How to Enroll in Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans

Aetna medicare supplement plansThere are a few different ways to get Medicare, but the Supplement plans are only available through private insurance companies such as Aetna. These plans supplement the basic Medicare insurance to provide you with powerful coverage. We want to show you how to enroll in Aetna Medicare Supplement plans, and for the most part, you can just take that information and apply it to any insurance company you want to get these plans from.

We’re focused on Aetna here because it is one of the more prominent insurance providers when it comes to Medicare Supplements or Medicare Supplement   plans. Aetna has been at the forefront of healthcare reform and is focused on providing a number of programs for its members to help them achieve their healthy living goals. It also provides a wealth of information for existing and potential Aetna members to learn about their insurance and healthcare options, educating them on what they can do and what they can choose.


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Application and Eligibility

In order to be eligible for any Aetna Medicare Supplement   plan, you first have to be eligible for basic Medicare. Anyone who has a basic Medicare plan already is likely qualified for the Medicare Supplement   plan at this point. The requirements tend to be exactly the same.

You will need a basic Medicare plan in order for the Medicare Supplement   plan to be applicable. You cannot simply sign up for the Medicare Supplement   plan on its own. The Medicare Supplement   plan supplements that base Medicare plan and is not designed to be purchased on its own. It’s okay, though, if you have signed up for basic Medicare coverage yet. You can do that when you sign up for the Medicare Supplement   plan. You have to purchase Medicare through the Medicare organization, though. You can also get it through Medicare Part C, which is sold by private insurance companies, but that plan is not compatible with Medicare Supplement   plans, so you will have to choose one or the other.

aetna medicare supplementIn order to be eligible for either Medicare or Medicare Supplement  , you need to be 65 years or older. There are exceptions made to this age rule, though. Anyone who has what is known as a qualifying medical condition can be granted Medicare eligibility at an earlier time. Those conditions usually include any form of disability and kidney disease.

To apply for the plan for your choosing, you simply need to visit the website Aetna has set up and fill out the form there to apply for Medicare Supplement   coverage. You can choose from one of their three Medicare Supplement   plans- A, B or F- and you should be able to complete the form and submit it within a matter of minutes.

You can also go to an Aetna office or contact them by phone, if you like, but you may still be required to fill out some forms online. It should not take very long to get a response back from them.

If you don’t meet the eligibility requirements, then you may be denied the plan you requested. You can still come back later when you are eligible and apply again. You should also take into consideration that your age or preexisting medical conditions could be keeping you from getting the plan you want. That’s an important part of understanding how to enroll in Aetna Medicare Supplement plans.





The Enrollment Period

You cannot be enrolled into Medicare Supplement until your Medicare coverage goes into effect. If you turned 65 already and apply for Medicare Supplement   but don’t have Medicare, then you could be accepted for Medicare Supplement  . But that plan won’t go into effect until you are both age 65 and enrolled in Medicare. You can enroll at any time that you want after you turn 65, but you need to keep the Medicare requirements in mind.

Some states have certain enrollment periods that apply to people who are under 65, and you will want to check to see what your state has in place that may affect you and give you more opportunities.

Once you are enrolled in a Medicare Part B plan, which is a part of basic Medicare, and you are 65, then your Open Enrollment begins. This goes for six months from the day that you meet both conditions, and during that period, you are guaranteed to get the plan you apply for. If you apply for any Medicare Supplement   plan in that period, the insurance company not only has to sell it to you and approve you for that plan, but they also need to give you the plan at the best possible price. They cannot take your preexisting medical condition into account as they figure out that rate to charge you.

You definitely want to apply during Open Enrollment. You get your pick of the plans and the best deal on the plans, and there won’t be a better time to apply. This is why if you are approaching age 65, you should be looking at the Aetna Medicare Supplement plans and other plans that are available that you would be eligible for. You need to know your choices and how they affect you and have a plan in mind to sign up for.

How to Choose Your Medicare Supplement   Plan

In order to do that, you need to compare the plans that are available and see which one is offering exactly what you need. Applying is easy and doesn’t take much time. The enrollment process is simple as well, but choosing the right plan from all that you have available could be tough for you. It’s best to get some expert advice, such as from your insurance agent or your doctor about what might be right for you, but ultimately, this has to be your decision. You have to go with whatever plan fits you best, covering the expenses that you need to have covered and fitting your budget.

That may be a tall order to fill, but you can find the most appropriate coverage plan. We hope that you understand better how to enroll in Aetna Medicare Supplement plans and that you will make the best choice for you when it is time to enroll.


aetna medicare supplement



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