Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2019

Cigna Medicare supplement plans 2019There are many different companies that you can buy Medicare Supplement Pan F, but not all of them will be good options for you. The pricing of the plans or the member benefits that go along with it can make one company a better choice than others. We are going to show you what Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2019 is able to do for you and why it might be at least worth considering.

The Full Coverage of Cigna Medigap Plan F

What’s great about Medicare Supplements is that it does not matter where you get them from or how much you pay for them when it comes to how much they will cover for you. So, that means that Plan F is always the same plan, despite the price point and the company you choose to purchase it from. There is no difference in what specific medical expenses it will cover for you.


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Plan F is known by the name “full coverage plan”, and that is because it covers all the supplemental expenses. That would be all the medical costs that other Medicare Supplement plans cover, plus some more. It combines all the possible supplemental coverage into one plan. That’s great news for anyone who is worried that they are going to miss out on something just because they paid less for the plan. No, you can go for those great deals and not feel guilty about what you might be missing out on. If Cigna has the lowest price or one of the lowest prices, then there should be no concern than they will shortchange you on coverage just because of the low rate.

So, what specifically does Plan F cover for you? Let’s take a look:

  • Deductible for Medicare Part A
  • Deductible for Medicare Part B
  • Copayment for Medicare Part A
  • Copayment for Medicare Part B
  • Excess charges for Medicare Part B
  • Hospice care coinsurance for Medicare Part A
  • Skilled nursing services coinsurance costs
  • As much as three pints of blood coverage, which is renewed every year
  • Foreign emergency travel costs (for medical transport outside the US, but only 80% each time it is needed, with a lifetime maximum of $50,000)

With these items of coverage, you get full supplemental coverage. There is nothing else a Medicare Supplement plan could cover. Plan F offers the maximum allowable coverage for each item. You may have noticed that on the list of items we mentioned, the foreign travel exchange is only courted to 80%. That is still considered full overage, since that is the maximum allowable coverage for that item.

You may still have medical expenses to pay after you sign up for Plan F. It won’t cover you for hearing, vision, dental and most medication costs. Those will all have to be covered out of your own pockets or with additional insurance you purchase. You need to understand the even though Plan F is robust and expansive, it is also still limited to solely Medicare supplemental coverage.


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Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F Rates

Before you can get Plan F to cover you, you will need to have the basic Medicare plan, also known as Original Medicare. This covers Medicare Part A and Part B expenses, for the most part. The Supplement plans, such as Plan F, fill in the gaps it leaves for you. You have to have that Original Medicare plan, and have it go into effect before the Supplement plan can go into effect. That’s because the Supplement plans, such as Plan F, are designed around the basic Medicare plan. They are meant to provide coverage for things that the basic Medicare plan does not cover.

If you want Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F, then you will need to go through Cigna directly. Despite the Medicare name, this kind of plan is not sold by Medicare. No Supplement plan is. Instead, Medicare has allowed private insurance companies like Cigna to sell its Supplement plans for it. Medicare oversees the plans and ensures that all coverage rules are being followed, but it does not impose pricing restrictions.

To get Plan F from Cigna, you need to go to the Cigna website and complete the application from there or visit one of their offices. You can apply for other plans as well there, if you want something different from Plan F. Cigna offers a few different Medicare Supplement plans, and you want to purchase the one that fits you best. Don’t go for Plan F just because it is considered one of the most popular plans.

In order to be approved for Plan F, you will need that basic Medicare plan, and you need to be 65 as well. Some people qualify for Medicare before they turn 65, but they have qualifying medical conditions the permit that. You can talk to a Medicare insurance agent or your own insurance agent to find out if you may quality before you turn 65. Otherwise you will need to wait until you are 65, and then if you apply with six months of turning 65, you get guaranteed approval. The insurance company cannot turn you down or charge you based on preexisting medical conditions, which is fantastic for those who are concerned about their medical status affecting their costs and eligibility.


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Compare to Save Money

You can get Cigna’s Plan F and be covered for all sorts of common and uncommon medical expenses, and that may end up being a good deal for you. However, there may be other Supplement plans that are better choices for you. We urge you to look at some of the other plans and see how they compare to your specific needs and how they compare to what Plan F is offering.

So, we covered Medicare Supplement Plan F in depth already. You know what it covers, and you probably have a good idea of how well it will work or you. Now, let’s look at two other plans that are fairly similar.

Plan G is incredibly popular, and a high coverage plan as well. It actually includes all the coverage items we listed earlier for Plan F, except for the Medicare Part B deductible.

Plan N is another plan with a lot of coverage to offer, but it is a bit cheaper than the other two plans and offers a bit lower coverage. This one will not cover the Part B deductible either, nor will it cover the Part B excess charges or the copayments for some hospital visits (which are only going to cost you $20 or $50 for each visit).

These two plans are definitely worth considering if you are interested in Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F. Take your time and compare them, then see how they line up to your coverage needs and finances to pick the best plan.


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