Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance for 2019

As healthcare costs rise from year to year, it’s only reasonable for people to want the very best insurance coverage they can get for their medical care. The best Medicare Supplemental insurance for 2019 is available right now, and we want to tell you more about it so that you can save money and be covered for your most common and most expensive medical costs.

Supplemental Coverage

Once you are signed up for Medicare’s basic plan, you are pretty much ready and able to sign up for supplemental coverage for that plan as well. You have to have the basic plan first, though, and you can’t sign up for supplemental coverage on its own. You can also only sign up for one of the ten supplement plans, since many of them cover a lot of the same ground.

If you want to buy a Medicare supplement plan, then you have to go to a private insurance company, such as Mutual of Omaha, Aetna or something similar. These companies sell all sorts of insurance plans and not just Medicare supplement plans, but they are the only place to buy those plans. You won’t be able to buy Medicare supplements from Medicare. Despite the name, Medicare doesn’t sell them and only acts in an oversight capacity.




If you were to sign up for a Medicare supplement plan, you could be covered for deductibles, co-payments, excess charges, hospice care and more expenses that the basic Medicare plan does not cover for you. The basic plan and the supplement plans do not overlap in any way, but instead they complement each other. One covers what the other does not, and those who have the basic plan but don’t have enough coverage from it will probably need a supplemental plan.

How Do I Find the Best One?

So, you’re looking for the best of all the supplement plans? Well, unfortunately you won’t get a quick and easy answer as to which is the right one for you, because we don’t know what it is. We can look the plans all day and say one of them is the best for a specific person, but that doesn’t account for the other people who have different needs.

Consider someone who is barely covered by their basic Medicare plan at all. They have lots of medical expenses to pay because their health is so poor, and they are paying a lot of that out of their own pockets. This person may need a high coverage plan or even a full coverage plan to afford their medical care. However, if we were to tell them that Plan F is the best plan for them, we might not be taking into account how often they need some expenses covered and how much they have budgeted for medical insurance.

To say that there is a best Medicare Supplement Insurance 2019 plan is to ignore the differences people have in coverage and funds. We cannot assign a “best” title to any of the plans since some plans will be poor fits for some people.

Those who have most of their medical expenses covered by their basic Medicare plan or who don’t need medical coverage at all would not benefit from Plan F or any of the high coverage supplement plans. Those plans would not only be a waste of money for them, but they could provide them with coverage for expenses they would never experience. It would be ridiculous to tell them that Plan F is a good plan for them.

Instead, we tell people that it is up to them to determine which plan is right for them. We can give pointers and suggest instances where one plan would be superior to another, but the different plans are designed to appeal and to suit different kinds of people.

The “Best” Plan Can Change

Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2017 (2)We want to talk about how fluid the notion of a best Medicare Supplement plan is. If you were to carefully look at the available plans and then choose one that you feel is best for you, in a few years, it would not be the best plan for you anymore, on all likelihood. That’s because the plan may change or the needs you have as a person may change. You may have a different state of health at that point in our life, and then you’ll need different coverage to meet your needs. You can’t stick with the same plan forever and expect it to cover you just as well. We all go through changes in our lives and our coverage plans need to be changed to compensate.

So, in a few years, you may want to change over to a different Medicare Supplement plan. You can do that without any recrimination, if you wait until your plan’s term has finished. If you try to change plans before the agreed upon term has expired, then you may be facing fees. You may also have to pay more for the other plan that you would have if you had picked it initially. The cost may have gone up and you may not be receiving the same benefits that open enrollment provides when you first sign up for Medicare.

That means that any medical conditions you have may factor into the overall cost of your plan, and that can drive up the rates considerably, depending on what medical conditions you have. That’s something you’ll want to keep in mind as you are comparing plans and prices. Try to factor in the extra costs that are due to your state of health, and you can ask an insurance agent about what those costs may be.

You will want to keep your coverage current to keep checking on the coverage the plans offer and what rates have changed to. Don’t be shy about changing plans when the time comes, because the best Medicare Supplemental Insurance for 2019 may not be the same plan that is best for you in a few years.


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