Benefits of AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare offers a few different supplemental plans to go along with its basic coverage. The one with the most coverage is Plan F, and we would like to show you the benefits of AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F here.

We picked out AARP because of their reputation as a respected provider of not just medical insurance but also a full range of senior services. They offer some excellent member benefits that make them an insurance provider of choice for many seniors, so it’s no surprise that their plans are some of the most recommended. You will find Plan F through them, and with that plan, you can be covered for all supplemental expenses and probably most of the medical expenses that you have that are not already covered by the basic Medicare plan.

What Benefits Are Available?

The only full coverage plan out of all the Medicare Supplements is Plan F. What that means is that it will cover each and every one of the medical expenses that fall under the supplemental classification. In order to be a supplemental expense, that item has to be something that is not already covered by basic Medicare, since the Supplement plan is meant to be only purchased by those who already have a basic Medicare plan.


medicare supplement plans


Plan F covers all the following items for you:

  • Deductible for Medicare Part A
  • Deductible for Medicare Part B
  • Copayment for Medicare Part A
  • Copayment for Medicare Part B
  • Excess charges for Medicare Part B
  • Foreign travel exchange (as much as 80% with a maximum of $50,000 over your lifetime)
  • Copayment for skilled nursing care
  • Three pints of blood, which is renewed each year

That makes up the entirety of the supplemental expenses. The coverage comes with a price, though, as you can imagine. You pay more for Plan F than you will for any other supplemental plan, but for some seniors, it is worth it. Plan F may be right for you or it may not be, and you will have to look at your own medical needs in order to figure that out. It’s not something that someone else can tell you and there isn’t a best plan that everyone should be signing up for. There are certain people that Plan F is right for and others for whom it would be a waste of money.

United Healthcare Medicare Plan F

If you go with AARP as your medical insurance provider, then you can enjoy access to a wide range of member benefits such as financial advice, professional medical recommendations, assisted living services and more. AARP has been in the senior care service for decades, and they know how to provide for seniors.

What AARP is not offering is some form of unique Plan F or any other Supplement plan. You see, AARP and various other insurance companies have no say in what the Supplement plans will cover. They cannot change the coverage at all or decide that you should get less coverage because they charge you a low price. That’s not up to them.

AARP can set the prices it wants for Plan F, and one of the benefits of AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F could be its competitive pricing, but that won’t change its coverage in any way. Only Medicare is allowed to change the coverage, and it will let its members know well before it puts any changes into effect.

AARP can change its prices as it sees fit, and it’s up to you to compare their prices against other insurance companies for the same plan. Keep in mind that just because the prices change from time to time and from one insurance company to the next one, that does not mean that the coverage is changing.




Comparing Plan F

You want to be sure that you choose the most suitable plan for what your needs are going to be for the coming year. Bear in mind that your needs may change from one month to the next, and you need to be prepared for that with the appropriate coverage. You won’t be able to just shift from one coverage plan to the next as you like. You often have to stick to the terms of the plan for a full year before you can switch to anything else. Be sure you choose the one that will work well for you for the full year and not just for the next month or two. If you need to change plans at the end of your term and at the end of the year, then you can do that. Or you can simply renew the plan you already have if it is working well for you.

Plan F has tons of coverage, and it may not be right for everyone. If you think that you could use all the coverage or most of the coverage that it offers, then you should compare it to some of the similar plans. You will want to look at plans that offer high coverage but may be better deals for you.

We recommend looking at Plan G and Plan N, in particular. These plans both offer nearly the same coverage as Plan F, just leaving off a few items here and there that you might actually save money paying for yourself. Plan F can be a great plan for many people, but there are lots of seniors who have chosen Plan G or Plan over it because they realize those plans offer a better deal and are more economical for them.

The benefits of AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F can provide you coverage for a great many medical expenses. You have to decide for yourself if it covers enough or if it covers too much. If you take the time to compare this plan to your other choices, you will see how it stacks up and how you may be able to save the most money possible on your healthcare.



medicare supplement plans

Medicare Supplement Plans

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