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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated February 25th, 2024

In Indianapolis, choosing the right Medicare supplement plan hinges on understanding your options. We cut through the complexity of Plan G, F, and N, offering clear comparisons of premiums and benefits from top providers. Our focused guide is your resource for navigating the Medigap landscape in Indianapolis, specifically tailored to Medicare supplement plans in Indianapolis.


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Navigating Medicare Supplement Plans in Indianapolis


Navigating Medicare Supplement Plans in Indianapolis


In the bustling city of Indianapolis, eight standard Indiana Medicare Supplement plans are at your disposal, each labeled with a distinguishing letter. Grasping these options is vital since they provide identical benefits to Medigap plans across the country, allowing you to evaluate and select the best plan for your healthcare needs. When evaluating these plans, keep in mind factors such as:

  • The monthly premium
  • Deductibles
  • Co-pays and coinsurance
  • Coverage and benefits
  • Provider network
  • Prescription drug coverage

Comprehensively comparing the available plans, particularly those offered by reputable insurers, is recommended to ideally meet your healthcare needs.


Understanding Plan Options: G, F, and N

Medicare Supplement Plan G, one of the most popular plans among Indianapolis residents, offers comprehensive coverage, including Medicare Part B excess charges. It is akin to Plan F, the key difference being that Plan G members cover the Medicare Part B deductible. Plan F, on the other hand, covers the Medicare Part B deductible, effectively bridging the gap in Original Medicare coverage.

Plan N, another popular option, balances cost and coverage effectively. It provides comprehensive coverage for most gaps left by Medicare, including the Part A deductible, and involves co-pays of $20 for doctor visits and up to $50 for emergency room visits, if not admitted as an inpatient.

These plans’ premiums can differ considerably; the monthly costs of Plan G range from $93 to $1,036. Plan F usually offers more expansive Medicare coverage upfront, while Plan N tends to be more economical with co-pays for doctor and ER visits.


Evaluating Plan Carriers and Monthly Premiums

Top Medicare supplement plan carriers in Indianapolis, offering various supplement plans in Indiana, include:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Bankers Fidelity

The average monthly cost of these plans varies, with Plan F costing around $186.49 per month in 2023. The expenses are influenced by factors such as age, location, plan selection, and the Indiana Department of Insurance, which determines rate adjustments based on a loss ratio. Plan F offers comprehensive benefits, covering most gaps in Original Medicare.

The financial stability of an insurance company is an essential consideration when assessing various plans. It can significantly influence the availability and affordability of their Medicare Supplement plans. A financially stable company is more likely to offer steady rates and reliable coverage.


Eligibility and Enrollment for Indianapolis Residents


Eligibility and Enrollment for Indianapolis Residents


To qualify for the best Medicare Supplement plans in Indianapolis, you must be 65 years or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B. Alternatively, if you’re under 65 and eligible for Medicare due to disability, you also qualify. Typically, individuals aged 65 or older are eligible for Medicare Part A based on their own or their spouse’s employment history. The optimal period to register for these plans is during the Medigap Open Enrollment Period (OEP), which spans six months starting the first month you’re 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B.

In Indianapolis, there are certain guaranteed issue rights designed to protect disabled Medicare beneficiaries. These entitlements ensure that you can acquire Medicare Supplement policies without undergoing medical underwriting or facing increased premiums based on your health status.


Cost Comparison of Indianapolis Medigap Plans


Cost Comparison of Indianapolis Medigap Plans


The typical monthly premium for Medigap plans in Indianapolis is $166.59. When compared to the national average, the costs of Medigap plans in Indianapolis can exhibit notable variations. For instance, Cigna’s Plan N in Indianapolis is $55.87 lower per month compared to the national average. The premium for Medigap Plan G is generally lower than that of Plan F, as Plan G necessitates the insured to cover the annual Medicare Part B deductible. However, the potential savings from the lower premium often outweigh the deductible expense.

Conversely, Plan N’s monthly cost can range from $71 to $145, presenting a cost-efficient option in comparison to the average monthly cost of $286.50 for Plan F.

The premium rates of Medigap plans in Indianapolis are affected by various factors such as:

  • Age
  • Location within Indianapolis
  • The specific plan selected
  • The pricing strategies employed by insurers
  • The rating system utilized by the Medigap insurance companies.


Advantages of Medicare Supplement Insurance Over Medicare Advantage


Advantages of Medicare Supplement Insurance Over Medicare Advantage


Medicare Supplement Insurance, also known as Medigap, offers significant flexibility by having no network restrictions. It is accepted at any location that accepts Medicare. Moreover, it can offer coverage for services not included in Original Medicare, such as skilled nursing care, home health care, and specific chiropractic care, which are not mandatory for coverage under Medicare Advantage plans.

While Medicare Supplement Insurance offers comprehensive coverage and flexibility, Medicare Advantage plans may present reduced out-of-pocket expenses, potentially rendering them more economical for certain beneficiaries in Indianapolis. It’s important to compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans to make the best choice for your needs.


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Plan Ratings and Customer Satisfaction in Indianapolis

Plan Ratings and Customer Satisfaction in Indianapolis


The rating of Medicare Supplement plans is determined by a range of factors such as:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Tobacco use
  • Household discounts
  • Payment method
  • Rate increase history

Additionally, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issues a Star Rating that evaluates the plan’s overall quality and performance. Cigna has been recognized as the top-rated Medicare Supplement carrier in Indianapolis.

The customer satisfaction level for Medicare Supplement plans in Indianapolis is at 93%. You can access customer reviews and ratings for Medicare Supplement plans in Indianapolis by visiting the BBB Directory of Medicare Supplement near Indianapolis, IN for trusted BBB Ratings and customer reviews. Additionally, customer reviews for Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans, praising their customer service and coverage, can be found on their website.


Additional Coverage: Prescription Drug Plans and Extras

Medicare Part D is an elective outpatient prescription drug benefit designed for individuals with Medicare. It serves to assist in the coverage of prescription drug expenses, potentially reducing costs and safeguarding against increased expenses. The Medicare Part D program in Indianapolis operates by offering prescription drug coverage through private insurance plans. Beneficiaries are required to pay 25% of covered costs after meeting the deductible, up to the total prescription costs meeting the Initial Coverage Limit.

In Indianapolis, Anthem prescription drug plans are available to assist with covering medications not included in Original Medicare. Indiana Farm Bureau and Everence Association are the Medigap carriers in Indianapolis that offer plans with vision and dental coverage.


Special Considerations for Indianapolis Beneficiaries Under 65

In Indiana, it is mandated that Medigap insurers provide at least Plan A to individuals under 65, although the premiums may be higher compared to those over 65. Indianapolis residents under 65 are given a six-month timeframe around their birth month to sign up for a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan. Under 65 Medicare beneficiaries in Indianapolis may be eligible for Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans, specifically designed for individuals eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare.

Indianapolis residents under the age of 65, especially those with disabilities, may face challenges when navigating the enrollment process for Medicare Supplement coverage. The coverage and costs of Medicare supplement plans for beneficiaries under 65 in Indianapolis can differ significantly. It is recommended for these beneficiaries to conduct a comprehensive comparison of Medigap policies from various companies in Indiana.

Additionally, they may want to explore the option of enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan, which provides alternative choices among Medicare Advantage plans.


Maximizing Your Medicare Supplement Coverage

Medicare Supplement plans in Indianapolis function by bridging the gap between the Medicare-approved amount and the limiting charge for excess charges. It’s important for beneficiaries to understand this concept as it can impact their out-of-pocket expenses. Beneficiaries can avail of the guaranteed issue protections offered by Indianapolis Medicare Supplement plans within the 63-day protection window. Within this timeframe, they have the assurance of being able to acquire a Medigap policy without facing rejection, additional charges, or exclusion of pre-existing conditions from coverage.

Medicare Supplement plans in Indianapolis can be customized based on individual health conditions to ensure the best possible coverage. Furthermore, Medicare Supplement insurance aids in managing outpatient care expenses by offering coverage for Part A Hospital copayments and Medicare Part B excess charges. To optimize Medicare Supplement coverage in Indianapolis, beneficiaries should consider enrolling in Medicare, have a thorough understanding of Medigap policies, compare plan options including monthly premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, and seek assistance to navigate the enrollment process.


Local Resources for Medicare Supplement Assistance

In Indianapolis, the main organizations offering support for Medicare Supplement plans are SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program), which delivers complimentary counseling for individuals with Medicare, and CICOA (Central Indiana Council on Aging), which provides complimentary and impartial assistance for individuals navigating their health insurance coverage decisions. Indianapolis also hosts public events and seminars specifically designed to focus on providing information about Medicare Supplement plans. Organizations such as SHIP and Mediconnect Indiana conduct presentations and educational seminars to assist beneficiaries in understanding their options.

The Indiana Department of Insurance and the Community Health Network are important healthcare organizations in Indianapolis that offer guidance on Medicare Supplement insurance, assisting residents in understanding their options and coverage.



Medicare Supplement plans provide invaluable coverage for gaps in Original Medicare, offering a lifeline for many Indianapolis residents. Such plans can be complex, with multiple options and considerations, but with the right knowledge and resources, you can confidently navigate these waters. Whether choosing between Plan G, F, or N, comparing plan carriers and premiums, or understanding eligibility and enrollment procedures, the power to make informed decisions is in your hands. Remember, it’s not just about finding coverage; it’s about finding the right coverage for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price of a Medicare supplemental plan?

The average monthly cost for a Medicare Supplement plan is $139, although individual plan costs may vary. This cost can fluctuate based on the specific plan and the age of the individual.


What are the disadvantages of a Medicare Supplement plan?

One key disadvantage of Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Medigap, is their cost. Additionally, they don’t cover benefits such as vision, dental, or long-term care. These limitations make it important to carefully consider the overall coverage needed for individual healthcare needs.


What is the key difference between Plan F and Plan G in Indianapolis?

The key difference between Plan F and Plan G in Indianapolis is that Plan F covers the Medicare Part B deductible, while with Plan G, you are responsible for paying this deductible yourself. Therefore, it’s important to consider your healthcare needs and expenses when choosing between the two plans.


What are the top Medicare supplement plan carriers in Indianapolis?

The top Medicare supplement plan carriers in Indianapolis are Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, and Bankers Fidelity. These companies are known for providing comprehensive coverage and reliable service.


When is the optimal period for Indianapolis residents to register for Medicare Supplement plans?

The optimal period for Indianapolis residents to register for Medicare Supplement plans is during the Medigap Open Enrollment Period (OEP), which starts the first month an individual is 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B. This enrollment period lasts for six months.

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