Best Medicare Supplement Plans

To determine what the best Medicare supplement plans are, you will have to consider what your own financial and medical situation is. Do you need a lot of coverage because your health is poor? Are you able to only afford minimal supplemental coverage? The answers to these will determine which supplement plan is right for you.

If your health is quite poor, then Plan F may be the perfect match for you. It offers 100% coverage, which means there is little to nothing you would have to pay out of your own pocket. But it also comes with the highest premiums out of all the plans.

If you need less coverage because your health is in fairly good shape, then Plan N or Plan G may be better suited to you. Plan G offers nearly full coverage, asking that you only pay for a single deductible. Plan N offers almost the same coverage, requiring you pay that same deductible and pay Medicare Part B excess charges as well.



These both have lower premiums than Plan F, and they can be better suited to people who find Plan F too expensive. You don’t want to be paying for coverage you will never use, but you also don’t want to need coverage and not have it. That’s why insurance agents and doctors alike urge Medicare subscribers to find a coverage plan that offers a lot more coverage than just what they feel they need right now. Medicare subscribers should also be seeking coverage for emergencies and other unforeseen medical expenses.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Everyone always wants the best, so when it comes to Medicare supplemental coverage, many seniors are wondering what the best plans are for them. What they may not realize is that it’s hard for anyone to causally look at their healthcare situation and recommend the best Medicare Supplement plans for them. They would have to know what their healthcare needs and their finances were to make that determination.

Ultimately, each individual needs to determine for themselves what the most suitable plan will be. They can’t rely on anyone else to tell them because no one else knows their needs like they do.

Their doctor can tell them what kind of medical expenses they may have to pay in the near future and what kind of medical conditions they need to be watching out for, but their doctor likely doesn’t know their finances. We urge every senior who believes they need additional coverage to examine their own needs- there state of health and their finances- and determine what kind of coverage they are looking for before they get too deep into what the supplemental plans offer. Only then will they be able to approach these plans with an idea of what the best one for them will offer.

The Most Popular Plans

We may not be able to tell you specifically what plan will be a good choice for you, but we can tell you what most people are signing up for. Whether they are getting the best plans in their situation or not, we can’t really say. We just know that these are high value plans that offer lots of coverage and that are making a lot of seniors very happy.


Best Medicare Supplement PlansBest Medicare Supplement PlansBest Medicare Supplement Plans




Plans F is one of the bigger sellers. It covers all supplemental expenses that would include coinsurance for both Medicare Part A and Part B, the deductibles for both parts of Medicare, the excess charges for Medicare Part B, pints of blood, foreign travel exchange and nursing care coinsurance.

That’s the full set of supplemental coverage, and that’s what makes Plan F so appealing for seniors. They know that if they go with this plan, as expensive and as excessive as it might be, they will not have to worry much about paying for medical care out of their own finances. They can simply pay their supplemental insurance premiums and be just fine.

Plan G is a good alternative, though, as it is markedly cheaper, in most cases, and it covers almost all the same items as Plan F does. This is one of the best Medicare Supplemental Plans for most people who need supplemental coverage because it comes packed with so much value. It covers all the same items as Plan F, in fact, except for the Medicare Part B deductible, which may actually be cheaper to pay on your own.

Plan N is another great option for those who need lots of supplemental coverage for their healthcare expenses. It covers just about all he supplemental items too, except for a few small copayments for each doctors’ visit and emergency room visit, the Part B deductible and the Part B excess charges.

These three plans make up the majority of Medicare supplemental plan sales. Most people go for them rather than one of the lower coverage plans, and we have already discussed why that is, but it is often a bad choice to pick a high coverage plan. That’s because people aren’t looking too closely at what their actual needs are.

So, Which Plan to Choose?

Once again, we can’t tell you which of these plans will be right for you. There are ten supplemental Medicare plans, and we believe that there is one that is right for anyone who needs additional coverage, but it isn’t always one of the top selling high coverage plans.

People who are mostly covered by their Medicare basic plan don’t need a supplementary plan with a lot of coverage. They may just need a bit more coverage, and low coverage supplemental plans may be the best ones in their situation.

The only way to tell which of the available pals will be best in your situation is to examine your own needs first to all. You should look at your finances and what you can afford to pay for a supplemental insurance plan. Then you should look at your healthcare needs. How often are you going to the hospital? How much do you pay out of pocket for your healthcare expenses? What kind of health issues do you have or are you at risk for? These are questions you need to answer before you start looking for coverage. Your doctor can help you figure out some of it, and you need to know where you stand with your health and your finances before you get too deep into supplemental coverage.

You want to be certain that you are not paying for coverage that you can’t really use. A lot of seniors make that mistake, and they try to buy coverage plans that are way excessive for their needs. You should only be trying to buy coverage for what you need right now or what you will need to have covered in the near future. Plan F is probably too much for most people, and even Plan G, as popular as it is, isn’t meant for everyone. You need to find the coverage plan that is right for you.

Take your time and don’t be in a hurry to get coverage. The coverage on these plans isn’t changing anytime soon, so you have some time to examine them and compare plans and prices to find the best Medicare Supplement Plans for you.

The best Medicare supplement plans will not be the same for everyone. What might be ideal for one person could be expensive and unnecessary for someone else. Take time to look at the plans that are available and what kind of coverage they offer, then compare that with the kind of coverage you require. That way, you will be sure to have enough coverage when you require medical services.


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