Medicare Advantage plans offer the kind of coverage that isn’t available anywhere else. They a cover the majority of the medical expenses for most people and they might be worth considering if you have lots of medical bills you are paying each month. We are going to look at Medicare Advantage 2018 and see what it has to offer you so that you can make an informed decision.

What Medicare Advantage Must Offer You

Even if you don’t think you need a Medicare Advantage plan, you should still look at what they are offering. There are going to be variations between the Advantage pals being sold by insurance companies. They are not all the same plan, though they all share the same basics. That means that they all cover the same basic expenses but there can be additional coverage with some of them.

The basic coverage is for most of your Medicare Part A and Part B expenses, as well as for supplemental expenses and annual checkups for things like your vision and your hearing. Every Advantage plan will offer these coverage items, no matter who you buy it from or how much you pay for it.

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In addition to the basic coverage, you could also be covered for Medicare Part D. That is something you would normally have to buy separately, but many Advantage plans already have it included. If you have Part D already, then you will have to cancel it if you want to buy an Advantage plan that includes it. If you have a supplement plan, then those same guidelines apply. However, if you have Medicare’s basic plan, then you will have it replaced with the Advantage plan, since they offer very similar coverage.

You see, Medicare doesn’t want you to end up paying twice for the same coverage, so they won’t allow you to have multiple plans with the same or similar coverage. If you have any overlapping coverage you will be required to cancel one of your plans to comply with Medicare’s guidelines. That is for your own protection.

Where to Buy Advantage Plans

You can only purchase Medicare Advantage plans through private insurance companies. Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, AARP and the like all sell versos of the basic Advantage plan. They may add in some additional coverage that other insurance companies won’t give you, so pay close attention to what their plans come with. The difference in coverage may reflect as a difference in pricing as well, so be sure to compare both coverage and cost as you try to find the right plan.

You can choose any provider for your Advantage plan, but you also want to be aware of the difference in network coverage. This has nothing do with the kind of expenses you will be covered for and everything to do with how you are going to be covered when you visit a particular facility. You see, every insurance company that sells Medicare Advantage 2018 operates a network. This is made up of all the hospitals and clinics and such that have agreed to accept their coverage. The network is different for each insurance provider, and the largest companies tend to have the largest networks.

What this means for you is that you may not always be covered by your insurance plan at every medical facility you go to for treatment. You have to find out ahead of time if you will be covered to get the most out of your plan. If you are not covered at the place you want to go, then you will have to go elsewhere for your coverage you are already paying for.

That’s a huge inconvenience, and you ought to know about your company’s network. In fact, you should find out about the network before you sign up for a plan. See if the insurance company will be able to cover you at the hospital and clinics that you are used to visiting. If not, then you can choose a different insurance company that will cover you in your area.

You should also be aware that there are few different network options. The two most common ones and the ones that will be most widely available are HMOs and PPOs. The HMO plan lets you get full coverage at network facilities but nowhere else. The PPO plan costs a bit more and gives you full coverage at network facilities but partial coverage anywhere else you go that accepts Medicare. They don’t have to accept your company’s plan, if you are on a PPO network plan, and you can still be partially covered. That can be a good deal if you can afford the extra cost in premiums.

Make the Right Choice

As you look at the Medicare Advantage plans available to you, you ought to realize that you do have some options. You are not restricted as to what kind of plan you can apply for or which provider you can request quotes from or apply to. You could sign up for supplement plans, Medicare Basic and other medical coverage options. The Advantage plan is simply one of several choices, and you should consider it, but don’t rush into it.

That’s why we want you to look at the 2018 plans now. You can get a good idea of what is available and if you might need that kind of coverage soon. Even if you don’t need it this year or next, you may need it in a few years, and it is good idea to know what it offers.

Every senior and Medicare subscriber should at least examine the Medicare Advantage 2018 plans, because they offer so much value and such a great chance to save money. Once you look closely at this plan, you may see that one of them is a good fit for you.

 Medicare Advantage 2018

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