Does Medicare Cover Raised Toilet Seats?

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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated January 19th, 2024

As we age or encounter health challenges, simple tasks can become surprisingly complex. One such task is using the bathroom safely and comfortably.

Raised toilet seats can make a world of difference to the elderly or disabled individuals.

But does Medicare cover raised toilet seats in 2023? Let’s delve into the intricacies of Medicare and its take on bathroom safety equipment.


Key Takeaways

  • Medicare does not cover raised toilet seats as they are classified as personal convenience items rather than durable medical equipment required for treating a medical condition.
  • Alternatives to Original Medicare, like Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicaid, may offer coverage for raised toilet seats depending on individual plan provisions and state regulations.
  • For those not covered by Medicare, raised toilet seats can be purchased from various online retailers or can be obtained through community resources and loan programs that offer free or affordable equipment.



Exploring Medicare Coverage for Raised Toilet Seats


Does Medicare Cover Raised Toilet Seats? Exploring Medicare Coverage for Raised Toilet Seats


For individuals with mobility issues, raised toilet seats can significantly enhance bathroom accessibility. They add height to the toilet, making it easier to sit and stand up, similar to the purpose of shower chairs.

You might be curious if bathroom equipment like raised toilet seats is covered by Medicare.

The answer, unfortunately, is no. Raised toilet seats do not typically fall under the category of bathroom equipment that Medicare covers.

The complexity of Medicare’s criteria to determine bathroom safety equipment coverage lies at the heart of the issue.


The Criteria for Medicare Coverage

Medicare provides coverage for durable medical equipment (DME) under Medicare Part B that meets certain criteria. The equipment must be medically necessary, prescribed by a physician, and acquired from a supplier approved by Medicare.

However, the term ‘medically necessary’ might be unclear. In the context of DME coverage under Medicare, ‘medically necessary’ signifies that the equipment is essential for treating a qualified medical condition.

A certificate of medical necessity (CMN) may be required to be filled out by your physician. Medicare requires this documentation to pay for the recommended equipment.


Why Raised Toilet Seats Don’t Qualify

According to Medicare, ‘medically necessary’ refers to health care services or supplies required for the diagnosis or treatment of an illness, injury, condition, disease, or its symptoms, and must adhere to accepted standards of medicine.

One might wonder, why doesn’t Medicare cover raised toilet seats? The answer lies in the classification of raised toilet seats as personal convenience items rather than durable medical equipment.

Due to these seats not being considered medically necessary, they don’t qualify for Medicare coverage.


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Navigating Your Options Beyond Original Medicare


Does Medicare Cover Raised Toilet Seats? Navigating Your Options Beyond Original Medicare


Despite Original Medicare’s lack of coverage for raised toilet seats, alternatives such as Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid are worth exploring.

These alternatives may provide coverage for raised toilet seats, depending on individual plan provisions and state regulations.


Medicare Advantage Plans and Bathroom Safety

Also known as Part C, Medicare Advantage plans serve as an alternative to Original Medicare and medical insurance. These plans, including the Medicare Advantage Plan, are offered by private insurance companies that are Medicare approved.

They cover all the services Original Medicare covers, often up to the Medicare approved amount, and medicare pay for additional benefits such as:


While Original Medicare does not typically cover bathroom safety equipment like raised toilet seats, some Medicare Advantage plans may offer such coverage. However, the coverage’s extent is dependent on the individual plan’s specific provisions.


Seeking Assistance Through Medicaid

Medicaid, a state and federal program, provides health coverage for some low-income people, families and children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities. It can offer coverage for bathroom safety equipment, including raised toilet seats, depending on your state’s program.

Some Medicaid programs offer coverage for bathroom safety equipment for individuals with mobility challenges. Moreover, a commode chair, which can be used as a raised toilet seat, may be covered if prescribed by a healthcare professional for home use due to an incapacity to use a regular toilet.

This requirement implies that a healthcare professional must deem the equipment medically necessary and recommend it.


Alternative Ways to Secure a Raised Toilet Seat


Does Medicare Cover Raised Toilet Seats? Alternative Ways to Secure a Raised Toilet Seat


Even if Medicare doesn’t cover raised toilet seats, there are still other alternatives available.

There are alternative ways to secure a raised toilet seat, such as online shopping and community resources.

These options warrant a more detailed exploration.


Finding Affordable Raised Toilet Seats Online

There’s a myriad of reputable online retailers where you can purchase affordable raised toilet seats. These include:

  • Medicaleshop
  • Rehab Store
  • Clearance Warehouse
  • RehabMart
  • American Discount Home Medical
  • DME Supply USA
  • Reviewed
  • Health Products For You
  • Direct Supply
  • Walmart


Prices vary greatly, with the typical pricing of raised toilet seats available for purchase online falling within the range of $23.32 to $118.00. This cost variance is due to a range of factors, including the specific model and features of the seat.

Each riser has distinct features and installation methods, each offering different benefits and drawbacks. Additionally, some raised toilet seats have varying weight support capacities, typically ranging from 250 pounds to 500 pounds, depending on the model.


Community Resources and Loan Programs

Various community organizations and loan programs might offer free or affordable raised toilet seats to those in need. These programs typically cater to those who are unable to safely raise or lower themselves to use the toilet and meet specific medical necessity criteria.

To avail of these programs, one can apply through organizations that provide free equipment loan programs or medical equipment rental programs. However, the eligibility criteria for these programs vary and applicants may need to provide documentation of their need for the equipment.


Does Medicare Cover Raised Toilet Seats?

Enhancing Bathroom Safety Without Medicare Coverage


Does Medicare Cover Raised Toilet Seats? Enhancing Bathroom Safety Without Medicare Coverage


Beyond Medicare or other insurance coverage, there exist methods to improve bathroom safety and cover bathroom equipment needs.

These include installing grab bars and handheld showerheads, and making non-structural modifications.

These options merit further examination.


Installing Grab Bars and Handheld Shower Heads

Grab bars are robust metal bars affixed to the wall of a bathroom or shower to offer support. While Medicare does not cover the expense of grab bars installation, they can contribute significantly to enhancing bathroom safety.

Some recommended options for grab bars include:

  • Gotega Shower Grab Bar 2 Pack
  • Safe-er-Grip Shower Grab Bar
  • ZUEXT Bathroom Grab Bar
  • Zalik Grab Bars
  • Vive Metal Grab Bar
  • Safe-er-Grip Shower Handle


Handheld showerheads can also improve bathroom safety by providing better control and flexibility. They offer adjustable spray settings that aid in preventing slips and falls.

For maximum safety, grab bars should be securely installed by a professional, ensuring they are mounted to a suitable structure.


Making Non-Structural Modifications

Non-structural modifications like non-slip mats and better lighting can also enhance bathroom safety. Non-slip mats, like the MontVoo Non-Slip Bathtub Mat, are regarded as top choices for promoting bathroom safety through their non-slip properties.

By improving visibility, reducing the risk of falls, and fostering a safer environment, improved lighting enhances bathroom safety. To improve bathroom safety, you can:

  • Install non-slip mats in the bathroom
  • Run the water in the tub
  • Stand outside the tub
  • Press the bath mat down in a couple of places until it doesn’t move


These steps will help prevent slips and falls in the bathroom.


Doctor’s Role in Accessing Bathroom Equipment


Does Medicare Cover Raised Toilet Seats? Doctor's Role in Accessing Bathroom Equipment


Doctors are instrumental in the process of accessing bathroom equipment.

Their orders and documentation can impact the coverage of certain equipment and the reimbursement process.


When Doctor Orders Matter

Under the influence of a doctor’s order, Medicare may cover specific bathroom equipment such as commode chairs. These are covered if they are prescribed by a physician for home use and considered medically necessary.

Does medicare cover bathroom equipment in all cases? It depends on the individual’s medical needs and doctor’s prescription.

For a doctor to prescribe such equipment, they need to submit a comprehensive written order to the supplier before initiating the Medicare payment claim. The determination of medical necessity for bathroom equipment must be made by a healthcare provider and recorded in the member’s plan of care.


Documenting Medical Reason for Equipment

It is crucial to properly document the medical reasons for the need for bathroom equipment. It involves testing, obtaining a certificate of medical necessity (CNM), and having physician documentation of the medical need for the equipment.

A physician holds a significant responsibility in documenting the medical necessity for bathroom equipment, which involves writing a prescription based on the patient’s examination. This documentation can help with reimbursement and coverage through alternative programs like Medicaid or VA grants.


To wrap up, understanding Medicare coverage for bathroom safety equipment like raised toilet seats can be complex.

While Medicare may not cover these seats, alternatives like Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid, as well as community resources and online purchases, can provide viable options.

Making non-structural modifications and installing safety devices like grab bars can also significantly enhance bathroom safety.

Lastly, remember that a doctor’s role is crucial in accessing bathroom equipment, as their orders and documentation can greatly impact coverage and reimbursement.



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Frequently Asked Questions


  Will Medicare pay for a high rise toilet?

No, Medicare does not cover high rise toilets as they are considered “Not medically necessary”.


  Does insurance cover toilet seat riser?

Private insurance policies generally do not cover bathroom safety equipment, including toilet seat risers, but there are rare exceptions based on medical necessity. Therefore, it’s important to check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.


  Does Medicare pay for portable toilet?

Yes, Medicare may cover the cost of a portable toilet if it is recommended by a doctor, and it may also cover other bathroom equipment like toilet safety frames and portable commodes.


  What criteria must be met for Medicare to cover durable medical equipment (DME)?

Medicare covers durable medical equipment (DME) under Medicare Part B if it is deemed medically necessary, prescribed by a physician, and acquired from a supplier approved by Medicare.


  What role does a doctor play in accessing bathroom equipment?

The doctor’s orders and documentation significantly impact the coverage and reimbursement process for bathroom equipment. It’s important to work closely with your doctor to ensure proper access to necessary equipment.

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