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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated February 24th, 2024

Are you from El Paso looking for the right Medicare supplement plans to fit your healthcare and financial needs? This article cuts through the complexity, guiding you directly to the key information on Medicare supplement plans El Paso available in El Paso County. Learn how to assess plan coverage, compare costs, and confidently choose a provider that offers the best value for your peace of mind.


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Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans in El Paso


Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans in El Paso


Medicare, the federal health insurance program, is a remarkable safety net for seniors and people with disabilities. However, it doesn’t cover everything. This is where Medicare Supplement Insurance, or Medigap, comes into play.

Medigap plans in El Paso serve as a financial buffer, filling the coverage gaps left by Original Medicare and protecting against potentially high healthcare costs.


What is Medigap?

Medigap, as the name suggests, bridges the “gap” in Original Medicare coverage. Private insurance companies offer these policies to supplement Original Medicare, covering out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

With ten different standardized plans available, denoted as Plan A through N, you can choose a plan that best suits your health needs and budget.


Benefits of Enrolling in a Medigap Plan

Enrolling in a Medigap plan brings significant financial predictability. These plans reduce the financial burden by covering out-of-pocket expenses not included in Original Medicare, thus making healthcare costs more predictable and manageable.

Additionally, Medigap plans to enhance access to healthcare providers, offering beneficiaries increased flexibility in choosing their preferred care locations. For those with a penchant for exploring the world, Medigap policies even cover emergency medical care during international travel, offering financial protection beyond the borders of the United States.


Eligibility and Enrollment Criteria

Individuals 65 years or older, or those under 65 with Medicare due to disability or End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), can avail of Medigap plans. A pivotal requirement for eligibility is enrollment in both Medicare Part A and Part B. As a qualified Medicare beneficiary, you can ensure that you receive the coverage you need.

It’s worth noting that residing in a particular service area of El Paso doesn’t impact Medigap eligibility, as it primarily hinges on age and enrollment in Medicare Part B.


Top Medigap Plans Available in El Paso


Top Medigap Plans Available in El Paso


Navigating the Medicare maze can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to selecting the best Medigap plan for your needs. Fortunately, El Paso is home to some of the highest-rated Medigap plans, including those offered by Mutual of Omaha, Devoted Health, and Humana.


Comparing Different Medigap Plan Types

With 19 different Medigap plans available in El Paso County, a thorough comparison of options is key to making an informed decision. Each plan offers different levels of coverage, with some providing comprehensive benefits, while others are more basic. Understanding these differences can help you make an informed choice based on your specific healthcare needs and budget.


How to Choose the Right Plan for You

Selecting the appropriate Medigap plan requires a thoughtful evaluation of the following aspects:

  • Your healthcare needs
  • Your budget
  • The plan’s benefits
  • The insurance company’s reputation
  • Your enrollment timing

Provider preferences also play a significant role in selecting the appropriate Medigap plan. As certain Medicare doctors may only participate in specific Medigap plans, it’s crucial to choose a plan that includes your preferred healthcare professionals to ensure continuity of care. To make an informed decision, consider researching various Medicare providers and their associated Medigap plans.


Providers of Medigap Plans in El Paso

Top providers of Medigap plans in El Paso include companies such as El Paso Medicare,, and MedicareMall. However, it’s essential to remember that while the benefits of Medigap plans remain standardized across providers, the costs can differ significantly, making it vital to shop around and compare prices before deciding on a plan.


Navigating Prescription Drug Coverage with Medigap


Navigating Prescription Drug Coverage with Medigap


The world of Medicare can feel like a jigsaw puzzle, especially when it comes to understanding how various parts fit together. One such aspect is the relationship between Medigap and prescription drug coverage, or Medicare Part D.


Understanding the Role of Part D with Medigap

Although Medigap policies cover expenses not included in Original Medicare, they don’t offer prescription drug coverage. Hence, those with Medigap should enroll in a separate Medicare Part D plan for medication coverage.


Finding the Best Part D Plans in El Paso

Finding the best Part D plan in El Paso requires due diligence. It’s crucial to compare options based on coverage, cost, and pharmacy networks. Noteworthy Part D plans available in El Paso include Cigna Preferred Savings Medicare (HMO), AARP Medicare Rx Preferred from UHC (PDP), and Cigna TotalCare (HMO D-SNP).

Keep in mind that while the mean monthly stand-alone Part D premium in El Paso is $56.60, plans can vary significantly in cost depending on factors such as the specific medications you need and the pharmacies included in the plan’s network.


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Enrollment Periods and Deadlines for El Paso Residents

Enrollment Periods and Deadlines for El Paso Residents


As crucial as it is to understand the various components of Medicare and Medigap, it’s equally important to be aware of the enrollment periods and deadlines. The timing of your enrollment can have a significant impact on the coverage you receive and the price you pay.


Initial Enrollment Period: Getting Started

The Initial Enrollment Period for Medicare begins three months before you turn 65 and lasts for seven months, including the month of your birthday. If you plan to enroll in a Medigap policy, your Medigap Open Enrollment Period aligns with this timeframe, starting on the first day of the month you turn 65 and enrolled in Medicare Part B, which lasts for six months.


Special Enrollment Periods: Qualifying Life Events

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and Medicare recognizes this. Special Enrollment Periods provide an opportunity to enroll in or change your Medicare Advantage Special or Medigap plan due to qualifying life events, such as losing employer-sponsored coverage.

Remember, it’s essential to take action during these periods to avoid potential late penalties and ensure you have the coverage you need when you need it.


Financial Considerations for Medicare Beneficiaries

While Medicare, Medigap plans, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid services provide significant benefits, they also entail certain costs. Understanding these costs, especially for a Medicare Advantage plan, can help you plan your healthcare finances effectively and potentially save you money on your Medicare plan.


Estimating Your Medigap Costs

Your Medigap costs depend on various factors such as:

  • The chosen plan
  • The insurance provider
  • Your age
  • Your geographical location

The specific plan you choose can significantly impact your costs, with comprehensive plans like Plan F and Plan G generally having higher monthly premiums compared to more basic options like Plan A or Plan N.


Tips for Saving Money on Medigap Premiums

Saving money on Medigap premiums is possible with a bit of strategy. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Compare different plans to find one with the coverage you need at a price you can afford.
  • Opt for a high-deductible plan to lower your monthly premiums.
  • Take advantage of discounts offered by insurance providers to further cut costs.


Local Resources for Medicare Help in El Paso


Local Resources for Medicare Help in El Paso


Knowing where to turn for help when navigating the Medicare maze can make the journey a lot smoother. Thankfully, El Paso offers a variety of resources to assist Medicare beneficiaries.


Connecting with Licensed Insurance Agents

Licensed insurance agents in El Paso can provide personalized assistance with choosing and enrolling in Medigap plans. RUA Insurance Group and El Paso Health Advantage Dual SNP are among the licensed insurance agents available to help you navigate your healthcare options.


Medicare Education Workshops and Seminars

Education is power, and El Paso offers a host of workshops and seminars to empower you with knowledge about Medicare. From free educational workshops on Social Security benefits and Medicare to the Medicare Related Product Certification Training Course offered by West Texas Brokers, Inc., there are ample opportunities to learn more about your healthcare options.


How to Change or Cancel Your Medigap Plan

Whether your healthcare needs have changed, or you’ve found a better deal elsewhere, there may come a time when you want to change or cancel your Medigap plan.


Steps to Change Your Medigap Plan

You can alter your Medigap plan either during the 6-month Medigap Open Enrollment Period or the annual Medicare Open Enrollment Period. This process involves researching new plans, contacting the new provider, and ensuring a smooth transition between plans.


Cancelling Your Medigap Policy

Should you decide to cancel your Medigap policy, follow these steps:

  1. Start by directly reaching out to your insurance provider.
  2. Provide notice 30 days in advance of your desired cancellation date.
  3. Remember, it’s essential to consider any potential consequences of canceling coverage before making your final decision.



Understanding Medicare and Medigap plans can feel like navigating a maze, but it doesn’t have to be. By educating yourself about your options, understanding the costs involved, and taking advantage of local resources, you can make informed decisions about your healthcare coverage. Remember, the path to optimal health coverage starts with knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Medicare Supplement plan cost in Texas?

In Texas, the cost of Medicare Supplement plans varies based on factors such as the specific plan and the individual’s age. Premiums for Medigap plans in Texas range from $29 per month for high-deductible Plan G to $1,887 for the highest-cost Medigap Plan A. The most popular plans in Texas, including G, F, and N, range from $102 to $175 per month.


  What are the disadvantages of a Medicare Supplement plan?

One important disadvantage of a Medicare Supplement plan is that it does not include prescription drug coverage, which may require you to purchase a separate Part D plan (prescription drug coverage) at an additional cost.


  What does an average person pay for Medicare with a supplement?

The average cost for Medicare Supplemental health insurance with Plan N ranges from $100.57 to $173.83 per month, depending on the beneficiary’s age. Additionally, the average monthly costs for Medicare premiums in 2024 are 4.70 for Part B, $28 for Medicare Advantage, $59 for Part D, and $137 for Medicare Supplement. These costs can vary based on the specific coverage chosen and other factors.


What is Medigap and why is it important?

Medigap, also known as Medicare Supplement Insurance, is important because it helps cover costs not included in Original Medicare, such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles, aiding beneficiaries in managing potentially burdensome healthcare expenses.


  How can I choose the right Medigap plan for me?

When choosing a Medigap plan, consider your health needs, budget, plan benefits, insurer ratings, enrollment timing, and provider preferences to make an informed decision. Plan accordingly to ensure the right fit for your situation.

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