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With Medicare supplement plans, those who subscribe to Medicare can enjoy greater coverage for their medical expenses. Among those plans that offer the best coverage at the most affordable prices is Cigna Medicare Supplements in Texas for 2019.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2019

This plan can actually cover the majority of supplemental expenses while still not reaching the kind of expensive rates that are being charged for a higher-coverage plan like Plan F. Here is what Plan G subscribers can enjoy in coverage:

    • All co-payments covered
    • Medicare Part A deductible covered
    • Nursing care covered
    • Excess charges for Medicare Part B covered
    • Three more pints of blood annually covered
    • 365 more days of coinsurance for Medicare Part A covered
    • Foreign emergency services covered up to 80% (after a $250 deductible)


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This adds up to coverage for most medical expenses that Medicare subscribers will have to pay. This allows them to better plan their budgets and control their finances, making it easier for them to make ends meet. Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas for 2017 should have some very competitive rates. Let us help find you the lowest cost plan for 2017.

What many Medicare subscribers want to know before they sign up for a plan is how long they will be able to enjoy the same coverage. The answer for now is that the coverage will remain the same through at least the end of 2019. It is uncertain if it will change afterwards.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans 2017

 Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2019

This plan is one that covers all aspects of supplemental expenses. This includes all the copayments, coinsurance and deductibles that Medicare parts A and B require of Medicare subscribers. It also includes excess charges that come from Medicare Part B expenses and the nursing care, additional blood and foreign travel costs for medical care that many people need from time to time.

With this kind of extensive coverage, those who have plan F don’t have to worry much about paying for other medical expenses. There may be a few minor ones they have to pay out of their own pockets. These could include any coinsurance beyond what is covered by Plan F and Medicare as well as any charges that are not considered to be supplemental. But these charges are typically few and far between, even for people with serious medical problems.

Those who have Plan F or who are looking to sign up for it can take some consolation in knowing that the coverage the plan offers won’t be changing in 2019. The coverage is expected to stay in its current form at least through that year.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Plan N offers policyholders a surprising amount of coverage for its price tag. This coverage includes even cover for expenses that you might not need often, like foreign medical care. But it also covers expenses that almost every Medicare subscriber would have to pay on their own without the plan. This includes copayments, coinsurance, a deductible, nursing care service and even more blood every year.

For all that coverage you might expect to pay a lot, but Plan N is actually one of the more affordable supplement plans out there. The rates do change though, and you can check to see what they are by using our site and the free quote tool we offer. This will allow you to identify rates for the plans you are interested in before you ever commit to them.

This is a tool that you can keep coming back to and using, always free of charge. It’s a good way to keep up with the rates while you are making a decision on which plan to go with. Plan N in particular is good for people who have some serious medical needs but don’t necessarily go to the hospital that often. This means they won’t need to pay the deductible and excess charges often that are missing from Plan N’s coverage. Instead, they can just be covered for what they need to be and not have a lot of medical expenses left over.

It should be noted though that the coverage for each plan can be changed by Medicare. They enact coverage changes from time to time, but they always let their subscribers know well in advance.  Plan N will be keeping its current coverage until at least 2019, so if you buy a Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan N for 2019, you will still be receiving the same coverage.


You can find out what the rates are for the Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas for 2019 by entering your zip code below. There you will get quotes that allow you to get compare rates for Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N from a variety of insurance providers. Or just call us direct at 888-891-0229 and we’re happy to help!


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