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Senior medical insurance is one of Cigna’s most important products, and they sell a wide range of Medicare supplement plans. The Cigna Medicare supplemental insurance for 2018 is going to help a lot of people who are struggling right now to pay their medical bills. If you are experiencing excessive healthcare expenses and want some help, then their plans may be the way to go.

What Supplemental Insurance Does for You

The cost of healthcare is on the rise, as it has away ben, and only those who have been planning on how to deal with it are gonging to be able to afford it easily. Many people choose supplemental coverage plan to complement their Medicare cover. These supplemental plans give them additional coverage that they would not otherwise have and help them to cover their medical bills

The basic Medicare plan doesn’t cover all medical expenses, and it leaves a lot for people to take care of on their own and from their own pockets. The supplemental insurance is ideal for people who have that base plan and who don’t feel like it covers them very well. Even those who are mostly covered by the base plan can benefit from the supplemental ones. They can save money on the few medical expenses they still have to pay out of pocket by having them covered with a low coverage insurance plan.

For those with lots of medical expenses still to pay after Medicare does its part, there are high coverage supplemental plans as well. These are usually considered to be plans F, G and N, and they cover most Medicare supplemental expenses.

What are those supplemental expenses? Well, we are going to look at them now so you can know if you need them covered or not.

First off, let’s look at the copayments that Medicare is going to ask you to pay once you have its basic plan. These are common expenses for both parts of Medicare- A and B. You will have to pay them just about every time you visit a hospital or a doctor’s office, so it’s nice to have them taken care of by a supplemental plan.





The deductibles are pretty much the same way. You pay them about as often as you make a doctor’s visit or a hospital visit. Part A’s deductible is covered by a lot of the supplemental plans, but not Part B’s. That’s only going to be covered by Medicare Supplement Plan F.

You can also be covered for fore travel exchange, which covers a lot of your transport costs for emergency care outside the United states. Most plans will cover you for 80% of this cost, and you will have pay the deductible that comes with it out of your own pocket.

Further coverage that is possible from Cigna Medicare supplemental insurance for 2018 includes blood coverage. That’s for three more pints of blood, and most supplemental plans include this. This coverage is renewed annually and it functions in addition to the blood coverage offered by Medicare’s basic plan. So, with the coverage you get from that plan, you can add three more pints a year with a supplement plan.

Medicare subscribers who sign up for supplemental insurance may also be covered for hospice care for another 365 days. Those who have Medicare will know that they are already partially covered for hospice care with the Medicare basic plan, but this supplemental coverage extends that coverage even further.

You can be covered for Medicare Part B excess charges. Only two of the supplemental plans- F and G- will cover this expense. You should know that it isn’t a common expense, though. Most people will never need to pay it, which means that they should not try to have it covered, if they don’t have to.

A lot of these plans have coverage that many people won’t really need, just because everyone has different medical needs. The plans are designed to cover the most common or expensive medical costs, so they are definitely helpful. Many times, they cover expenses that you may not need to have covered right now, but that you might experience in the future. Having that coverage can provide you with peace of mind, even if it doesn’t actually help you your financial situation.

Is Cigna the Right Choice for You?

Cigna is an insurance company with plenty to offer you. It has many different insurance offerings, so if you sign up for one of their plans, you may be able to enjoy benefits across other plans as well that may fit your needs. At the same time, you need to know that they aren’t offering anything special when it comes to medical coverage. No insurance company can alter the plans to fit their desires. The plans all must conform to what Medicare set up and designed. Only Medicare gets to change the plans, so bear that in mind as you look at what Cigna offers and compare it to other companies.

Know that their coverage is the same even if their prices and other services are not. So, it’s not coverage you should be comparing, once you have picked out the right plan for yourself. Instead, pay attention to the cost of the plans and what additional benefits you get from choosing Cigna over its peers. You will likely find that there are some advantages to picking this insurance company, but they may not all be evident from the surface. You might have to examine the company a bit closer to see if it is right for you.

If you sign up for one of Cigna’s plans, you can always change your mind and your coverage later. You can just run with the plan you signed up for until the end of this term and then change plans then. You an also change insurance companies at that point too. So, while choosing Cigna Medicare supplemental insurance for 2018 is a good choice for many Medicare subscribers, you aren’t required to stick with them year oater year, if you don’t want to.


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