Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2018

If you look at all the plans that supplement Medicare, you won’t find one that you can definitely say offers the best Medicare supplemental insurance in 2018. Each of the plans offers something that suits particular people. And while one plan may be a bad fit for you, it could be perfect for someone else.

There are a few of the plans that are overwhelmingly subscribed to. These are plans F, G and N, and they provide subscribers with the most coverage out of all the plans available. Below we will break down just what they all offer.

Plan F

Medicare supplement Plan F gives you the most coverage. It will cover you for each and every deductible, all the co-payments, all of your skilled nursing care, all Medicare Part B expenses, some more blood each year, a lot more hospital stay expenses and most of your foreign travel expenses for medical care.

Plan G

Plan G gives you around the same amount of coverage. With this plan, all you really need to pay out of your own pocket is the cost of the Medicare Part B deductible.

Plan N

Then Plan N offers even less, but still a substantial amount. You will need to pay for that same deductible from Medicare Part B along with the Part B excess charges.

Now each of these plans is going to work well for different people. You can’t really say that any one of them is the best supplemental plan. Plan F is ideal for people with serious health conditions and the need to visit the hospital regularly. Plan G is for those who need to visit the hospital less frequently. That Part B deductible may be small, but repeated visits can drive up the overall cost. And Plan N is for those who have some serious medical needs but would not be paying quite as much as some other people would. Therefore, they could pay Part B’s excess charges on their own.

Your own situation will determine which plan is right for you. While some people may recommend one plan or another because of their personal experience, keep in mind that this is their own personal experience. Your needs may be different. And there may be a different best Medicare supplemental insurance in 2018 for you.


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