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Medicare Advantage Plans 2022It’s that time of the year and the Medicare enrollment period is upon us!

It will be an active year wherein an increased number of Medicare beneficiaries seeking support from private providers will be looking for enrollment and sign up for the services as soon as possible.

It’s worth noting that the new Medicare advantage plans have been revamped in 2022, and most seniors will get to enjoy numerous benefits that accommodate excellent services to meet every senior’s medical needs.

These plans are designed to replace original Medicare and provide coverage that is just as good as Part A and B Medicare, and in many cases additional benefits. In some instances, they are offered with as little of a monthly premium as $0 per month.


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The Medicare open-enrollment period allows those already on a Medicare advantage plan a chance to switch to another plan with different benefits. They may also switch back to original Medicare and a Medigap plan during this time period.

It’s also worth noting that new changes made during this time will be active starting January the following year.

Now, let’s understand what the Medicare Advantage plan means. This is coverage offered by private insurers to cater for Medicare Part A and Part B with some additional benefits from what the Original Medicare offers.

In 2022, some of these other benefits will include Medicare Part D drug coverage, dental, vision, hearing, and many more, depending on the insurer.


Medicare Advantage Plans 2022– 3 Big Changes  


You will note that every year, some changes take place in the insurance industry. Considering the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, more changes have been initiated to improve the coverage, the center for Medicare and Medicaid has been at the forefront to see this take place.


The major changes to Medicare Advantage Plans in 2022 are:


  • Extensive telehealth support offered to the beneficiaries
  • Improved Medicare part D coverage
  • Adjustment of the End-stage renal disease benefits


Medicare Part D drug Plans for 2022

Over the years, Medicare has been using a method known as the donut hole, where one medication reaches a specific level, well known as the coverage gap. At such a time, the cost of the drugs automatically rises.

For instance, in 2021, the donut hole gap was $4020, whereas, in 2020, it will be raised to $4130. Some beneficiaries get into this earlier, others later, which is commendable.


Expanded Telehealth Services in 2022


This is another remarkable milestone where beneficiaries of Medicare Advantage plans in 2022 can get services virtually, primarily because of the Coved -19 pandemic.

These teleservices have been made possible by the use of :

  • Telephone calls,
  • Video conferencing
  • Use of providers portal and
  • Text messaging for ultimate support.


End-Stage Renal Disease Applicants in 2021


In January 2021, a resolution was passed during a congress of the 21st-century Cures act to have all beneficiaries with ESRD enroll into Medicare Advantage and qualify. However, this was not the case before.  Beneficiaries could only be eligible during the Open enrollment period or during the annual election period, which starts every October.


Best Medicare Advantage Plans 2022


This website will assist you in getting the best plan that will meet your medical needs in 2022. To provide the best, we offer information and get the most reputable plans and companies to work with.


Some of The Best Medicare Advantage Plans in 2022 are offered by:

  • Humana
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • AARP United Healthcare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Wellcare
  • and many more


Whether you are new to Medicare and just turning age 65, or looking to change your existing Medicare Advantage plan, we can help!

Finding the right plan is easy, just give us a call now at 1-877-517-4661. Or, with a just click the button on our website, find a list of preferred insurers, and select one that best fits you. If not sure, we are only a call away to offer the much-needed help and get the right Medicare for 2023.



Medicare Open Enrollment 2023


It’s worth noting that the Medicare enrollment period (OEP or AEP) takes place from October 15 and ends on December 7th. At this time, here are some of the activities that take place;

  • Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan and leaving Original Medicare
  • Switching from one Medicare Advantage to a different plan
  • Leaving a Medicare Advantage plan to return to Original Medicare and a Medigap plan
  • Changing your Part D drug plan

Medicare open enrollment 2022


Medicare Advantage Coverage for 2023


Advantage plans are provided by private companies such as Humana, Cigna, Aetna, and many more. All these have their preferred ways of selling the plans, the additional benefits they give, and the pricing.

However, when it comes to coverage, Medicare requires that each plan offers the same coverage of at least Medicare Part A and Part B. This is the minimum requirement for advantage plans.

Medicare Advantage benefits are set well in advance prior to the coming year, which gives you more than enough time to decide which plan might be before for you in 2023.

You need to know that the coverage for Medicare Advantage takes place of Medicare parts A and B with an exception for hospice care.

Keep in mind, you may not have both Original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage plan. Your coverage is provided by one or the other. Medigap, or Medicare supplement plans, only work alongside Original Medicare.


Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

Many Medicare Advantage plans in 203 will include prescription drug benefits within their plan.

This includes both brand and generic drugs. It’s essential, therefore, to check what you need and go by it using the service provider of choice.



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Medicare Advantage Plan Enrollment


best Medicare advantage plans 2022Any senior who is 65 years old qualifies for Medicare. This automatically translates that they are also eligible for Medicare Advantage, well known as Medicare Part C.

The best tie for enrollment is during the Open Enrollment Period, which starts every year from October 15th to December 7th. It’s also the best time to make any changes, and return to Original Medicare or the plan of choice.

Take note of this timing to ensure that you upgrade to the right plan to meet your needs for the following year.

Once you sign up for the Medicare Advantage during this time, note that the coverage will start January the next year; for instance, by enrolling in October 2022, your coverage will take effect on January 1st, 2023.


How Medicare  Advantage Works with Other Healthcare Plans


Medicare Advantage plan is only compatible with Original Medicare. This is because it acts as a replacement for the Original Medicare.

Otherwise, the other plans conflict with the Advantage plan. This means that you may only enroll in one for the entire year.

Medicare Part D drug prescription plan is sometimes included in the Medicare Advantage Plan, and as such, one does not need to purchase a standalone plan.

But on the other hand, one can opt-out of the plan and purchase Part D on its own. All this depends on one’s preference, but on a different note, we are on the ground to support you get the best cover to meet your needs appropriately.

We have a team of licensed Medicare agents with years of experience in a wide range of insurance policies to help you find the best plan to fit your needs.

Yes, you are in the right hands for the support!



Medicare Advantage Plans HMO’s and PPO’s


As you plan for Medicare Advantage plans, you need to take several points into account. For instance,  while Original Medicare gives an option to visit all medical facilities, this does not happen to Medicare Advantage Plan.

Several factors determine the network coverage. For instance, in Florida, not all facilities honor the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan. It’s essential, therefore, to check the companies that cover you in the right way.

Medicare Advantage Plan’s coverage takes place in two ways; the HMO and the PPO  networks.

With the HMO plans, the network coverage is limited and will only cover you for the plan within the provider’s network coverage.

It offers only one option, though in the case of an emergency outside of your network you will get coverage. Keep in mind, however, it’s just long enough to stabilize you and then they will send you back to your own network.

This plan is recommended for seniors who do not travel out of their network coverage often, and in case of medical need, they will get the support appropriately needed.

When it comes to PPOs, they can cover a vast network in and out of the network coverage. Though coverage may cost more out of-network, it is an excellent plan for those who move from one area to another because of its comprehensive coverage.

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Medicare Advantage Plans 2022As you make the final decision on the type of cover you require, we advise you to review the plans, benefits, and rates from multiple companies with the help of an experienced agent.

That’s us!

Remember, our service is free of charge!

We make finding the right Medicare Advantage, Medigap, and Medicare Part D drug plan as easy as possible.



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