.
  • The Advantage plans need prior authorization the majority of times.
  • If you abide by the guidelines of your plan like asking for a referral when required can help you keep the costs of your plan lower.
  • The providers are free to leave or join the provider’s network whenever they feel like during the year. Also, your policy can alter the providers within the network randomly. And if this happens, you will have to look for some other provider.
  • If the plan you’re enrolled in parts is way with Medicare, you can opt for other plans or even roll back to Medicare.
  • On registering with an Advantage plan, your access to any drug plan will be revoked. Unless it’s a PFFS plan, you cannot have a separate drug plan and an Advantage plan at the same time.
  • Most Advantage plans offer prescription coverage. However, individuals who have a Medicare or Medigap will have to opt for a drug plan separately.   


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Types of different Advantage Plans by Medicare

There are several types of Advantage plans like the HMO Point-of-Service (HMO-POS), Private Fee-for-Service plans, Preferred Provider Organization, Health Maintenance Organizations plans and the Special Needs Plans.


PPO Plans: These plans offer you coverage both inside and partially outside the network but are expensive.


HMO Plans: Such plans cover you as long as you are within the network. Also, you may need referrals to visit primary care doctors.


PFFS: Such plans are similar to Medicare as with these plans, you can visit any doctor or healthcare facility as long as they accept plans from Medicare.


HMO-POS plans: With such plans, you can get coverage for some services outside the provider network, generally at a higher cost.


SNP plans: Such plans offer coverage to the ones who’re eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare, along with people who are suffering from chronic diseases.


The best Medigap plans


Which is the best Medicare Advantage Plan?

Different locations and people will have a unique definition for the best plan. For example, Aetna Advantage plans are for anyone who is looking forward to accessing a vast network of doctors.

However, UnitedHealthcare and Humana are the best-rated insurance providers. In a nutshell, the best plan is the one that offers you good value. Some might consider Medicare Advantage as the best choice.

However, in the end, it’s up to you what decision you want to make.


How can you choose the best Advantage plan that meets your needs?

Using some of your basic information, professionals from our company will help you find the best Advantage plans as per your location. Also, we can help you compare Medigap and even Part D plans.

Our professionals only show insurance plans from the top insurance carriers. You can contact us directly or click above to compare the plans.

And when you do this, you can definitely find the best Medicare Advantage Plans for 2022.


Medicare Advantage Plans 2022


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