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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated November 24th, 2023

A Guide to Horizon Medicare Supplement PlansAre you 65 or older and registered for Medicare Parts A & B? You can register for a Medigap plan. Medicare supplement insurance offers a way to cope with the out-of-pocket costs associated with Original Medicare. You don’t have to worry about dipping into your retirement savings to cover these expenses.

Medigap plans are available from private healthcare companies like Horizon. There are different plans partially or fully covering your out-of-pocket costs, giving you more predictability in your annual healthcare expenses and coverage in emergencies.

You can register for Medigap during Open Enrollment in the six months after your 65th birthday. During this time, Horizon can’t deny your application, even if you have pre-existing conditions – they must accept you into their Medigap scheme.

This post unpacks the Medigap offering from Horizon. We’ll look at the plans, benefits, premiums, and perks.

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Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans at a Glance

  • A good selection of plans.
  • Only available in New Jersey.
  • Mid-range pricing on plan premiums.
  • Additional dental, vision, and hearing benefits with the Blue365 discount program.

Who Is Horizon?

Horizon BlueCross BlueShield of New Jersey is the result of a merger between First Hospital Service Plan and Medical-Surgical Plan of New Jersey.

The companies took on BCBS branding and licensing before their 1986 merger, operating as Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey until 1998 before rebranding to Horizon.

The company expanded operations into other states before pulling back to focus solely on offering Medigap plans in New Jersey only. Horizon operates as an independent BCBS license.

What Medicare Supplement Plans Does Horizon Offer?

Horizon offers a good range of plans, with the following options for beneficiaries.

What Medicare Supplement Plans Does Horizon Offer

  • Plan A – Basic benefits.
  • Plan C – Near-comprehensive coverage with no cover for Medicare Part B excess charges. It covers the Medicare Part B deductible.
  • Plan F – Comprehensive coverage, including cover for the Medicare Part B deductible.
  • Plan G – Near-comprehensive coverage with no cover for the
  • Plan K – A 50% cost-sharing plan with an out-of-pocket limit of $6,940.
  • Plan L – A 75% cost-sharing plan with an out-of-pocket limit of $3 470.

Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans – Benefits & Coverage

Horizon Medigap plans feature standardized benefits regulated by the CMS, a federal agency. All providers must adhere to CMS guidelines for the Medicare Part A & B benefits offered in Medigap plans. This regulation brings consistency to the industry, ensuring you get the same benefits regardless of the provider you use for your policy.

Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans – Benefits & Coverage

All Medigap plans offer the following benefits for Original Medicare Parts A & B.

  • Part A coinsurance and hospital costs for up to 365 days after using up Medicare benefits.
  • Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment.
  • Part B coinsurance or copayment.
  • Blood transfusion costs for the first three pints of blood.

Plans F*, G, and N offer additional Medicare Parts A & B benefits.

  • Part A deductible.
  • Part B excess charges (Plan N doesn’t cover these charges).
  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance.
  • 80% of emergency healthcare costs when traveling outside the US for 60 days. ($250 deductible and $50,000 maximum apply).
  • Unlimited coverage for all out-of-pocket costs.

*Plan F offers coverage for the Medicare Part B deductible. The CMS is phasing out this policy due to this coverage, and it’s only available to seniors qualifying for Medicare before January 1, 2020. If you’re eligible for Medicare before this date and want to take Plan F, Horizon must honor your request.

However, they can subject you to medical underwriting to assess your current health status. If you have pre-existing health conditions, they can charge you above-market rates for your premiums or deny your application.


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Some seniors might qualify for guaranteed issue rights allowing them to circumvent the need for medical underwriting. Speak to our team to check your eligibility for guaranteed issue rights before applying for Plan F.

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What Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans Don't Cover

Medigap policies only cover related expenses to Medicare Part A & B services. So, there’s no coverage for medical or hospital expenses unrelated to Medicare Parts A & B. Medigap won’t cover the cost of vision, hearing, or dental services or your prescription medications.

Medigap doesn’t cover private duty nursing services or stays at unskilled nursing homes. You don’t have any coverage for physiotherapy, chiropractic, podiatry, or acupuncture unless deemed medically necessary by a doctor.

Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans – Premiums

Horizon charges a monthly premium for your Medigap plan. When you sign up, the company uses your location in the United States, age, gender, and smoking status to create a “risk profile” on you. Your risk profile determines what they charge you for your premium.

Premiums vary widely, depending on the risk you present to the insurer. The higher the risk, the more you pay in premiums. Our research shows that a 65-year-old nonsmoking woman receives the following average rate for Medigap premiums with Horizon.

Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans – Premiums

*Your premium rates may vary depending on your unique risk profile.

Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans – Additional Benefits & Discounts

You can save up to $24 annually by paying your premiums via EFT. The Blue365 discount program is available for $17.25 monthly, offering additional dental, vision, and hearing coverage. You get the following benefits with this add-on plan.

  • Dental exams, X-rays, cleanings, and fluoride treatments with in-network partners.
  • Vision coverage with standard lenses every year with in-network partners.
  • One yearly hearing exam, 60% off the retail hearing aid prices at TruHearing® providers.

Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans – Additional Benefits & Discounts

Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans – Third-Party Ratings & Reviews

Horizon has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an A+ rating for its financial strength with AM Best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans?


Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans are insurance policies offered by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey that provide additional coverage to fill the gaps left by Original Medicare.


Who is eligible for Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans?

Individuals who are already enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B are eligible for Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans.


When can I enroll in Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans?

You can enroll in Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans during your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, which starts when you are 65 years old and enrolled in Medicare Part B. However, you may also be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period under certain circumstances.


What is the difference between Horizon Medicare Plan G and Plan N?

Horizon Medicare Plan G and Plan N are similar in coverage but differ in cost-sharing. Plan G provides more comprehensive coverage, including coverage for Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles, while Plan N requires cost-sharing for certain services such as copayments for doctor visits and emergency room visits.


What types of coverage are included in Horizon Medicare Supplement plans?

Horizon Medicare Supplement plans cover costs such as Medicare Part A and Part B coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles, as well as coverage for excess charges.


Can I use any healthcare provider with Horizon Medicare Supplement plans?

Yes, you can choose any healthcare provider who accepts Medicare with Horizon Medicare Supplement plans.


How do I choose the right Horizon Medicare Supplement Plan for me?

Consider your individual healthcare needs, budget, and preferred level of coverage. Research and compare different plans offered by Horizon to find the one that best suits your requirements.


Are prescription drugs covered under Horizon Medicare Supplement plans?

No, prescription drug coverage is not included in Horizon Medicare Supplement plans. You would need to enroll in a standalone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for prescription drug coverage.


What are the benefits of having Horizon Medicare Supplement plans?

Benefits of Horizon Medicare Supplement plans include reduced out-of-pocket expenses, flexibility in choosing healthcare providers, and the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive coverage.


Where can I find more information about Horizon Medicare Supplement plans?

You can visit the official Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey website, consult with licensed insurance agents specializing in Medicare coverage, or contact Horizon directly to request detailed information on Horizon Medicare Supplement plans.


Call Us for More Information on Horizon Medicare Supplement Plans

Contact our office at 1-888-891-0229 for more information on Horizon Medigap plans. We offer free professional consultations on Medigap plans. Our team of fully licensed agents will advise you on the right plan for your healthcare needs and get you a free quote with the most affordable rates available.

If you can’t call us right now, leave your details on our contact form. We’ll get a Medigap agent to call you. Or you can use the free tool on our site to get a free automated quote on any Medigap plan.

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