Aetna Medicare Supplement – Plans and Rates

Medicare Supplement PlansMedicare’s basic plan will cover all your medical expenses.

If you are a Medicare subscriber, then you already know that.

The cost for out-of-pocket expenses can add up over the year, and you may need a coverage plan to take care of those expenses for you.

Medicare Supplement PlansAn Aetna Medicare Supplement may be able to do just that.

Aetna supplemental insurance offers a few different plans that fall under the supplement umbrella. That’s Plan A, Plan, Plan B and Plan F.

We will cover what these plans’ benefits are in a moment, but first we want to show you what Aetna is offering.


Medicare Supplement Plans

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement PlansMedicare Supplement plans are designed to help you cover the costs of healthcare that are not already covered by Medicare and its basic plan.

You can choose from one of ten different plans, but Aetna will only offer you three of those.

Other insurance companies offer the other ones, so if you need something else than Plan A, B or F, then you can look at other insurance providers besides Aetna.Medicare Supplement Plans

Aetna decides what the prices are for their plans.

It’s their decision to make, and they can change their prices as they like. They can only sell these plans in certain states, though. Massachusetts, Minnesota have different standardized plans available.

Looking for the Right Plan?

Medicare Supplement PlansThe plans that Aetna is offering all have standardized coverage. That means that no matter where you buy them from, they will still be the same plans.

You can also go to any insurance company and find the exact same plans with the same coverage. Aetna is not allowed to make changes to the coverage at all.

These are Medicare’s plans, even if Medicare does not directly sell them.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medigap Plan F offers the most coverage for those on Medicare, covering 100% of the gaps of both Part A and B.Medicare Supplement Plans

This comes with a price though, with many companies charging far more for Plan F than Plan G. Use our FREE Quote engine to compare the rates of both in your area.

If you enrolled in original Medicare on January 1st of 2020 or beyond, you are not eligible to enroll in a Medigap Plan F. Only people who were enrolled prior to that date may enroll

in, or change to a new Medigap Plan F.

View the Plan F benefits below:



Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G

Plan G is quickly becoming the most popular Medigap plan and for good reason.Medicare Supplement Plans

It’s coverage is almost identical to Plan F in that it pays 100%, after you first pay the annual deductible.

In 2021 that amount is $183, once per year. After that is met Plan G pays the remaining cost for any Medicare Approved expense.

Plan G has lower premiums than Plan F and will almost always save you money.



Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medigap Plan N is a great choice for healthy individuals looking to save money.Medicare Supplement Plans

It’s monthly premiums are less than both Plan G and Plan F.

Plan N is very close in coverage to plan G, except for the following exceptions for Medicare Plan N:

  • You still pay the annual Part B deductible
  • After the deductible is met you could have a co-pay for each doctor’s visit. It will never be more than $20 and it depends on how they code your visit (there could be no co-pay!)
  • If you visit the emergency room with Plan N, and you are not admitted, you must pay a $50 co-pay
  • Plan N does not cover Part B Excess charges, though these are extremely rare

Call us today at 888-891-0229 and we’ll walk you through each of the plans to see which one fits your needs best.

Aetna Medicare Supplement – Coverage

Let’s look in detail now at the three plans that Aetna offers as part of its supplemental insurance.

Plan A covers you for only a few supplemental expenses. That makes it a very cheap plan when you compare it to the others.

If you sign up for Plan A, then you will be covered for Medicare Part A coinsurance. That includes 365 days of coverage that goes beyond what Medicare’s basic plan provides.

Medicare Supplement PlansIt will also cover you for Medicare Part B co-payments, which you would normally have to pay after each visit to ta doctor for Part B services.

It covers you for your Part A hospice coinsurance and for a few pints of blood every year.

If you go with Plan B, you get a bit more coverage, but not much. You are covered for all the things we just listed.

On top of that coverage, it will take care of the Medicare Part A deductible, which can be sizeable.

This may make it one of the better Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans, since it is still priced affordably, but it covers some of the bigger expenses. Plan F offers the full coverage suite.

It takes care of all the things we listed above for Plan A and Plan B, and then it goes quite a bit farther.

It covers you for skilled nursing care coinsurance, which is due each time you visit the hospital for the service.

It also covers the Part B deductible, the Part B excess charges and foreign travel costs for emergency medical transport.


Medicare Supplement Plans


Using Aetna Medicare Supplemental Insurance

You can use these insurance plans at any doctor’s office, clinic or hospital that accepts Medicare.

You get covered according to the plan you choose, so you will want to choose your plan carefully.

Your plan won’t cover you for dental care, hearing aids, nursing that is considered private duty, vision care and other expenses that don’t fall under that supplemental classification.

You will need to pay a monthly premium for whichever Supplement plan you choose.Medicare Supplement Plans

You’ll pay that to Aetna, and this will be on top of what you already pay to Medicare for basic Medicare coverage.

The reason to have an insurance plan like this is so that it will be covered for expenses you pay regularly as well as for these large, unexpected expenses that crop up from time to time.

You want to ensure that you have peace of mind about your healthcare and that you are not hesitant to go to the doctor when you need treatment because of how expensive it might be.

You have to choose the right plan, and that’s not a choice that anyone else can make for you.

Healthcare costs can add up quickly throughout the year, and you may have trouble affording them all.

Instead of getting discouraged about how expensive your treatment is, you may want to seek out ways to decrease those costs, such as by signing up for one of this supplemental insurance plans.

Medicare Supplement PlansThis plan gives you the opportunity to be covered for those expenses that you would have trouble paying for on your own.

If you want to find out more about what Medicare Supplements have to offer and what other plans are available, you can always go over to Medicare’s website and read the information provided or talk to a Medicare agent.

To qualify for the plans, you simply need to be 65 years old or have what is known as a qualifying medical condition.

That could be a disability of some kind or it could be end stage renal disease. Once again, just talk to a Medicare insurance agent to find out about your eligibility.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Rates

Finding Aetna Medicare Supplement Rates online can be a challenge, but at we make it easy!

Simply click below to compare Aetna Quotes for Plan F, G, and N against many other top carriers in your area to see how much you will pay.

Medicare Supplement Plans


Saving Money on Aetna Medigap

You can save money with Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans.

That’s only going to happen, however, if you choose the most suitable plans.

Plan F, G, and N cover a range of different options for you, and one of them may be just what you need to meet your coverage requirements and fit your financial ability.



Medicare Supplement Plans




Medicare Supplement Plans

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