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There are a couple ways that consumers should compare Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2019. First of all, they need to compare the coverage these plans come with. Then they ought to compare the costs of the plans. When they do all that, they can start to save some real money and end up with a plan that they are happy with and that benefits them over the long run.

The Importance of Comparing

If you don’t bother to compare plans and you just go by what people tell you is the best plan or what you hear is the most popular plan, then you can end up overpaying for coverage you will never use. You can also end up with coverage that is far too low and be paying for a lot of out-of-pocket costs.

Even if your efforts to compare plans and prices only yields a small price difference, that can start to add up. As you pay your premiums month after month and year over year, you will see the savings stack up and the difference will become noticeable. You just need to keep up with the prices and coverage to ensure that you’re still getting the best deal you can.

Comparing also ensures that you get the most suitable coverage. Too many people fall into the trap of going for the same plans that everyone else does without thinking about how those plans will affect them or if they are even right for them. Most Medicare subscribers that choose supplemental insurance pick Plan F or G, and these are great plans with a lot of value, but they are certainly not for everyone.



They cover so much that only people who have a lot of medical expenses can benefit from them. They are not intended for everyone, and people need to be careful about choosing any plan without really looking at them and comparing them to other plans.

How You Can Compare Medicare Supplement Plans

It’s easy to compare price, so let’s look at that first. You don’t want to just compares prices between different plans. You also want to compare prices on the same plan. There are lots of companies out there that are selling the various supplement plans. They all have their own prices set, and if you source quotes from them and compare what they are charging, you can find who has the lowest price. Now, choosing a lower priced Plan F over a more expensive one doesn’t change the plan in any way. You still get the same Plan F with the same coverage. And this holds true for all the other supplement plans as well.

Some just choose the one with the lowest price you can, so long as it has the coverage you are looking for. That way, you can save a lot of money that other people are not.


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When you compare Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2019, you also want to take time to compare the coverage between plans. This can take some time if you are comparing all the different plans, so just try to focus on the ones that look the closest to what you think you need. Many of the plans have only slight differences between them, so just pick out one that seems like it covers what you are looking for in a coverage plan and then compare its coverage to the plans closest to it in total coverage.

Determine how often you might need to pay for some of the medical expenses these plans cover, and then see if it would be cheaper to pay for some of those expenses on your own. The various supplement plans cover items such as blood usage, hospice care coinsurance, deductibles and co-payments. You need to determine if you really need all that covered throughout the year or if you would be better off just paying for some of that yourself. Sometimes, it is a lot cheaper to pay from your own pockets, especially if the medical expense in question is one you only must pay once or twice a year.


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Of course, you can’t know ahead of time, how many times you will need pay an expense, but you can make an educated guess based on your health and your past experiences. You might be surprised at how many supplemental healthcare expenses you could save money on by paying yourself rather than having plans cover them for you.

When to Compare

You can start comparing plans right now, if you are approaching 65 years of age or are older. That’s because Medicare is available at 65, but you should know what you want out of a medical coverage plan before then. You should have a plan in mind and be ready to go with the right plan for you when the time is right. If you are a senior, then now is the right time to start planning. You should know what’s available to pick from and how the different plans stack up, and you can only do that by researching the available coverage on these plans.

It’s not too early to start comparing coverage, because Medicare will make every one of its subscribers aware of changes that will occur to its plans long before those changes take effect. Just pay attention to correspondence from Medicare, whether you have the basic plan or one of the supplemental ones. You can stay up to date on the information and coverage you need this way.

When changes do take place, you will need to adjust your insurance coverage sometimes. Just be sure to pick the right plan for you needs. You can always talk to your doctor or your insurance agent as you compare Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2019. Try to learn as much as you can about where your health is headed before you pick out a coverage plan to take care of your health as you grow older.




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