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The coverage given to you under Medigap Plan F is extensive, and most people find that it covers them so much that they do not need any further coverage.

We want to discuss Aetna Medigap Plan F here to help you understand what this plan is offering and what benefits you get if you go through Aetna for it.

Now, you can get Plan F in a lot of different ways.

You could buy it through AARP, Mutual of Omaha, or one of many other insurance providers.

Aetna isn’t offering a Plan F that is unique from all the rest. It may offer pricing that is specific to this company, and it may tack on some customer benefits, but that is about it. The coverage is no different from one Plan F to another.

When you buy through Aetna, you get to enjoy all the benefits this company has to offer its members, and you’ll be able to enjoy the resources and security provided by one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.

However, the coverage only changes on Plan F and other Medigap plans if Medicare decides that it should. No other company or entity can make changes to these plans and what they cover.


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Medigap Plan F Coverage

Each of the Medigap plans has its own set coverage. This coverage is standard across the country.

So, that means that Plan F will always have the same coverage, no matter what price you pay for it, what state you buy it in, or what company you buy it from.

These plans are regulated by Medicare directly, and any company looking to sell Medigap plans to the public has to follow Medicare’s regulations regarding its coverage plans.

With Plan F, you get full coverage for supplemental medical expenses. What that includes is covering all the things covered by other Medigap plans, plus more.

So, there is coverage for the Medicare Part A copayment and the Part B copayment. These are charges you would have to pay for each visit to the hospital when you received services related to Medicare Part A or Part B.

You also get covered for the Medicare Part A deductible and the Part B deductible. That latter deductible is not covered by most of the other Medigap plans, so if you want that coverage, then you just about have to go with Plan F.

The Medicare Part B excess charges are also covered, which are likewise not included in most of the Medigap plans.

Plan F is one of only a couple of Medigap plans to take care of this charge for you.

Under Plan F you would also be covered for Medicare Part A’s hospice care coinsurance payments., as well as the skilled nursing care coinsurance costs.

You can be covered for blood you use throughout the year as well, and Plan F will cover you for up to three pints each year. You already get some coverage from the basic Medicare plan (which you have to have in order to qualify for Medigap Plan F), but Plan F covers you for three additional pints of blood.

The final bit of coverage is for up to 80% of the cost offering travel exchange.

If you are not familiar with this item, then you need to know that it will cover you for instances where you need to be transported across the US border or to a foreign medical facility for a medical emergency.

All these coverage items are included in Aetna Medigap Plan F. Other Medigap plans can cover a lot, but none of them cover you for quite as much as Plan F does.



Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F


We already talked about how the coverage is no different buying through Aetna than it would be buying through any other insurance company. You get covered for all the same things we listed above no matter where you purchase this plan from.

What does change is the pricing and Aetna can set its own rates on the Medigap Plan F premium. Those rates are allowed to change as well, but if you sign up for one of the plans, then you get your rates locked in for the duration of the plan’s term.

You will likely sign up for a single year, and in that time, you are guaranteed the same rates ad coverage. Once the term is over, then you can opt to renew it for another year, at whatever the current rate is. Or you can cancel the plan outright and do something else or just switch to a different plan from Aetna.

You do have a lot of options, and you want to make sure that you make the right one.

We suggest taking some time before your current coverage plan is expired to look at your options and find out what is available and how those options compare to one another.

Aetna has been bought by CVS, and while that changes nothing now about its plans and coverage, it could mean changes for the company and it members in the future, and anyone who is interested in a plan from Aetna or already has coverage with them should pay attention to upcoming changes related to this partnership.


Comparing Plan F


It is important that you not just look at Medigap Plan F in a vacuum.

You should not look solely at this plan and determine from that information if it is the right plan for you. It’s best to also look at some of the other Medigap plans to see how they line up with your needs and your particular situation. As those needs change, so too will the kind of coverage that you need.

If you think that Plan F is a decent choice for you and that it meets your needs fairly well, then we suggest also looking at Plan G and Plan N.

These two plans are just about as popular as Plan F and they cover a lot of the same items.

They are both slightly lower coverage plans than F, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When you look at the few items they do not cover and then compare the cost of paying for those items as compared to paying for Plan F, you may find that it saves you money to go with the cheaper, lower coverage plan and pay for a few items on our own.

You don’t necessarily need all the coverage that Plan F provides for you. Most people do not, and for the majority of seniors, it is an overpriced and overstuffed plan. It simply does too much, and not all if it is absolutely necessary.

Plan G will not cover the Medicare Part B deducible, and that’s it.

It covers all the rest of the expenses that Plan F does. Plan N covers all but the Part B deductible, the Part B excess charges, and some small copayments.

That’s only a few things not covered by this plan, so they still provide some sensational, expansive coverage.

We recommend looking at them and comparing their costs to that of Aetna Medigap Plan F. Then decide on what the most suitable plan is for you from that information.


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