How to Find the Best Cigna Medicare Supplements

With all the medical insurance plans available, how do you find the best one for you? It’s not something that anyone can just point out to you and tell you which plan will work best in your circumstances. There is a lot of self-examination you need to do, and you ought to be sure you are picking a plan that fits your particular circumstances. What is great for one person, as far as medical coverage goes, may not work very well for another. We will show you how you can find the best Cigna Medicare Supplements

There are a few of these, and we will go into detail on some of them so that you can make the final decision for yourself. Our goal here is to simply compare the plans for you and show you how you can make an informed decision.


cigna medicare supplement


Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F

cigna medicare supplement plan fThis plan from Cigna covers everything a Supplement plan possibly can. It takes care of all the co-payments, deductibles, excess charges, coinsurance, emergency travel and blood that supplemental plans are able to offer. That’s not all the rest of your medical expenses covered there, but it is a lot. Plan F is popular because of how much it covers, but its price tag holds it back. It is usually an expensive plan, and you want to be careful about signing up just because it offers the most coverage. It may not be saving you the most money, and you should compare it to the other plans to find the best one for you.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan G

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F 2019If you went with Plan G as your coverage plan of choice, then you would be covered for a lot of the same stuff we just talked about with Plan F. You get coverage for Medicare Part A co-payments and Part B co-payments, the Part B excess charges, the Part A deductible, the Part A hospice coinsurance expense, nursing care coinsurance, foreign travel exchange and blood use. The only thing missing from that list when you compare Plan G and Plan F is the Medicare Part B deductible.

Plan G is a very cost-effect plan, especially when you compare it to the more robust Plan F. It shaves off some other excess, making it a better deal in most cases.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan N

cigna medigap plansWith this plan, you get about the same coverage as the other two plans. It’s still a high coverage plan, even if it comes with less coverage than the other two. Plan N covers all the same stuff as Plan G, minus two small items. It will not cover you for the Part B excess charges, and it won’t cover some small co-payments from time to time. These co-payments are only $50 and $20, though, so you may be better off just paying them yourself. And those Part B excess charges probably don’t apply to you anyway. Most people have to pay that particular expense, so it usually does not make sense to have it covered.


cigna medicare supplement plan g


If you are going to find the best Cigna Medicare Supplements, then you definitely need to look at Plan N in comparison to the other two we talked about. Plan N is the cheapest and lowest coverage of the three, but it is also still a powerful plan with a lot of coverage. It’s a worthwhile coverage plan for many seniors, even those who have a lot of medical expenses to pay.

How to Find the Best One

As we mentioned before, there isn’t a single best plan that we can point to. The best plan for you depends on your financial and medical needs. Plan F may be the best plan for one person, but may be far too expansive and expensive for someone else. You will have to examine your own needs in order to find out which of these plans, or some other plan, is right in your situation.

cigna medicare supplementsCigna is not offering every single Medicare Supplement plan. There are ten of these plans, and Cigna only sells some of them. You may want to go look through some other plans to find the one that is a perfect fit for you. If you looked through the plans we just covered, and nothing seem like it applied to you and your specific needs, then you should look at some of the other Supplement plans.

Of these three, though, we often recommend Plan N to most seniors. That’s because it has the potential to save them so much money. It trims off the fat, as they say, leaving you with only the essentials that most seniors will need to be concerned about. It covers all those common and expensive costs that the basic Medicare plan left you with.

You want to look at more than just the coverage not these plans, though. You should also be paying attention to what the rates are. Cigna has their own rates and Medicare does not set standard prices for these plans. If you want the best rates, then you will have it compare Cigna’s rates to that of other insurance companies. You can do that fairly easily with an online quote comparison tool. Just input the name of the plan you want and see what results come up. You should see a list of different insurance companies with rates for each of them on that specific plan.

The cost of the plans will change in time, so be aware of that as well. As you try to find the best Cigna Medicare Supplements, be sure to keep your options open and look at more than just these popular plans. With some effort, you should be able to find the perfect Medicare coverage for yourself. Once you do that, you can save hundreds of dollars every year on healthcare. We hope this information is a help to you and that you can use it to make your insurance coverage decision in the future.


cigna medicare supplement

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