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Comparing prices and coverage between plans is how Medicare subscribers just like you are already saving money on their healthcare coverage. They compare the Medicare Supplemental Insurance for 2019 and find out what covers them best and who has the best rate before they make their purchasing decision, and we will help you do the same thing.

We want you to save money as much as possible and choose the plan that is right for you. There is no point in rushing into these plans and paying more than you have to for coverage you know you need. So, we want to walk you through not just the comparison process but also the buying process as we help you choose the best way to enjoy savings on healthcare coverage.

Picking a Plan

Before you compare prices, you first need to narrow down your choices to compare plans. There are ten of these supplemental medical plans in total, and you don’t need to look at all of them. You can simply look at the ones that seem to be suitable for you and your needs. Those would be the plans that fit your healthcare expense profile. For instance, if you are fairly well covered under your Medicare Original plan, then you only need to look at the low coverage supplement plans. There is no need to spend time comparing coverage between the higher coverage plans like F, G and N. These plans won’t apply to you and your needs.




Look at the few plans that seem to cover the kind medical expenses that you experience each year, and then compare them carefully to see what covers you best. You may not want to just get the bare minimum coverage. It’s always a good idea to pick up some extra coverage, if you can afford it. It’s not bad idea to make a note of a few different plans you think would be good fits for you, before you go and look at prices. You may find that you can afford one of the higher coverage plans and be able to enjoy the extra coverage those plans offer while still staying within your budget.

The most suitable plan for you will be the one that takes care of the medical expense you experience most often as well as the ones that are very expensive for you. Hospice care, for example, may not be something you have to deal with often, but when you do, it could shoot you way past your budget. Therefore, you may want a supplemental coverage plan that provides full coverage on that expense.

Keep in mind that not all of the plans will offer full coverage on the things they do cover. In many instances, you will see as you compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance for 2019 that they only cover 50% or so of certain expenses. You may need more coverage than that, so pay attention to what percentage of a given expense the plans are covering.

Finding a Good Deal

Compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2017The next step, after you have picked out a supplemental plan that you are happy with, is to start comparing prices on that plan. You should know that the different insurance companies that sell these plans all set their prices to whatever they like. They may base their rates on what the going rate is in there are and trying to stay competitive with what they offer, but they still have a lot of freedom as to what price they choose.

That means that you have an opportunity to save some money, especially since the price doesn’t change the coverage. In fact, only Medicare is allowed to make coverage changes, and they will let you know about those well in advance, so you can safely pick the plan of your choice and then go for the best deal on that plan without having worry about your coverage being affected in any way.

We have found that the best way to compare prices on a single plan is to use what is called a price comparison website. You simply perform an internet search for Medicare supplement price comparisons or something similar and then use the free search tools on these sites to find quotes on a single plan. They will give you results back in matter of moments, and you can find some really good deals this way. You don’t have to pay full price, and you can enjoy the same level of coverage as people who have paid a lot more for the same plan.

Buying Your Plan

Now that you know how to compare the plans and the coverage they offer as well as the rates on the same plan, you are ready to go buy your plan. You have several options within your local area, and you need to factor in how your local laws affect coverage. For insurance, there may be things you are paying to have covered that would not be considered medically necessary where you live.

Once you sign up for the plan of your choice, you will be tied to that plan for its entire term. This generally lasts a year, during which time the rates should not change. Once that term of the plan has expired, then you are free to choose another plan or renew your plan for another term. You should take that time to carefully consider if you need a different plan. There may be some better options at that point in your life, and it is worth looking into them to see if you can save some money or enjoy more suitable coverage.


The cost of healthcare is only going increase, and you need to do all you can to keep your healthcare expenses under control. We want you to get a good deal on the coverage you have to have, so we urge you to take time to compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance for 2019


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