Does Medicare Cover Dexcom G6?

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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated November 21st, 2023

Does Medicare Cover Dexcom G6? IntroAre you or a loved one living with diabetes and exploring ways to better manage blood sugar levels? Dexcom G6, a continuous glucose monitoring system, offers valuable insights to help you make informed diabetes treatment decisions.

But what about Medicare coverage for Dexcom G6? This article will guide you through the ins and outs of “does Medicare cover Dexcom G6,” eligibility criteria, and the anticipated coverage for the upcoming Dexcom G7.


Key Takeaways


Understanding Medicare Coverage for Dexcom G6

As a crucial component of diabetes management, continuous glucose monitoring systems like Dexcom G6 aid patients in tracking their blood sugar levels. Medicare recognizes the importance of such systems and offers coverage for Dexcom G6 under certain conditions.

We will now examine the specifics of Medicare coverage for Dexcom G6, with an emphasis on Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage plans.


Does Medicare Cover Dexcom G6? Medicare Part B and Dexcom G6Medicare Part B and Dexcom G6

Medicare Part B provides coverage for continuous glucose monitors, such as Dexcom G6, for eligible individuals. However, patients are responsible for any applicable deductibles and 20% of approved costs.

To qualify for coverage, individuals must have diabetes and meet the necessary criteria set by Medicare.

Among the components covered under Medicare Part B are the Dexcom G6 receiver, but please be aware that supplies exclusively used with a smartphone or other mobile devices are not covered.


Medicare Advantage Plans and Dexcom G6

Medicare Advantage plans are private health insurance plans approved by Medicare that offer additional coverage and benefits beyond Original Medicare.

These plans can help enhance diabetes treatment decisions by providing coverage for blood sugar monitors like Dexcom G6 for eligible beneficiaries. Keep in mind that coverage details may vary depending on your specific Medicare Advantage plan, therefore, it would be wise to verify with your plan provider.

Additionally, some Medicare Advantage plans may offer supplemental coverage for Dexcom G6 sensors and transmitters, provided that the criteria are met.


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Eligibility Criteria for Medicare Coverage of Dexcom G6

To receive Medicare coverage for Dexcom G6, beneficiaries with diabetes must meet certain eligibility criteria. The key factors determining coverage are a diabetes diagnosis and a treatment plan that includes insulin therapy.

We will now delve into these eligibility requirements and their implications for Dexcom G6’s Medicare coverage.


Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

To qualify for Medicare coverage of Dexcom G6, beneficiaries must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a confirmed diagnosis of diabetes
  • Have a fasting plasma glucose (FPG) value of at least 126 mg/dL, a 2-hour plasma glucose (2-h PG) value of at least 200 mg/dL on two separate occasions, or symptoms of diabetes with a blood sugar level equal to or greater than the diagnostic threshold for diagnosis, which indicates abnormal blood glucose levels
  • Have a treatment plan involving insulin therapy


Insulin therapy involves maintaining healthy blood sugar levels by supplementing or replacing the body’s natural insulin production, either through daily injections or an insulin pump.

The requirement for insulin therapy, such as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion, ensures that the CGM device, like Dexcom G6, is used effectively in managing diabetes.


Does Medicare Cover Dexcom G6? Insulin Usage and FrequencyInsulin Usage and Frequency

The frequency and usage of insulin are key determinants of Medicare coverage for Dexcom G6. Coverage for CGM devices like Dexcom G6 is linked to the necessity of insulin therapy.

Thus, if a patient does not use insulin or does not satisfy the conditions set by Medicare, their coverage for Dexcom G6 may be affected.

To qualify for Medicare coverage of Dexcom G6, individuals must be on any type of insulin. However, there is no specific frequency of insulin usage required for Medicare coverage of Dexcom G6, as long as the individual utilizes insulin multiple times daily or has a documented need for insulin due to a medically-determined condition.


Dexcom G6: How It Enhances Diabetes Treatment Decisions

Dexcom G6 plays a vital role in improving diabetes treatment decisions by providing real-time glucose data and assisting in insulin dosage adjustments. By offering continuous, accurate glucose monitoring, Dexcom G6 empowers users to make better-informed choices about their diet, physical activity, and insulin therapy.

We will now analyze how Dexcom G6 improves the process of making diabetes treatment decisions with its real-time glucose data and insulin dosage adjustment capabilities.


Does Medicare Cover Dexcom G6? Real-Time Glucose DataReal-Time Glucose Data

The ability to access real-time glucose data is a game-changer for individuals living with diabetes.

Dexcom G6, a continuous glucose monitoring system, utilizes glucose monitoring technology to display glucose data, transmitting glucose readings automatically to a compatible smart device or Dexcom receiver every 5 minutes without the requirement for fingersticks or scanning.

This continuous monitoring allows patients to:

  • Track their glucose levels in real-time
  • Observe trends in their glucose levels
  • Make informed decisions about their diet, timing of meals, and activity levels


Furthermore, Dexcom G6 provides alerts, including an Urgent Low alarm, to help patients manage their blood sugar levels effectively.


Insulin Dosage Adjustments

One of the most critical aspects of diabetes management is adjusting insulin dosages based on glucose levels. Dexcom G6 assists in adjusting insulin dosages by providing continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data, enabling users to perceive how different foods and activities influence their glucose levels.

Based on this information, users can make informed decisions to adjust their insulin doses suitably.

Moreover, Dexcom G6 can be employed in combination with an insulin pump to:

  • Adjust dosages by leveraging CGM data to anticipate alterations in glucose levels
  • Communicate with the insulin pump to deliver the suitable amount of insulin
  • Facilitate more accurate and automated insulin dosing based on real-time glucose readings.


Does Medicare Cover Dexcom G6?

Medicare Coverage for Dexcom G6 Supplies and Accessories

Having access to Dexcom G6 supplies and accessories is crucial for individuals using the CGM system. Medicare offers coverage for Dexcom G6 supplies and accessories, including sensors, transmitters, and compatible smart devices and apps.

In this article, we will discuss whether medicare cover dexcom G6 diabetes supplies and accessories, and explore their role in managing diabetes.


Does Medicare Cover Dexcom G6? Sensors and TransmittersSensors and Transmitters

Dexcom G6 sensors and transmitters are essential components of the CGM system, as they continually measure glucose levels and transmit the readings wirelessly to a display device.

Medicare provides coverage for Dexcom G6 sensors and transmitters, however, be aware that some limitations may apply, such as the number of sensors and transmitters allowed per month.

Ensure you are aware of any restrictions or conditions for coverage of these supplies under your specific Medicare plan, especially for medicare patients.


Compatible Smart Devices and Apps

To fully utilize the Dexcom G6 CGM system, a compatible mobile device and apps are required for the Dexcom CGM. Devices such as smartphones and smartwatches can connect to the Dexcom G6 system, allowing users to receive real-time glucose readings and alerts on their devices.

Medicare offers coverage for compatible smart devices for Dexcom G6. However, keep in mind that Medicare does not reimburse the cost of smartphone apps used with Dexcom G6.

Nonetheless, the Dexcom G6 app is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms, enabling users to access their glucose data without incurring additional costs.


Does Medicare Cover Dexcom G6? Does Medicare Cover Dexcom G6?Dexcom G7: The Future of CGM and Medicare Coverage

The upcoming Dexcom G7 promises to bring exciting new features and improvements to the world of continuous glucose monitoring.

As the successor to Dexcom G6, the G7 is expected to offer enhanced diabetes management capabilities and a more user-friendly experience.

We will now delve into the new features and improvements of Dexcom G7 and the expected Medicare coverage for this next-generation device.


Features and Improvements

The Dexcom G7 is designed to offer a host of features and improvements over Dexcom G6. Some of these enhancements include:

  • A smaller and more discreet device for upper arm wear
  • A 2x faster warm-up time
  • Redesigned sensors that are rounder and smaller
  • An integrated sensor and transmitter into a single device


Along with these new features, Dexcom G7 also offers improved accuracy and extended sensor wear time, providing an even better diabetes management experience for users.


Anticipated Medicare Coverage

As the Dexcom G7 is slated for release in early 2023, it is expected that Medicare coverage for this device will be similar to that of Dexcom G6. However, specific details regarding eligibility criteria and plan offerings may vary as the device becomes available and more information is released.

As always, keeping up-to-date with your specific Medicare plan’s coverage options, including durable medical equipment, and any updates or changes due to the introduction of new devices like Dexcom G7 is crucial.

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In conclusion, Medicare provides coverage for Dexcom G6 and likely future devices like Dexcom G7 for eligible individuals living with diabetes who meet certain criteria.Does Medicare Cover Dexcom G6? Summary

These continuous glucose monitoring systems play a critical role in enhancing diabetes treatment decisions by providing real-time glucose data and assisting in insulin dosage adjustments.

As technology continues to evolve, devices like Dexcom G7 will further improve diabetes management capabilities, making it even more essential to understand Medicare coverage options for these life-changing tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  Does Medicare pay for the Dexcom G6?

Yes, Medicare will cover the Dexcom G6 and G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems for certain beneficiaries who have either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and intensively manage their insulin. This is the case for Original Medicare recipients and the equipment will generally be covered under Part B as the device will be considered durable medical equipment.


  How much does Dexcom G6 cost per month?

Dexcom G6 costs $299 per month, with four free transmitters included in a year-long subscription.


  Is Dexcom G6 covered for Type 2 diabetes?

Yes, Dexcom G6 is covered for Type 2 diabetes under most commercial health insurance plans.


  How to get a Dexcom G6 for free?

Apply for the Dexcom G6 or G7 CGM trial program online to see if you’re eligible and get your device shipped directly to your home. Once set up, you can enjoy 10 days with your new CGM for free.


  What are the eligibility criteria for Medicare coverage of Dexcom G6?

To be eligible for Medicare coverage of the Dexcom G6, an individual must have a diagnosis of diabetes and be undergoing insulin therapy as part of their treatment plan.

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