Cigna Medigap Plans 2018

Medigap plans give Medicare subscribers a means to reduce the amount they are spending on medical bills. Of course, that only works if they choose plans that fit with their needs. That’s why Cigna is offering many of these plans, and the Cigna Medigap Plans for 2018 come with plenty of selection to suit a variety of Medicare subscribers.

Cigna is known throughout the insurance community as a company with a focus on medical care coverage. It also ensures that its members know about health care reform and the ways in which it will affect them. This has made it one of the first stops for Medicare subscribers seeking additional coverage.




The Medigap Plans each have their own unique coverage. They may cover some of the same expenses, but the all offer something different.

Plan F, for example, comes with complete coverage for supplemental charges. This includes coverage on common expenses like coinsurance and deductibles.


Cigna Medigap plans 2018


For slightly less coverage, there is always Plan G. This one can be remarkably less expensive than Plan F, and it only leaves a single deductible off of all the supplemental expenses that it covers.

Plan N comes with even less coverage, but it still covers a lot of things. What it does not cover includes a deductible, excess charges relating to Medicare Part B and the occasional co-payment.

If you need less coverage than what any of these offer, there are other plans available. You don’t want to purchase a plan just because it is popular or someone told you it was a good plan. Every individual needs to pick the plans that are best for them based on what they are able to afford and what their coverage needs are.

To make things a bit easier on those still contemplating which plans they need, Medicare has announced that it will not be making any changes to the current coverage that these plans offer until at least 2017. This gives Medicare subscribers a chance to make the most of the Cigna Medigap Plans in 2018 for at least a while.


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