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In 2019, the Medigap plans that are being made available to you could very well be the same ones you could sign up for right now. Medigap probably won’t make a lot of changes to its plans- just a few small tweaks here and there. So that means that you can look at the best Medigap plans for 2019 right now and get a good understanding of what they have to offer and which of them will be suitable for you.

But why would you want to plan so far ahead? Well, planning for 2019 plans right now means that you know for sure what the right plan is for you. You don’t have to guess and you don’t have to rush through the choices, getting down to the lats moment before you lose the advantage of open enrollment. You have plenty of time to just browse the plans and really get into the kind of coverage they have to offer.


medigap plans 2019


A lot of Medicare subscribers don’t take the time to do this. They kind of go in blindly or pick a plan that someone recommended to them. They fail to understand that no one can tell them which plan is best for them. It’s something they have to discover for themselves by carefully comparing their own coverage needs against what the plans are providing. It can be a lot of work to study the plans and their own needs and compare the two, but it can also be well worth it.




If you are looking at Medigap plans for 2019, you are going to notice that they all cover different combinations of a few key medical expenses. These expenses are the deductibles for Medicare parts A and B, the copayments for those parts, nursing services, Part A coinsurance, Part B excess charges, blood on an annual basis and emergency medical treatment on foreign soil.

With the various plans available you get to choose what kind of coverage you end up with. But you want to be careful when you do that. Not all the coverage there is useful for you, and you may end up paying for things you don’t really need covered, if you are not careful. Sure, it can be nice to have coverage for expenses that might come up later, but you need to be careful about overpaying for supplemental medical coverage. It’s a common mistake and a costly one.

If you really want to make the most of your coverage plan, then you need to find a lean one- one that fits your coverage needs very closely and doesn’t offer a lot of extra stuff you don’t really need. Now you are only going to be able to get a trim plan like that if you give yourself enough time to examine both your coverage needs and what the plans have to offer.

So take the time right now to start planning. Look into the Medigap plans for 2019 and see which one lines up closest to what you actually need. Consider your health needs may change by 2019, so factor that into your calculations.


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