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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated August 17th, 2023

As individuals age, it is essential to have a comprehensive healthcare plan that covers all their medical needs. Medicare has several gaps in coverage, and this is where a Medicare Supplement plan (Medigap) comes in.

Allstate is a well-known insurance company with roots going back to 1939. They now offer Medicare Supplement plans to individuals who are enrolled in Medicare, and in this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about Allstate Medicare Supplement policies.

Allstate Health Insurance Group Ratings

Allstate has a confirmed A.M Best financial strength rating (FSR) of A+ (Superior), and a long-term issuer credit rating of “AA” (Superior).

Allstate combines its strong ratings with highly competitive and stable Medicare supplement rates in 2024.

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Does Allstate Offer Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Yes! Allstate now offers Medigap plans to individuals who are enrolled in Medicare. Allstate has been in the insurance industry for over 80 years, and it has a strong reputation for providing quality insurance products and services to its customers.

Allstate offers a range of Medicare Supplement plans in most states that can help individuals cover the gaps in coverage that Original Medicare does not cover.


Key Features of Allstate Medicare Plans


·         Quality customer service

·         Highly competitive premiums

·         Stackable discounts of up to 25%

·         Many additional benefits such as fitness membership discounts & hearing discount benefits

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Allstate Medicare Supplement Insurance

Allstate Medigap plans are designed to help individuals cover the out-of-pocket expenses that Original Medicare does not cover. These plans can help cover expenses such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Allstate Medicare Supplement policies are available to individuals who are enrolled in Medicare, and they are offered in addition to Original Medicare.


Allstate Availability


Currently, Allstate Medigap plans are available in all states except:

·         Maine

·         New Hampshire

·         Vermont

·         New York

·         Massachusetts

·         Rhode Island

·         Connecticut

·         Washington State


There are new states and Allstate products being added regularly, so if you don’t see your state please call us for expected availability.


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Popular Allstate Medigap Plans

Allstate offers several Medicare Supplement plans, including Plan G, Plan N, Plan F, and Plan A. Each plan offers different levels of coverage and has its own set of benefits and limitations.


The most popular Allstate Medicare Supplement Plans are:


  1. Medicare Supplement Plan G
  2. Medicare Supplement Plan N
  3. Medicare Supplement Plan F


Allstate Medicare Supplements are standardized plans. This means the benefits of each plan letter are set by the government, and are the same as plans from other companies such as Mutual of Omaha. The rates for the exact same plan can vary widely between companies, so it’s important to compare rates.

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Allstate Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Plan G is one of the most popular plans offered by Allstate, particularly for people new to Medicare.

And if you qualify for one or all of Allstate’s discounts listed below, the monthly premium for an Allstate Medigap Plan G could end up being the lowest in your area.

Medicare Plan G

As with all of Allstate’s Medicare plans, you can use the coverage nationwide with any provider that accepts Medicare, and there is no need for a referral.

Allstate Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare Plan N is another very popular Allstate Medicare option for individuals who are enrolled in Medicare, and Allstate offers some of the most competitive premiums in several states for this plan.

Medicare Plan N is similar to Plan G in that you must pay the annual Medicare Part B deductible. One reason why many people choose Medigap Plan N over Plan G is that it has lower monthly premiums.

Medicare Plan N

In exchange for lower rates, you might have some additional out-of-pocket expenses that you could pay with Allstate Medigap Plan N. These might include:


·         A copay of up to $20 for doctor’s visits (no copay for telehealth visits)

·         Up to a $50 copay for an emergency room visit if not admitted (urgent care center visits do not apply)


Many people choose a Medigap Plan N rather than a Medicare Advantage plan as they can remain with Original Medicare, not have a network, but still enjoy excellent coverage.

Allstate Medicare Supplement Plan F

Allstate Medicare Plan F is their most comprehensive plan offered and covers all the gaps in coverage that Original Medicare does not cover, including copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Medigap Plan F is the most expensive Allstate Medigap plan and is not available to everyone.

To qualify for an Allstate Medicare Plan F supplement, you must have been enrolled in Medicare prior to January 1st of 2020.

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Allstate Medicare Supplement Rates

Allstate provides two levels of preferred rates based on certain situations.

They are:

·         Preferred rates

·         Preferred Select rates


Preferred Medicare Supplement rates

For those who:

·         Do NOT smoke

·         Fall within preferred height/weight range


Preferred Select Medicare Supplement rates

For those who:

·         Do NOT smoke

·         Fall within preferred select height/weight range

·         Have NOT been prescribed or recommended depression medication in the last 5 years

Allstate Medicare Supplement Discounts – Up to 25%

Allstate offers some of the highest discounts in the industry to individuals who are enrolled in its Medicare Supplement plans. These are “stackable”, meaning you may qualify for more than one, or all of them in some cases.

These discounts can help individuals save money quite a bit of money on their premiums, and they include:


  1. A household discount (7%)
  2. A dual household discount (10%)
  3. An activity tracker discount (5%)
  4. Annual billing mode discount (10%)

Allstate Household Discount (7%)

household discounts

If you are applying for an Allstate Medigap plan and live with at least one, but no more than three other adults aged 50+ for the last 12 months.*

Dual Household Discount (10%)

Allstate dual Medicare supplement dual discount

This takes the household discount and adds an additional 3% discount if two people in the same residence are applying at the same time for an Allstate Health Solutions Medicare Supplement plan.

Activity Tracker Discount (5%)

Allstate Activity tracker discount for Medigap

If you agree to wear and register your wearable fitness device tracker and receive electronic communications with Allstate, you will receive an additional 5% discount on your Allstate Medicare Supplement policy.

These include fitness devices such as Fitbit, an Apple watch, and more.

Annual Billing Mode Discount: (10%)

aetna Medicare Supplement Annual billing discount

If you elect to pay your premium on an annual basis in one payment, you will receive a 10% discount on your policy.

All of the discounts above can be combined and result in up to a 25% discount on your Allstate Medicare Supplement coverage.

Call us today at 1-888-891-0229 to see which discounts you qualify for.

Additional Benefits with Allstate Medicare Supplement Plans

On top of premium discounts you might qualify for, Allstate also offers additional benefits with each Medicare Supplement policy.


Active & Fit Direct ™ Benefit – Discounted Gym Membership


Active & FitAside from all the discounts that you might qualify for, included with an Allstate Medicare Supplement policy is a complimentary discount program from Active & Fit.

This is similar to a Silver Sneakers benefit that you might be aware of.


With an Active & Fit complimentary discount program, you get:

·         Access to 800+ on-demand fitness videos

·         Activing tracking compatible with 250+ wearable fitness devices, apps, and exercise equipment

·         Choose from 10,000+ fitness centers for just $25/month*


*Plans provide limited benefits, plus applicable taxes and enrollment fees apply



Hearing Benefits


Hearing benefits Allstate offers hearing discount benefits with their Medigap policies through Amplifon Hearing Heath care.




Amplifon Services and Devices


·         Receive a $75 hearing evaluation at one of 5,000 NCQA-credentialed provider locations

·         FREE evaluations at Miracle-Ear ® locations

·         Savings on hearing aids, including all major brands and technology levels


Other Services include a year of free follow-up care, free battery options, and warranty and loss/damage protection.

*exclusions and limitations apply, call us for details.



Allstate Resources Member Portal


Allstate Online portal Allstate provides its members with access to their resource portal, found at:



Members can sign in to:


·         Register a fitness device

·         View policy documents

·         Check current and past payments

·         Check your current payment method

·         Download temporary id cards


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Allstate Medicare Supplement Plans - FAQ

  Is Allstate new to Medicare Supplement insurance?

Yes, Allstate has been in the Medicare market for a little over a year after they acquired National General Holdings Corporation. They are now one of the most competitive companies offering Medicare Supplement coverage in most states.


  Will my doctor accept an Allstate Medigap Plan?

If your doctor accepts Medicare, they must accept all Medigap plans and will accept your Allstate Medicare Supplement. They cannot pick and choose which companies to accept when it comes to Medicare Supplement Plans, nor can they refuse your Medigap insurance. They can only do this with Medicare Advantage plan networks.


  Can I qualify for all the discounts for an Allstate Medigap plan?

Yes, these discounts are “stackable”. This means you can qualify for multiple discounts up to 25% if you meet certain criteria.


  Does Allstate have good rates for Medicare Supplements if I don’t qualify for any discounts?

Yes! Allstate often has some of the lowest rates in many states even if you do not qualify for their discounts. You may use our FREE online quote engine on this website to see how much rates for Allstate Medicare Plan G, N, and F are in your area. Or call us today at 1-888-891-0229 and we can let you know as well as answer any questions you might have.


  Does Allstate offer Medicare Advantage plans?

At this time Allstate only offers Medicare Supplements and not Medicare Advantage plans.


  How to enroll in an Allstate Medicare Health Insurance Plan

With all the possible discounts and benefits that you might qualify for with an Allstate Medicare supplement, we encourage you to allow us to help see if their plans are a good fit for you.

Our service is entirely FREE, and in just minutes we can provide you with the rates for each Allstate Medigap plan in your area, as well as let you know which discounts you may qualify for.

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