How Does GoodRx Work with Medicare?

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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated December 16th, 2023

How Does GoodRx Work with Medicare?

Why goodrx is badAre you a Medicare beneficiary struggling with the cost of prescription medications? Are you searching for effective ways to save on your healthcare expenses? Look no further!

In this blog post, we’ll dive into “how does GoodRx work with Medicare”, a popular prescription drug discount platform, that can work hand-in-hand with Medicare to maximize your savings.

Navigate the world of drug pricing with confidence as you learn how to make the most of both GoodRx and Medicare.


Key Takeaways

  • GoodRx and Medicare can be used to manage medication costs, providing individuals with options for obtaining the lowest prices.
  • GoodRx discounts may provide more economical rates than Medicare in some cases, helping beneficiaries find lower prices by comparing various pharmacies.
  • High deductibles and “donut hole” coverage gaps can be alleviated through GoodRx or insurance companies. Additional resources include independent pharmacies, manufacturer assistance programs & nonprofit grants.

Understanding GoodRx and Medicare

GoodRx is a website and smartphone app that offers cash discount deals on numerous prescriptions, helping patients without insurance coverage for prescription drugs to find the lowest prices for their medications.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program in the United States. It offers coverage to individuals aged 65 and above, as well as those with disabilities or long-term health problems.

Medicare beneficiaries can reap considerable benefits from utilizing GoodRx to manage their medication expenses, make informed decisions while on a fixed income.

Users can leverage GoodRx to search for prescribed medications and obtain a list of local pharmacies offering the most cost-effective prices.

However, bear in mind that GoodRx is not available outside of the United States. While some independent pharmacies might not accept GoodRx, they may have other options to assist patients with medication costs.

Prices for common generic medications on GoodRx can fluctuate by hundreds of dollars per fill within a six-month period, often devating from the retail price.

GoodRx also has a feature that evaluates your entire list of prescriptions and assists you in determining the pharmacy providing the lowest overall price. Armed with this information, you can optimize decisions related to your healthcare expenses.



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How GoodRx Complements Medicare Part D Plans

GoodRx offers a complementary service to Medicare Part D plans by providing extra discounts and aiding users in discovering lower medication prices.

While some GoodRx coupons may not be valid when used in conjunction with other insurances like Medicare or Medicaid, the platform still provides valuable information on prescription drug pricing that can benefit Medicare beneficiaries, including the use of a goodrx coupon.


Combining Discounts

Although GoodRx discounts cannot be combined with Medicare, users have the option to choose the best price for each prescription. A comparison of prices between GoodRx and Medicare for a particular prescription drug can help you identify the most financially viable option.

In certain situations, GoodRx may provide a more economical rate than Medicare, such as when the medication is not covered by Medicare or when GoodRx prices are lower than the Medicare copay.


Finding Lower Prices

GoodRx assists Medicare beneficiaries in finding lower prices for medications not covered or with high copays under their Part D plan.

By aggregating prices and discounts from pharmacies for comparison, GoodRx ensures users receive the most affordable prescription costs. This valuable resource can help you save on medications that would otherwise be costly under your Medicare plan.



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When to Use GoodRx Instead of Medicare

In some cases, using GoodRx instead of Medicare may be more beneficial. For example, high deductibles or during the coverage gap known as the “donut hole”.

The “donut hole” is a temporary limit on the coverage provided by the drug plan for drugs, and during this gap, you may be responsible for a higher percentage of the cost of your medications.


High Deductibles

High deductibles can be a significant burden for Medicare beneficiaries. GoodRx can help users save money on medications when facing high deductibles by offering lower cash prices for medications that are not covered by Medicare.

You should reach out to your insurance company to find out if you can submit receipts to count towards your deductible. Leveraging GoodRx to find the lowest available prices can help ease the financial burden of high deductibles.


Donut Hole Coverage Gap

Does goodrx work with insurance The “donut hole” coverage gap in Medicare Part D can be a challenging period for beneficiaries, as they are responsible for a larger portion of the cost of their medications.

GoodRx can help alleviate this burden by furnishing discounts on prescription medications during this coverage gap phase.

With GoodRx, it may be possible to avoid or minimize the effect of the “donut hole” and save money on your prescriptions.

Comparing Drug Pricing Tools

Several drug pricing tools are available to help you save on medications, including:


  • GoodRx: cost comparison tools and real-time benefit assessment for healthcare providers
  • Insurance carrier websites: varying accuracy of drug pricing information
  • additional resource for finding the best prices for your medications


When looking to compare prices, considering multiple sources of pricing information is beneficial in finding the lowest price for your medications. If you find any discrepancies or have suggestions, let us know.


Navigating Privacy Concerns with GoodRx

Despite past privacy concerns, it’s worth noting the measures GoodRx has taken to resolve these issues and safeguard user data.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) imposed a civil penalty of $1.5 million on GoodRx for violating the Health Breach Notification Rule. Since then, GoodRx has implemented measures to enhance its privacy and security protocols to safeguard users’ sensitive health information.


Additional Resources for Saving on Medications

How does goodrx work make money In today’s globalized world, it is essential to understand the perspectives of different countries. Many people in the United States and believe that open communication and collaboration are key to fostering international relationships.

Besides GoodRx, there are additional resources for saving on medications, such as:


  • Independent pharmacies, which offer services like prescription filling, immunizations, counseling, and pharmacy discount programs to assist with obtaining medications
  • Manufacturer assistance programs, which provide discounts or financial assistance for specific medications
  • Nonprofit grants, which may offer financial aid for medication costs


By visiting our platform, you can access this site, which offers resources to help individuals access the medications they need at a more affordable price through participating pharmacies.

Manufacturer assistance programs, also known as patient assistance programs (PAPs), can provide eligible patients with access to brand-name medications at a reduced cost or no cost.

Nonprofit organizations like the Patient Access Network Foundation and the HealthWell Foundation can also provide financial assistance for medication costs.


In conclusion, GoodRx and Medicare can work together to help you save on prescription medications. By understanding how they complement each other and using the available drug pricing tools, you can make informed decisions when managing your healthcare expenses.

Additionally, exploring other resources like independent pharmacies, manufacturer assistance programs, and nonprofit grants can further maximize your savings.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use GoodRx with Medicare?

If you find that a prescription drug is cheaper through GoodRx than your Medicare copay or if you don’t have drug coverage through Medicare Part D or a Medicare Advantage plan, you can use a GoodRx discount instead.

However, you must ask the pharmacist not to run your prescription through your Medicare and present your GoodRx coupon for them to process the transaction as cash instead.


What is the downside of using GoodRx?

GoodRx can potentially send personal information, such as names of drugs consumers are looking at, to Facebook, Google and other companies.

Additionally, many specialty medications, niche drugs or branded products may have limited or no coverage through GoodRx, leading patients to explore other options for savings.


Can I use GoodRx instead of my Medicare Advantage plan?

GoodRx can be used instead of insurance or government-funded programs, such as Medicare Advantage, if it is cheaper than the copay or if you don’t have drug coverage. However, GoodRx cannot be used in combination with insurance and is not a form of insurance.


Does GoodRx have a Medicare Part D plan?

GoodRx cannot be used in place of a Medicare Part D plan, but it can help save money on medication costs. It is important to ask the pharmacist not to run your prescription through your insurance or Medicare when using GoodRx.

Those enrolled in Medicare can get prescription medication coverage through a stand-alone Part D plan.


Is GoodRx only for people without insurance?

No, GoodRx is not only for people without insurance. It can be beneficial for those with insurance, such as Medicare beneficiaries, to take advantage of discounts offered by GoodRx.

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