Is Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G Better Than Plan F?

The top two Aetna Medicare Supplement plans are Plan F and Plan G. These are also the two highest coverage plans, but is Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G better than Plan F? That’s the question a lot of seniors are asking. They want a definitive answer so that they can push one plan aside and choose the other plan with confidence.

How They Compare

It’s not right to simply say that one of these plans is better than the other. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of them. We can only show you how they stack up to one another and let you make the right decision based on the facts. Until you know what the facts are about these plans and how they differ, then you cannot make a reasoned choice regarding them.

Plan F is what is known as a plan with full coverage. That simply means that any medical expenses that are known as supplemental expenses are covered under that plan. That would be all the following healthcare costs:

  • Skilled nursing care coinsurance
  • Pints of blood
  • Emergency medical transport outside US borders
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare Part b deductible
  • Medicare Part A copayment
  • Medicare Part B copayment


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That’s the full list of Medicare supplemental expenses. Plan F is the only plan that can cover all of those, but you need to consider if you actually need all those expenses covered. Do you need the Medicare Part B excess charges taken care of, since they are only charged if you go to a hospital that does not accept Medicare completely? Do you need the Part B deductible covered, since it is only $183 and it may be cheaper to pay that for yourself than to have Plan F take care of it for you?

Now, let’s look at Plan G. This plan will cover you for just about all the stuff on the list above. It covers everything there except for one item- the Medicare Part B deductible. It does so at a lower price point than Plan F, as you can imagine. The cost of Plan G is usually far below that of Plan F, which is why many people choose it over the more expensive, fuller coverage plan.

Plan G has actually become the more popular plan over the past few years, and more people are choosing that from Aetna than they are Plan F, where in the past, it was the reverse and Plan F was the more popular plan.

So, Plan G costs less than Plan F, but Plan F covers more. You have to look at the tradeoff and decide which way you want to go if you even need one of these plans to begin with. You may find that there is a better plan for you than either of these, and the question of is Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G better than Plan F will become moot.

Buying from Aetna

Before you settle on one plan or another, you need to know what Aetna has to offer you and why we chose to focus on them for this comparison. Aetna has been offering medical insurance for a while now, and during that time, their reputation as a respectable company has grown. They are seen as a company that cares about its customers and that offers a lot of benefits to seniors.




What they cannot offer you is a distinct version of Plan F or Plan G. They cannot make any changes to the coverage on these plans, and they cannot offer you something with Plan F or Plan G that other insurance companies cannot offer. They can however, set prices as they like and determine what the rates will be for the plans. They can even decide whether they want to sell some of the Supplement plans or not. It’s not every insurance company that offers Plan G, for example, even if they sell some of the other plans.

You will have to come to your own decision about whether Aetna is even the right choice for you, as there are other companies offering the same plans at what could be even better prices. You should compare member benefits and company reputation when you make the decision to choose one insurance provider over another, but we know that pricing and plan availability are the most important factors.

Making Your Choice

You will need to make a decision eventually. Unfortunately, we cannot say that Plan G is better than Plan F or that Plan F is the right choice for everyone. We don’t know your situation. We can say that Plan G is generally more economical. In other words, it has the greater potential to save you money, but your situation may be different from the average person, and Plan F could be the better plan in your case.

In order to determine the better plan for you, you have to look at what your finances are like and what you can afford to pay. On top of that, you need to consider what your coverage needs are. You have to find the plan that fits your needs and your situation. We know that this isn’t an easy decision to make and that the choice you go with could affect how much money you save or lose on medical insurance over the next year. Once you have signed up for a plan, you want to pay close attention to how it covers you and how it may be saving you money. If it doesn’t actually save you money, or you believe a different plan would save you even more money, then you should switch your plan out once the current term has ended.

The question of is Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G better than Plan F is one that you need to answer for yourself, ultimately. You need to decide what kind of plan you should have and then see which one of these two meets that need.


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